Card 463 from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos. January 18, 2138.

Our opening match stemmed from an encounter earlier in the day outside the arena. Faller was doing a meet and greet, set up by Deva, where he was doing the latest HoloTok dance with a group of younger fans. Titan Power stumbled across the scene and confronted Faller! He called Faller a disgrace to the Titan Team because he wasn’t a real Titan! This lead to shoving (and kids scattering from the area) until security was able to separate them. Many are wondering if they whole encounter wasn’t a setup by Deva.

1. TITAN POWER hit Faller with HANGING JUDGE to pick up a victory in a hard-fought match. ★★★★

After the match, Titan Power told Gryt, “Let that be a warning to the rest of the Titan team.”

2. KILLER QUEEN II obliterated Storm with CHECKMATE. Storm mounted no offense at all and afterwards was berated by The Dark Menace. SQUASH

3. Exo-King II and Moog brawled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION. The bell hadn’t even run before the action spilled outside of the ring. DUD

Istar came to the ring to cheers and demanded that Tharkas. After several minutes, Murtak came out (was shoved out of) the curtain and trudged to the ring. Frustrated at Tharkas’ absence, Istar decided he’d make an example of Murtak.

4. ISTAR toppled Murtak by hitting the wannabe dictator with two NECK SNAP SUPLEXES in a row! The fans loved this quick win by Istar. SQUASH
After the match, Istar told Gryt, “Tharkas can hide all he wants but I’ll flush him out.”

5. EVOLVED beat Titan Samurai in a Titan Death Match when Orrus covered Kenji after the UNSTOPPABLE SLAM. This match was intense with the Titans close to victory several times! In the final moments, Titan Power appeared at ringside and provided enough of a distraction for Orrus to hit Kenji with his UNSTOPPABLE SLAM and get the win. ★★★★★

6. MR. EVERYTHING embarrassed Tank in a Cosmic Cage Match Main Event! At the sound of the bell, Tank charged Mr. Everything who deftly stepped aside allowing Tank to crash headfirst into the cage! As Tank stumbled back, Mr. Everything hit him with IMPRESSIVE and casually walked out of the cage. He didn’t even break a sweat! SQUASH

Deva appeared to raise Mr. Everything’s hand in victory, “This. Is. The. NEEEEEEW VIBE!” Deva’s latest single, “I Run This Fed (Remix)” played as the show went off the air.