Card 464 from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos. January 25, 2138

The show began with our first match already in progress.

1. DEATH KNIGHT II used I STRIKE FOR FREEDOM to take out Demon Godsend. This was a pretty one sided match with Death Knight II controlling the action. ★★★

Catching Gryt in the aisle, Death Knight II said, “Free of The Liberators, I now control my destiny. And my destiny is leading me toward the Interplanetary Championship. Shayne, your reign has been impressive. But my reign will be glorious!”

2. BLOODY MARRY destroyed Catfight, mercifully putting her away with UNHOLY MATRIMONY. This was all Bloody Marry from the opening bell. Catfight was able to get a shot in once or twice but Bloody Marry would not be denied! ★★

As Bloody Marry and Deva left ringside, Maggie let out a loud growl at Bloody Marry. Unfazed, Marry let out an incredible roar back. Startled, Maggie retreated a few steps.

The Dark Menace led Apex to the ring, vowing a demonstration of Aethran Superiority.

3. APEX was awarded a DQ victory when Sentinel smashed the Gladiator with Vizir the Elder’s cudgel. The referee spent most of this match trying to get both men back into the ring. She was unsuccessful and had to finally call the match when weapons got involved. ★

Kralla came to ring with Flounch trapped in a small glowing cube. The crowd’s favorite flying seahorse seemed dehydtrated and clinging to life. Fans remembered that Epoch captured the small creature after beating Tempest on card 462. Since then he’d been the plaything of The Conquerers. As Kralla was getting to the ring, Hyla jumped her from the crowd!

4. HYLA destroyed Kralla in under a minute with Sculling Punches. The fans blew the roof off the arena! SQUASH

Hyla didn’t even wait to get her hand raised, she grabbed the cube containing Flounch and tore it open. She left ringside without saying a word.

Before our next match, The Dark Menace did a lot of stalling before allowing the Aethran Soldier participating in this match to put the chain around his neck. Havoc was arguing that this wasn’t even the same soldier he’d faced before! Dark Menace said that soldier had been moved to the front on Castilex and this was his replacement.

5. HAVOC beat Aethran Soldier by touching all for corners after incapacitating the Soldier with Return to Glory in a Castor Chain Match. The Soldier put up a fight, but Havoc was determined to get the victory! ★★★★

After the bell, Havoc cornered Dark Menace when suddenly, Monolith appeared and leveled Havoc with a clothesline. The Dark Menace reached out to shake Monolith’s hand and Monolith leveled him too! The fans, not happy with Monolith’s recent alignment with, The Foundation, Couldn’t help but cheer the sight of Dark Menace getting a taste of what’s owed him.

6. In brutally bloody Four Weapons of Destruction Match, EXO-KING II made Moog submit to DEATH VISE in the middle of the ring. This one was as violent as expected and several moments of the match were censored due to graphic violence under the direction of Deva. ★★★★★

After the savagery displayed in the two final matches of the evening, Deva announced that any further stipulation matches between the warring members of The Gladiators, The Liberators or The Foundation would have to take place on Castilex. She closed the show by announcing that the GWF would be heading out on tour for the next run of cards and told everyone to watch her HoloGram account for dates and ticket info.