Card 462 from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos. January 11, 2138

BLOOD AND FIRE eked out a win over The Natives when Burning Man catches Ygorr with Toxic Inhalation. This match surprised many in the crowd and Krud and Ygorr actually looked great and brought the fight to Necros and Burning Man. ★★★★

HAVOC picked up a DQ victory over Aethran Soldier when the action spilled outside the ring and the Soldier smashed Havoc with a war helmet! Havoc has a little rust in his first match back but showed some shades of the wrestler the GWF knew a few years ago. ★★★

SINFUL beat Taichi with Bite To Back of Neck in a marathon match. These two women threw everything at each other and both were bloodied at the end. We are still seeing shades of the hardcore temper Taichi had last year. ★★★★★

Tempest came to ringside for the next match with Flounch and Deva appeared saying that managers were’s allowed at ringside! Tempest explained that Flounch wasn’t a manager but a seahorse. Deva said she’s allow it but would be keeping an eye on Flounch to see if he interfered.

EPOCH crushed Tempest in record time with RETURN OF THE BEAST. SQUASH

After the match, Epoch produced a cage and captured Flounch! Hyla rushed to ringside but Epoch teleported away!

TITAN SAMURAI beat Evolved vis DQ when Tarval attempted to break up a pin attempt by choking Azuma out with his net! After the bell a brawl erupted and all four men needed to be separated by security. ★

Deva welcomed Mr. Everything to The Spotlight. Mr. Everything recounted the injustices suffered upon him by the likes of Commander Sam and this brought out Tank who said he’d had just about enough of Mr. Everything’s mouth and would gladly shut it permanently for him! A brawl broke out and Deva announced a Cosmic Cage Match between the two on the next card!

In the Main Event, PERFECT SPECIMENpicked up a victory over Saber when he used the PINNACLE OF SUCCESS. This match was a total brawl that saw the ref get knocked out at one point! ★★★★