Card 467 from Titan Sportatorium, Saturn. February 15, 2138.

Demon Godsend used COVER OF DARKNESS to make incredibly short work of Zulfiqar. – SQUASH – After the match, Demon Godsend threw the limp body of Zulfiquar to the floor in front of Deva. She congratulated Demon Gondsend, telling him he was the new participant on The Spotlight. Demon Godnsend looked nonplussed and left without a reply.

Climber picked up a DQ win over Necros when the ref caught him using Phantom Dust. – ★ – Climber was in a bad way at the bell and Commander Sam and Tank rushed ringside to help Climber. As the medics tended to Climber, Commander Sam argued with Deva that these were the kind of situations where a manager needs to be at ringside. Deva said she’d, “Take it under advisement.”

Evolved beat The Natives when Orrus used the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM on Ygorr. – ★★★ – The Natives didn’t stand a chance against Evolved but this was the most aggressive we’ve seen them. Vizir the Elder was seen watching the match with great interest. Could he be thinking about bringing Kurd and Ygorr to The Foundation?

Titan Power toppled Azuma with a vicious tornado kick. – ★★ – The Titan crowd was in shock with how quickly Azuma fell. Titan Power was enraged the fans were booing him. “I’m from Titan and you’re booing me? Well, line them all up and I’ll knock them all down!”

The Basilisk beat HelSin by rolling through a cross body block in their Titan Death Match. – ★★★★ – HelSin through everything he had at Basilisk, including EQUILIZER but nothing could slow the monster down. After the bell, Basilisk left the ring, diving into the crowd and out of the arena.

In a Cosmic Cage Match, Killer Queen II used CHECKMATE to beat Bulldoze and win the Galaxian Women’s Championship – ★★★★ – The arena went nuts as the Gladiators suffer a huge loss. Killer Queen who struggled all last year quickly left with the belt. As Bulldoze rose to her feet and came to grips with what happened, a figure clambered through the crowd! It was Bloody Marry who scaled the side of the cage and as she leapt from the top of the cage onto Bulldoze, Deva had the feed cut. Reports from those in attendance at the Titan Sportatorium describe a massive brawl but thanks to The New Vibe’s recording dampening technology, no footage exists anywhere.