2138.470 – Inferno

Card 2138.470 – Inferno from Hyperion Craterdome, Saturn. March 8, 2138

Titan Power picked up a big win in his crusade against The Titans, beating Perfect Specimen cleanly with a piledriver – ★★★★ – After the match, Titan Power told Gryt, “I’ve beaten Faller, I’ve beaten Azuma, now I’ve beaten the Titan’s supposed star. Lord Nexus needs to wake up and put me on the team now.”

Zulfiqar beat Saber in a Lepus Stun Rod Match where the stun rod was modified to look like a sword. The finish came when Saber was disqualified when he continued to the beat Zulfiqur with the sword when the light turned off – ★★★★ – Deva ran to ringside and told Saber he would be exiled if he didn’t stop. Deva informed Saber a ‘punishment would be coming soon’ for his actions.

Killer Queen II defended the Galaxian Women’s Championship when she locked Elina in CHECKMATE – ★★ – What a defense for Killer Queen! The two shook hands after the match, but what a reversal in skill and attitude for Killer Queen from her debut year. She proved herself tonight.

Shayne defended the Interplanetary Championship in a wild 2 out of 3 Falls Titan Death Match, beating Death Knight II in two straight falls – ★★★★ – Death Knight showed one moment of promise but this match was Shayne’s, who used some underhanded tactics to get the win. Shayne has now been champ for 63 cards.

Order of Falls
– Shayne d. Death Knight II with a rolling neckbreaker
– Shayne d. Death Knight II with Frontier Justice

As Shayne left the ring, Titan Power beamed to ringside and watched him leave. Shayne saw it but didn’t seem too bothered by it.

Gladiators (Siege & Fist) retained the Galaxian Tag Team Championship when Titan Samurai were disqualified when Azuma smashed Fist with a samurai helmet – ★★ – The Titans let their tempers flare in this one and get themselves disqualified. The Gladiators took their belts and left ringside. The Dark Menace told Gryt backstage, “This is supposedly the hero team? Get on the right side of history!”

In the Main Event, Monolith won the Galaxian Championship, beating Mr. Everything with a Crashing Stampede – ★★★ – Fans were impressed with the offense Mr. Everything put up against Monolith but it was soon apparent that the newcomer was way out of his league.

Vizir the Elder and Castilex beamed to ringside to stand tall with Monolith. Deva applauded politely but didn’t seem happy.