Card 465 from Red Ice Arena, Mars – February 1, 2138

1. BLOOD AND FIRE picked up a DQ win over FDF Tradition when Tank went berserk and sandwiched Burning Man’s head in a folding chair. Climber had a heck of a time getting him to calm down and even Commander Sam had to run out and help make Tank release Burning Man. DUD

2. In a Federation Exile Match fought under Titan Death Match rules, TEMPEST obliterated Epoch, pinning him after LOW TIDES. Tempest was so enraged by what Epoch had done to Flounch, he didn’t let Epoch get one move in. Epoch is now exiled for 10 cards! SQUASH

After the bell, Flounch flew to ringside much to the delight of Tempest and the fans in attendance. Deva used the moment to plug the new Flounch Shirts available at the merchandise booths and online.

3. BULLDOZE escaped her encounter with Killer Queen II with the Galaxian Women’s Championship, but just barely! This was a whole new side to Killer Queen II who dominated the Aethran in this match. In the end, Killer Queen II was disqualified when she shoved the ref. She immediately regretted her actions, but the ref called for the bell. ★★★★

4. SHAYNE defended the Interplanetary Championship, beating Death Knight II via DQ when the action spilled out of the ring and Death Knight II hit Shayne with his lance. ★★★

After the bell, Shayne attacked Death Knight II With the handle of his bullwhip. After laying Death Knight II out, Shayne told Gryt, “This hombre wants to use weapons, we’ll use weapons. Biggest mistake he’s ever made!”. This one isn’t over.

5. In an incredibly dominant victory, GLADIATORS retained the Galaxian Tag Team Championship over Castilex when Siege smashed Moog with the AETHRAN CRIPPLER. SQUASH

The Gladiators were all business. They came to the ring, leveled Castilex in under a minute and left. Even The Dark Menace didn’t say a word. Huge statement.

Mr. Everything came to the ring with Deva in Preperation for his shot at the Galaxian Championship. He was followed by the champ, Grand Master who was accompanied by Massif.

6. In an undeniable Match of the Year Candidate, Mr. Everything rolled through a cross body block to pin Grand Master and win the Galaxian Championship! What a match! What a shock! Never before has a wrestler made such an impact in so little time. What a victory. ★★★★★

Massif stood in shock and Grand Master couldn’t believe what had happened. Deva climbed into the ring and awarded the belt to Mr. Everything. She looked into the camera and shouted, “This. Is. The. New. Vibe!”