2134.357 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Maxus Trinary Towers, Auriga

Super Powers d. Natives of Castilex when Disciple of Theatre defeated Krud with a CURTAIN CALL (pinfall) – SQUASH – Disciple of Theatre and Murtak actually worked well! Using quick tags to keep Krud off balance, until DOT hit his finisher.

After the match, Murtak stomped around and Disciple of Theatre took bows with flourish while Wiggy showered him in bouquets of roses. SUPER POWERS are on the same page now, but what happens against a tougher team? Time will tell!

The lights dim and torches ignite around the arena. Coven Black appears and is leading Sinful to the ring for our next match. It appears as this will be the way things are going forward, Coven Black will be in Sinful’s corner.

Sinful defeated Elina with a RESURRECTON (LIFE BLOOD) (pinfall) – *** – Sinful systematically takes Elina apart and then uses her own finisher against her! Commander Same, who’d accompanied Elina to ringside had never seen anything like it! After the match, Gryt asked him why he seemed so disconcerted.

“I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen a lot of things. But the evil in that woman’s eyes are something that I haven’t seen and I’m man enough to admit it creeps me out. We gotta do something about those vampires.”

FDF Tradition d. Better Than Human when Climber defeated Psi with a TWO MAN STAND (pinfall) – SQUASH – The moment the bell rang, Tharkas immediately tagged out to PSI and wanted nothing else to do with FDF TRADITION! Climber hit PSI with move after move, keeping him off balance until he and Tank hit their big finisher! FDF TRADITION is back on the winning track.

Aethran Overmaster defeated Faller with a REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER (pinfall) – ****1/2 – Faller kept Aethran Overmaster off balance the whole match! Of course, the Aethran dominated, but Faller would mount amazing comebacks, much to the crowd’s pure delight! Paralyze got involved! Lord Nexus took care of that promptly! In the end, Overmaster gets the win, but Faller put up a heck of a fight!

Ghena defeated Sly Drury with a Cranium Missle (pinfall) – ***** – It took absolutely everything Ghena had, but finally THE KINGDOM was able to get a victory over Sly Drury! After the bell, Sur and Bex charged the ring but Sly Drury rolled out of the ring and activated a portal to escape! He may have lost, but Sly is still infuriating THE KINGDOM.

The skies around the arena begin to darken. Some in the crowd, the Believers, begin to chant. Trumpeters play a fanfare and Godsend’s procession begins towards the ring. Soldiers. Exotic, never before seen creatures. Demond Godsend and finally Godsend himself.The entrance takes a whopping 10 minutes and Godsend soaks in every second. He stands in the ring, awaiting his opponent.

Totalis, the Tournament Master appears with Commander Sam and he is livid.

“We gotta wait ten minutes while you and your parade of freaks traipse to the ring? Perhaps you forgot I’m a champion, Castilex Hardcore Champion as a matter of fact and you are scrapping for your first win at the bottom of the rankings. So now…you wait.”

Totalis throws down the mic and slowly begins walking to the ring. Slowly. He takes one step every minute. The crowd is loving it. Godsend stands in the ring smiling but everyone can tell that he is not happy. Totalis milks it for all he can.

Totalis’ entrance takes 15 minutes. Godsend is ready to rip him apart.

Godsend defeated Totalis with a KINGDOM COME (pinfall) – ***1/2 – It took every dirty trick Godsend had up his sleeve to put Totalis away! And Totalis pulled out a few dirty tricks of his own (much to the consternation of Massif who had accompanied him to ringside). In the end, not even a brief portal appearance by a taunting Shayne, could prevent Godsned from his mission…victory.

He soaked in the adulation from his believers who were in attendance and ignored the jeers of everyone else. Godsend gets his first victory since his return.

Monolith defeated Perfect Specimen with a CATASTROPHE (pinfall) – ***1/2 –  It’s hard fought battle and both men weren’t about to give an inch! It was a out of nowhere DECAPITATOR that set Perfect Specimen up for CATASTROPHE and the loss.

After the bell, Monolith helped Perfect Specimen to his feet and the two shook hands. Monolith is the new number one contender to the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. That is, if Eydilon will allow it.

Monolith and Catfight celebrate with a hug to the cheers of the crowd as we…