2137.439 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 3

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!


BETTER THAN HUMAN bested The Natives when PSI covered Krud after OBLITERATION. **

EVOLVED crushed Better Than Human in seconds when Orrus knocked out Tharkas with the Orrus Head Ram. Tharkas had tried to broker an alliance with EVOLVED and was met with a fist in the face from Tarval. It was downhill from there. SQUASH

EVOLVED won in a tough match against Mean Streets when Patch fell to Orrus’ Merapis Mauler. *

TITAN STAND barely made it past Evolved until Kenji used a Titan Drop to put away Orrus. This match became very personal and a new feud may be brewing here. *****

TITAN STAND thrilled the crowd with a win over Nowhere To Run when Overtime hit Kill Prey with a GRAVITY BOMB. *

TITAN STAND stunned FDF Tradition with a quick victory when Kenji locked Tank in the KIMURA. **

CASTILEX was able to stop Titan Stand’s impressive streak when Sentinel flattened Kenji with NIGHTWATCH. *

GLADIATORS beat Castilex when Siege put out Sentinel with the AETHRAN CRIPPLER. (Dark Menace opted to enhance Fist’s pin rating during this match.) In addition to advancing to the title match, the GLADIATORS get a big victory against The Dominion. *****

GLADIATORS win the Galaxian Tag Team Championship from CHAMELEON CREATURES with SEIGE AND STORM. CHAMELEON CREATURES shocked the crowd, and threw the Gladiators slightly off their game when they turned into NOWHERE TO RUN mid-match. Siege and Fist claim the titles for the third time and now the Gladiators hold two championships. ****

Titan Stand will finish the evening as MVPs with 3 wins. Their first time, though Kenji has been MVP before with Azuma.