2134.361 – STORMFRONT

Live from Supernova Solarium, Delphinus!

Taichi defeated Scorn with an ARM TRIANGLE (submission) – **1/2 – Taichi wins in a dominant fashion over Scorn. Scorn’s dream of even being a single champion are slipping through her grasp every time she steps in the ring!

Kill Prey defeated Eydilon with a Venatic Knee Breaker (pinfall) – ***** – CENTRAL COMMAND strikes the first blow against THE KINGDOM as Kill Prey gets a big victory over Commissioner Eydilon!

Godsend defeated Epoch 2133 with a KINGDOM COME (pinfall) – ***** – Epoch fights hard but Godsend wears him down and gets the victory! After the bell, Kill Prey returns to the ring and smashes Demon Godsend from behind and then helps Epoch double team Godsend, apparently injuring him! BLACK DEATH storm the ring and chase Kill Prey and Epoch off as Godsend is tended to in the ring! CENTRAL COMMAND loses this one but they seemingly put Godsend out of commission! Thunder rattles the arena as GODSEND is angered!

BLACK DEATH defeated BURNING HELL when Bex defeated Bishop Hell with a DEVOLUTION (pinfall) – SQUASH – Completely one sided! Bex dismantles Bishop Hell (II) in minutes securing the victory! This win sends BLACK DEATH into THE RECKONING in a very good position!

Aethran Overmaster defeated Perfect Specimen with a DOMINANCE (pinfall) – ***** – They fought from the moment the bell rang until the end and it could have gone either way at any point! This was an amazing match! Aethran Overmaster gets the victory and stands tall over Perfect Specimen! You know he’ll be watching the main event tonight VERY carefully!

Shann-Ra defeated Lady Godsend with a DQ when Demon Godsend interferes – *****  A disappointing ending to a fantastic back and forth match. Lady Godsend retains and Shann-Ra is not happy about it at all.

Ghena defeated Euritar with a BRAIN BASHER (pinfall) – **1/2 – Ghena scores a big win for THE KINGDOM by capturing the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP in a strong showing! No doubt GODSEND is pleased with this outcome!

SECURITY SQUAD (II) defeated CASTILEX when Code Destroyer defeated Sentinel with an EAT CROW (pinfall) – * – SECURITY SQUAD (II) had to cheat but CASTILEX fell way easier than we’ve ever seen them do! Overtime and Code Destroyer celebrate wildly as CASTILEX fumes in the ring.

Shayne defeated Monolith with a SHOWDOWN (pinfall) – **** – Shayne does it again! He solidifies himself even further into the record books buy coming from behind for a huge win against Monolith! The crowd is actually starting to cheer the champion. He just smirks and straps the belt around his waist, and then raising his arms in victory!


We are in a Med-Bay on a cruiser that is humming through space. We see Epoch floating in a Saggita ReJuvi Chamber. Across from him in a chair sits Kill Prey. 

A signal is heard from another part of the ship. It stops and is followed by footsteps. Shann-Ra leans her head into the Med-Bay. 

She nods, “It’s him.” 

Kill Prey nods and spins effortlessly in the chair towards a control panel. He swipes his finger across the input pad and a HoloScreen fires up. 

We cut to behind the screen so we can see Kill Prey’s face and just the back of the person on the screen that he is talking to. 

“Good work tonight.” the voice says through the strained transmission lines. 

Kill Prey nods. “I’m hearing he’s out for four cards. That puts him completely out of THE RECKONING.” 

“Indeed it does. The plan is working.” the voice replies. 

Kill Prey nods again. “We’ll move on to phase two then.” 

“Phase two it is.” the voice replies. The camera slowly moves around the to the front of the HoloScreen to reveal that Kill Prey is speaking to…Shayne.