Card 468 from Victory Gardens, Earth. February 22, 2138

Kralla defeated Lady Grand Master via DQ after a brutal slam into a table at ringside.

Saber used the SABER CHOP to score a victory over Istar. ★★★ – Great match between these two but Saber was able to upset the youngster.

After the match, Saber berated the Earth crowd telling them they’d been lucky to escape CTA-120’s crosshairs. Suddenly, Zulfiqar appeared astride Manaf and challenged Saber to a match seeing as Saber “Disrespects a sword by using it in an underhanded way” in his matches.

Bulldoze wasted no time in putting Bloody Marry away with BARRAGE in a hard hitting Grudge Match. ★★★ – After the bell, Bloody Marry attacked Bulldoze and hit her repeatedly with UNHOLY MATRIMONY until The Dark Menace and the Aethran Soldiers could get ringside to warn her away. Bulldoze is injured and will be out for 2 cards.

Titan Samurai beat Evolved in a great match when Azuma covered Tarval after ZENSHO. ★★★ – Both teams tore into each other here. The Earth fans loved seeing the classic Titan Samurai line-up again as it has been some time. Many assume this puts The Titans in line for a title shot but we will see what Deva says.

In another Grudge Match, Grand Master used a perfect cross body block to score a win over Death Knight II. ★★★ – After the match, Grand Master extended a hand to Death Knight II and Knight swatted it away and left ringside.

While Grand Master was still in the ring, Demon Godsend came to the ring to participate in Deva’s Spotlight. Demon Godsend ignored Grand Master and told Deva the only reason he’d come out was because Deva had threatened him with banishment. As Deva explained just how much being in The Spotlight could help his career, Grand Master climbed into the ring to persuade Demon Godsend to join him and Lady Grand Master. Demon Godsend, frustrated with the whole situation, leveled Grand Master with a clothesline!

Deva immediately made a match for the next card and said it’d be a special rules match to be announced later.

In the Main Event, a Hardcore Titan Death Match, FDF Tradition beat Blood and Fire when Climber covered Burning Man after FDF Tradition. ★★★ – Such was Tank’s desire to punish Burning Man, FDF Tradition didn’t let him tag out at all and just laid waste to him to pick up the win.

After the bell, Tank again sandwiched Burning Man’s head in a folding chair and dropped an elbow on it. When Climber and Commander Sam were finally able to get him away from the ring, he told Gryt, “I will not rest until I snuff him out forever.” Burning Man is injured for 5 cards.