Card 469 from Altair Crystal Palace, Aquila. March 1, 2138

Apex won via DQ over Moog when Moog smashed the Aethran with Vizir the Elder‘s cudgel – ★★★ – Things devolved into a brawl after the bell. The Dark Menace complained this was the second time one of Castilex had used Vizir’s cudgel against Apex and said that VIzir, “Should be banned from ringside like all the other inferior managers in the GWF.”

Galaxian Women’s Championship Number 1 Contenders Match
Elina made a huge come from behind victory and used RESURRECTION to pin Sinful – ★★★★ – Sinful attempted to use RESURRECTION against Elina and Elina reversed it and hit Sinful with it instead to get the win.

Galaxian Championship Number 1 Contenders Match
Monolith destroyed Havoc with CATASTROPHE – ★★★ – Havoc put up a fight but was steamrolled by Monolith here. After the match, Vizir said, “There’s been a lot of idle chatter about Monolith’s age catching up to him. When he completely crushes Mr. Everything for the title, that chatter will cease.”

“In the interest of ratings,” Deva announced the Number 1 Contender’s Match for the Galaxian Tag Titles would pit two fan favorite teams against each other!

Galaxian Tag Team Championship Number 1 Contenders Match
Titan Samurai beat FDF Tradition when Kenji covered Tank after the ONE INCH PUNCH –  – What was to be a friendly match became one sided when Count Necros appeared at ringside and pointed at Tank. Tank became distracted and Kenji took advantage. After the match, Tank took off through the crowd after Necros.

Mensa Tables Match
In a very brief Mensa Tables Match, Kralla dove from the top rope, driving Lady Grand Master through a table to win the match – SQUASH – Kralla left immediately after the match with no pomp. Lady Grand Master took several minutes to get to her feet but seemed only shaken not injured.

Deva called Grand Master and Demon Godsend to the ring saying she promised they’d have to wrestle in a special stipulation match tonight as part of Demon Godsend’s turn in The Spotlight. She then announced she’d decided on a Tirion Triple Threat Match with the third participant being…Death Knight II!

Tirion Triple Threat Match
Grand Master used HERO’S JOURNEY to put away Demon Godsend to beat him and Death Knight II in a wild match. – ★★★★★ – Grand Master made an effort in this match to only attack Demon Godsend, even though Death Knight II repeatedly attacked him. After the match, Grand Master again offered his hand to Death Knight II who refused it.

Deva ended the show by saying, to no one’s surprise, Demon Godsend was no longer in The Spotlight.