2134.358 – INVASION

Live from Rigel Nova Pavilion, Orion!

Kill Prey defeated Ghena with a GO FOR THE KILL (pinfall) –  3.50 – Kill Prey strikes quickly and keep Ghena off his feet! As the match plays out, Ghena can’t seem to find an opening to strike and Kill Prey goes for the kill. After the bell, BLACK DEATH charge the ring, but Kill Prey bails before they can get their hands on him.

Vampire Legends d. Titan Samurai when Count Necros pinned Kenji with a PHANTOM DUST (pinfall) – 2.50 – Sinful accompanies VAMPIRE LEGENDS to the ring and this brings a new edge to Coven Black and Count Necros. TITAN SAMURAI were able to stand strong for a bit, but soon the Vampires began using their lightning quick offense. Of course, it was an underhanded tactic behind the ref’s back that gives them the victory. Lord Nexus was not happy and had a heated discussion with the ref after the match.

Scorn is out with Fhanna in her corner and Gryt stops her in the aisle asking about her recent declaration that she’s planning on going after both the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP and the CASTILEX WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP. 

“That’s right, that’s my current goal. Luckily, I only have to defeat one person and that’s Lady Godsend. So Lady, if you’re as tough as you think, let’s make this match. Both titles on the line. Soon I’ll be just like Shayne. Just. Like. Shayne!” 

Scorn continues to the ring and tells the world what she’s about to do to Shane-Ra is what she’ll do to Lady Godsend.

Shann-ra defeated Scorn with a Huntress Claw (submission) – 2.50 – For all her bravado, Scorn seemed outclassed in this match against Shann-Ra. After the bell, Scorn seemed a bit unhinged at the loss.

Demon Hunters d. Mean Streets when Patch smashed Crossfire with a chair at ringside (disqualification) – 1.00 – MEAN STREETS were putting on a show for Eydilon. Being particularly brutal in their domination of DEMON HUNTERS. This was one sided and the whole point seemed to be to show Eydilon what they’d do to CASTILEX in the ring. The final moments saw the action spill out of the ring and Patch clobber Crossfire with a chair. MEAN STREETS gets the loss, but It doesn’t seem that they care. Message sent!

Demon Godsend defeated Epoch 2133 with a DQ when Kill Prey interferes (disqualification) – 2.50 – These two, like minded individuals, tore into each other and the ref could barely control the action! In the final moments, it spilled out of the ring. Kill Prey appeared out of nowhere and joined Epoch in beating up on Demon Godsend and the ref called the match! 

Security rushed ringside and Epoch and Kill Prey escaped into the crowd! Outside the arena, lightning flashed and a voice boomed loudly… 

“EPOCH!!! KILL PREY!!!! I will terminate your meddling in two cards! On Castilex, you will meet your DESTINY!!!” 

Ominous words from GODSEND!

Predators d. Black Death when Wolf slapped the SAVAGE FACE CLAW on Bex (submission) – SQUASH – Stuttering. Dazed. Confused. Bex tottered around the ring like an old man, seemingly not even knowing where he was. Lope seized the opportunity and decimated him. Never letting him reach Sur for the tag, though several times it seemed that Bex was unclear where Sur was at! 

Wolf tagged in and finished Bex off with his trademark finisher and that was it. Wolf and Lope threw BLACK DEATH from the ring and together with Catfight, celebrated another victory over The Kingdom!