2138. 481 – The Reckoning – Night 1

Card 481 – The Reckoning – Night 1 from Ipyxidis Shipyards, Ipyxidis. May 24, 2138

Deva welcomed everyone to The Recking and announced that in a departure from previous years, the champions will not be wrestling on The Reckoning events. The winner of the night will get a title shot but that title shot will happen on Card 485. Many liked this announcement as it’ll give the challengers time to rest. But several pundits have questioned if Deva possibly has ulterior motives here. Time will tell.

Also of note was the announcement that The Gladiators have refused to wrestle in The Reckoning! Citing Deva’s ruling that wrestlers in the War For Castilex can no long battle for titles as the reason, The Gladiators are staging a boycott of the event.

All Matches No DQ/No Countout.

Killer Queen II used the Liberation Lance to beat Hyla – ★★★★★ – Incredible opening match!

Killer Queen II put Sinful away with CHECKMATE – ★★★

Kralla stops Killer Queen II’s progress with a Ravager Gutbuster – ★★

Catfight beats Kralla with FELINE FURY – ★★ – Great match but Kralla fought hard. Catfight looked worse for wear going into the next match.

Lady Grand Master upset Catfight with Freedom Fighter – ★★★★

Lady Grand Master beat Elina with HEROINE’S JOURNEY – ★★★★

Taichi made Lady Grand Master submit to the ARM TRIANGLE – ★★★★

Taichi bested Scorn with the ARM TRIANGLE – ★★★★ – Taichi wins the night and will face Bloody Marry on card 485.

Reckoning MVP – Taichi – 2 wins*

*Killer Queen II and Lady Godsend both had 2 wins but since Taichi was ranked higher she get the MVP nod.