Card 466 from Triton Pavilion, Neptune – February 8, 2138

1. In a crazy, back and forth, match, Tharkas used the Centra Spinebuster to beat Istar. ★★★★★

Deva, who had come to ringside even got involved at one point during a pin count. She later argued that she was only instructing the ref on the proper way to count. She later admitted that probably should have waited until after the match. For his part, Tharkas said that Istar, “…can just quit the GWF now that he’s failed at his goal.”

2. Elina made short work of Scorn with RESURRECTION.

Scorn, seemingly, still can’t find her place in the GWF since her transformation. Shayne, whom she’d hoped to impress, spurned her and she’s drifting now. Fans are curious as to what her future holds.

3. HelSin beat The Basilisk via DQ when the action spilled out of the ring and Basilisk tackled HelSin into the ringside barrier. ★★

At one point during the match, HelSin looked like he might use EQUALIZER but he seemed to keep his temper in check. After the match, he looked as if he’d use it in a heartbeat now.

4. Apex put down Monolith with APEX OF GLORY in an incredibly hard hitting match. ★★★★

Apex stood over the crumpled Monolith and shouted, “You should of left with the rest of them old man. Get out of my ring!” Then he kicked Monolith to the floor. The Dark Menace cackled at the sight!

5. Tank and Burning Man battled to a DOUBLE DQ. ★★

The bad blood between these two is only heating up! This was a brawl from the first moment of the match and a Double DQ seemed inevitable. It can only get more violent from here.

6. Death Knight II won via DQ over Shayne in a Street Suicide Match for the Interplanetary Championship when Shayne brought a Gutarr stick into the ring and smashed Death Knight with it. Shayne retains the title due to disqualification.

Shayne, usually the fighting champion, forgets himself and gets DQ’d. After the match he told Death Knight, “Let’s do it again sometime.”