2137.428 – INVASION

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Kralla d. Hyla via pinfall after the VILLAINESS BRAINBUSTER – **

After the bell, Lady Godsend rushed the ring and smashed Kralla with the butt of a ceremonial sword! She stood over her and challenged her to a FOUR WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION MATCH!

THE NATIVES d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall when Ygorr covered Skiver after NATIVES ARE RESTLESS – * – The win of THE NATIVES’ career! Are they improving or is MEAN STREETS losing a step? Or are Patch and Skiver still freaked out about the CHAMELEON CREATURES turning into them on the last card?!

THE NATIVES celebrated their victory by being so freaked out by the crowd’s cheers they scrambled from ringside.

Scorn d. Sinful via pinfall with WESTERN LASSO – ** – Quick victory by Scorn.

GRYT: You got the win but you don’t look happy.

SCORN: I’m not happy. Shayne–

Scorn runs from the interview area.

Tempest d. Burning Man via pinfall after HIGH TIDES – SQUASH – Tempest, again, demolished Burning Man.

TEMPEST: It’s laughable that this guy keeps coming after me. I’ve beaten him twice, soundly. I won’t wrestle him again. I turn my focus now to Totalis. Totalis, while you’re hounding Endgame, know that I’m circling you in the water!

FDF TRADITION d. CHAMELEON CREATURES who had turned into NOWHERE TO RUN via pinfall when Tank coved “Wolf” (aka Chameleon Creature Future Shock) after FDF TRADITION – **** – There was an audible gasp when the CHAMELEON CREATURES morphed into NOWHERE TO RUN during the middle of the match! FDF TRADITION were shaken but continued to use quick tags to keep them off balance and secure the win!

After the bell, the CHAMELEON CREATURES morphed back into themselves and flew away from ringside!

COMMANDER SAM: We’ve got to keep a lid on these freaks and the Federation Defense Fighters will do just that!

Angry that the GLADIATORS injured PSI, Tharkas has demanded a grudge match! Overmaster sent an Aethran Soldier! Tharkas was not happy.

Tharkas d. Aethran Soldier via pinfall with ONLY HUMAN – *** – Aethran Soldier put up a fight but Tharkas took him down. His finisher, ONLY HUMAN, seemed to have a little more juice behind it than normal.

Storm d. Killer Queen (II) via pinfall after VICTORY LAP – ** – A short victory for Storm who put Killer Queen away soundly.

STORM: Cosmic Woman! We are not done! You will face me again!

Suddenly, Cosmic Woman materialized in mid-air above the ring! Storm taunted her to come down as we…