2134.375 – BIG BANG 2134

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos!

Elina defeated Fhanna with a shooting star press (pinfall) – * – ELINA picks up a quick win. With the amount of time FHANNA has spent managing as opposed to wrestling, no one saw this as a big upset.

Nightmare defeated Faller with a NIGHT TERRORS (pinfall) – ** – NIGHTMARE makes quick work of FALLER. A sneak attack at the bell infuriated LORD NEXUS who did get involved at one point. It wasn’t enough to turn the tide and NIGHTMARE picked up the victory. Just as quickly as they appeared, NIGHTMARE and MARAMUS vanished.

Theatre of War d. Natives of Castilex when Murtak defeated Krud with a CONQUERER’S FLAG on the arena floor (countout) – *1/2 – A hard won match for THEATRE OF WAR, the NATIVES came close to victory several times. After the match, MURTAK takes the microphone and asks for silence. He doesn’t get it.

MURTAK: On this, the evening of our decisive victory, I would like to announce that in 2135, you will not see Wiggy at ringside. This is not due to some internal strife, far from it. It is because, and I take great pride in announcing this, Wiggy and Disciple of Theatre are expecting a child!!

This draws a mixed reaction from the crowd but WIGGY and DISCIPLE OF THEATRE could care less. They embrace and share a kiss as MURTAK stomps around them waving a flag with the image of a baby on it! Shocking fans!

Taichi defeated Fhanna with a smash with sword at ringside (disqualification) – * – Short one here! TAICHI got a very early near fall in the opening moments, frustrating SCORN, sending her outside the ring where she smashed the Titan with her sword!

Sly Drury defeated Godsend with a REGIME CHANGE (pinfall) – ***** – Neck and neck, but the devious SLY DRURY pulls out the victory in a match that saw DEMON GODSEND and FHANNA both get involved! SLY DRURY gloats after his victory as DEMON GODSEND rushes GODSEND from ringside to the jeers from the crowd.

Gladiators 2133 d. Castilex when Probation defeated Moog with a piledriver on arena floor (disqualification) – ** – Brutal and hard hitting. No love lost between these two teams and if the brawl after the bell is any indication, they will meet again soon!

Totalis defeated Demon Godsend with a FINAL ROUND (pinfall) – *** – Back from injury, TOTALIS brought the fire and steamrolled DEMON GODSEND putting him away quickly! He then immediately demanded a rematch for the CASTILEX HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP but DEMON GODSEND left ringside without looking back.

Vampire Legends d. Predators when Coven Black defeated Wolf with a BITE OF THE VAMPIRE then tossed him into coffin (pinfall) – ***** – As bloody as fans thought it would be, this match was incredibly brutal! In the end, COVEN BLACK tossed wolf into the coffin and slammed the lid! The arena gasped in shock when COUNT NECROS lit the coffin on fire! LOPE staggered to his feat and realized what was going on! He tore into the flaming coffin, howling in pain and dragged WOLF away from it. MEDICS rushed to ringside to attend to them both.

Shann-ra defeated Lady Godsend with an AMBUSCADE (pinfall) – ***** – SHANN-RA does the impossible! She brings LADY GODSEND’S incredible title reign to a close. Thunder rattles the arena as SHANN-RA grabs the title and leaves the ringside area. LADY GODSEND is furious! Shann-ra won the GWF Women’s Championship

Kill Prey defeated Ghena with a GO FOR THE KILL (pinfall) – ****1/2 – Halfway through the match, GHENA began convulsing and it even shocked KILL PREY. When he was done with his fit, GHENA had appeared to have reverted to his old self. KILL PREY doubled his attack and was able to put the brute away and become the new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION! Kill Prey won the GWF Interplanetary Championship

Black Death d. FDF Tradition when Sur defeated Tank Mortar with a DOUBLE MORTALITY (pinfall) – **1/2 – FDF TRADITION’S momentum after CIVIL WAR comes to a crashing halt as they run into the brick wall that is BLACK DEATH. This was a completely one-sided match and not even a distraction from MASSIF and COMMANDER SAM could prevent the inevitable! BLACK DEATH retain their titles.

Shayne defeated Monolith with a FRONTIER JUSTICE (pinfall) – ***** – Moments into the match, SHAYNE was disqualified for using FRONTIER JUSTICE! EYDILON rushed to ringside and, obviously on orders from GODSEND, restarted the match as a TITAN DEATH MATCH! MONOLITH and SHAYNE battled back and forth and SHAYNE, with no worry of disqualification, used FRONTIER JUSTICE to win and retain the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

SHAYNE grabbed his belt and high-tailed it from ringside with FHANNA in tow and MONOLITH destroyed the ringside area. This image of MONOLITH fuming is what we see as we…