Card 2138.472 from Aethra War Dome, Aethra . March 22, 2138

There has always been the threat of riots on Aethra. It’s a way of life on the planet. Whenever the GWF would run shows on the planet in the past, the threat of riot was always imminent, especially if things didn’t go the way of the Aethrans wrestling on the card.

Deva has promised a solution to this problem. A clear but physically impermeable force field surrounding the ring and ringside area. Participants would be beamed directly to the ring, wrestle and then be beamed away after the match to locations unknown for safe transport off the planet. The Aethrans, of course, refused to be beamed to or from the ring. They insisted on walking in order to , “Prove their honor.”

Aethran Overmaster made a rare appearance, watching the show from an ornate throne to the south of the ring. He was heavily guarded by soldiers.

Bulldoze walked to the ring first to a chorus of boos. Many Aethrans feel her performance of late has been a disgrace. This is a MUST win for her.

Elina catches Bulldoze with a tornado DDT to pick up a quick win – ★ – Knowing the danger, Elina teleported immediately from ringside. Bulldoze walked form the ring with her head high, attempting to ignore the vile, horrible comments thrown her way by the rabid Aethran crowd. She was spit on, had drinks thrown on her, and was pelted with garbage. Aethran Overmaster was incredibly displeased.

Castilex beat Sovereign in their debut when Sentinel covered Exo-King II after NIGHTWATCH – ★★ – The Aethran crowd jeered both teams, cheering only when a brawl between all four men broke out afterwards. Vizir the Elder challenged Sovereign to a rematch and Massif accepted.

HelSin beat an Aethran Soldier via DQ when the Gladiators, Apex, Siege and Fist, interfered and began a beatdown of HelSin – ★★ – Things weren’t looking good for the Soldier. Aethran Overmaster gave a signal and the Gladiators charged the ring. The crowd loved it. After the bell, and HelSin was beamed away, Apex, Siege and Fist began a beatdown to the Aethran Soldier for this performance. The crowd loved this even more.

The Aethran’s revelry was short lived when Lady Grand Master bested Storm after a somersault senton after Massif tripped Storm – ★★★★ – The Aethran fans were irate! Especially since Massif, someone who has had a long history fighting Aethrans, got involved. Since this was a Gladiators vs. Liberators match, managers were allowed at ringside and The Dark Menace got involved at one point, most likely what spurred Massif’s involvement.

In a Non-Title Special Attraction booked last minute by Deva, Havoc shocked the galaxy by pinning Galaxian Champion Monolith after TYRANT NIGHTMARE – ★★★★ – Some speculate Deva booked this match just to antagonize the Aethran crowd and create more controversy. If so, it worked. Havoc winning enraged the crowd and Havoc and Massif beamed away from the ring the moment the bell rung. Monolith and Vizir followed shortly after.

In the Main Event, Perfect Specimen & Titan Samurai beat Apex and Gladiators (Siege & Fist) in wild and bloody Aethran Ultimate Escape Match – ★★★★★ – The win here means that Titan Samurai will get another shot at the Galaxian Tag Team Championship.

Order of Escapes
– Apex escaped after leveling Kenji with APEX OF GLORY
– Siege escaped next using AETHRAN CRIPPLER on Azuma – This left Fist alone as the sole Aethran
– Perfect Specimen escaped after hitting Fist with PINNACLE OF SUCCESS
– Kenji barely escaped after knocking Fist down with a round house kick
– Azuma escaped after crushing Fist with a sidewalk slam to win the match for The Titans

This evening was a total disaster for the The Aethrans. The Titans, wisely, beamed away the moment they each escaped. As soon as the bell wrung, all GWF personnel were beamed away from the arena. This included the operators of the force field surrounding the ring. As the cameras went off the air, the angry crowd was storming the ringside area as Apex, Siege rushed into the cage to join Fist and keep away from the rushing throng.