Live from Castilex Amphitheater, Castilex!

The Castilex Amphitheater looks amazingly beautiful tonight. It is, of course, jam-packed but there is a distinct air of levity and celebration. Godsend announced that, as a show of his compassion and benevolence, all food and drink were free. And he even sent large cruisers filled with food to the most impoverished systems in the GALAXY. It is all a sign that he wants to LET THE HEALING BEGIN. 

An ironic cheer goes through the crowd as THEATRE OF WAR heads to the ring. Murtak, the Merciless is waving a CASTILEX flag. Not, as he told Gryt earlier in the day, as a sign of conquering, but as a sign of allegiance. He wants to join THE KINGDOM. Disciple of Theatre walks arm and arm with his love Wiggy. 

BLACK DEATH heads to the ring to a glorious fanfare from THE KINGDOM’S trumpeters. Sur and Bex look ready to fight. 

Murtak reaches out to shake Bex’s hand as the bell rings and receives a boot to the chest in return! The crowd lets out a huge cheer!

Black Death d. Super Powers when Bex hit Murtak with a DEVOLUTION (pinfall) – SQUASH – No big surprise here. Bex destroys Murtak before he even knows what is going on. Much amusement for GODSEND and the gathered ‘Believers.’

Demon Godsend defeated Monolith with a smash with chair at ringside (disqualification) – **1/2 – Hard hitting match! Monolith took no prisoners and got carried away and got disqualified. After the match GODSEND spoke from the heavens.

Monolith, this is not an honorable way to win. You will face Demon Godsend again at a time and in a match of my choosing. 

Monolith looked ready for that match to begin immediately!

Sly Drury is summoned to the ring and he’s met with boos from the crowd. GODSEND’S face appears above the amphitheater and informs Drury that he will now face Eydilon in the GALAXY’S first ever, legendary, CASTILEX SLAVE MATCH. The ring instantly transforms into a circular ring with no turnbuckles. GODSEND adds 

Drury, heed this warning, if you lose, you become my slave. 

Drury removed his hat and duster and rolled up his sleeves.

Sly Drury defeated Eydilon with a REGIME CHANGE (pinfall) – *** – Sly Drury escapes slavery and disappears through a portal as soon as the bell rings! Thunder rattles the Amphitheater and Eydilon cowers to the back. The crowd is near riotous. MARTIAL LAW thwarts THE KINGDOM once again!

Lady Godsend defeated Fhanna with a QUEEN OF THE REALM (pinfall) – ****1/2 – Fhanna puts up a big, big fight! She obviously came well prepared for this match and brought the fight to Lady Godsend. Lady Godsend was more skilled in this affair and even a sudden reappearance and interference by Sly Drury (who was sent from ringside) couldn’t turn the tide in Fhanna’s favor. Lady Godsend stands tall, the only member of THE KINGDOM to deliver on promises….so far. She is the CASTILEX WOMEN’S CHAMPION and GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION and has a firm grasp on both titles.

Totalis defeated Ghena with a BRACKET BUSTER (pinfall) – ***** – These two fought tooth and nail! Ghena used every dirty trick he could think of and Totalis did as well (much to the chagrin of Commander Sam who accompanied him to ringside). Totalis claims a victory and the CASTILEX HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP is still out of grabs for THE KINGDOM. The crowd begins throwing things at Totalis and he and Commander Sam are whisked away from ringside for their safety by the GWF Security hired for the event by the Board of Directors.

Castilex d. Demon Hunters when Sentinel pinned HelSin after NIGHTWATCH (pinfall) – ****1/2 – DEMON HUNTERS struggled against CASTILEX’S amazing offense and defense but they held in there for as long as they could. The crowd rewarded CASTILEX’S victory with a thunderous standing ovation.

A portal opens in the center of the ring and Shayne steps out with an even cockier smile than we’ve seen. The crowd lets him have it and he could care less. He holds the CASTILEX HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP high above his head. 

You want this Godsend? Come take it! 

The crowd begins chanting, signaling the elaborate entrance by Godsend. It is a long procession but the crowd eats up every second of it. Godsend finally makes it to the ring and he and Shayne stand nose to nose. The bell rings!

Shayne defeated Godsend with a spinning heel kick (pinfall) – ***** – The Outlaw does it again! In the opening moments of the match, it looked like it was going to be a total squash by Godsend, but Shayne completely turned things around as he always does and was two steps ahead of Godsend the rest of the match! Shayne and Fhanna disappeared through a portal seconds after Shayne grabbed his championship. The live feed… 


PROMOTER NOTE: I played this car while testing out live streaming on Twitch.  If you want to sit though an hour and twenty minutes of me playing and explaining the game to the watchers, you can catch it on twitch or the GWFPromoter YouTube Channel.  It’s super boring but most stuff on Twitch is, I find.  The last match is pretty fun.