Card 471 from Luna Auditorium, Earth’s Moon. March 15, 2138

Storm used VICTORY LAP to pin Hyla in an incredibly hard hitting match – ★★★★ – Storm was out to prove a point. Hyla was no slouch in this one but Storm was determined to show Aethran Dominance.

Tempest hit The Basilisk with HIGH TIDES to pick up a victory in a match that left both participants bloody – ★★★★ – Tempest has recently shown some compassion for The Basilisk and has attempted to communicate with the creature. Is he trying to get him to join an Ani-Men team?

Evolved absolutely crushed Total Power when Tarval covered Mr. Everything after a missed turnbuckle charge – ★★ – Mr. Everything’s bad luck continues here when a stupid mistake leads to a loss. Disgusted, Titan Power, left Mr. Everything to walk from ringside by himself.

Bloody Marry touched all four corners of the ring after leveling Bulldoze in a brutal Castor Chain Match – ★★★★ – Seems Bulldoze might not be fully healed from her injury as Bloody Marry was dominant here.

Apex absolutely devastated Havoc, hitting him with APEX OF GLORY three times in a row to get the victory – ★★★ – Havoc showed no offense here and seems to be floundering since his return. After the match, Apex promised that the next card, emanating from the Aethra War Dome would be a homecoming signaling a new era in Aethran superiority.

In the Main Event, Saber retrieved the gilded ceremonial war sword hung above the ring to win a pulse-pounding Earth Ladder Match against Zulfiqar – ★★★★★ – After the match, Saber made as if he was going to stab the fallen Zulfiqar with the sword but Istar rushed ringside and delivered an incredible dropkick to prevent him from doing so.

At the post show, Galactic media scrum, Deva said Bloody Marry was now in line for a title shot at the Galaxian Women’s Championship. Reporters question how that was possible when she’s only won two matches. Deva waved off the questions. She also refused to answer any questions about Mr. Everything’s performance. She did outline the GWF’s security measures going into the next card at the Aethran War Dome. The first time the GWF has had an event there in years.