Live from the Castilex Amphitheater.

The show opens with a single spotlight with Disciple of Theatre standing in it.  He holds up his hands and the arena, oddly, falls silent.  He speaks:

“In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
As modest stillness and humility,
But when the blast of war blows in our ears,
Then imitate the action of the tiger:
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favored rage;”

He delivers the final line with such fierce intensity, women in the crowd begin to tear up.  You can hear a pin drop and then the crowd busts into applause!  Wiggy joins him with a kiss as he walks to the ring, bowing and accepting bouquets of roses from the crowd.

Mutrak is out next to boos!  Only 5 cards into the year and this team has crumbled into war!  Tharkas & PSI sit ringside with popcorn, laughing their butts off at the prospect of this match.

Next Match – No whims of GODSEND – “Why mess with true comedic genius?”

Murtak d. Disciple of Theatre via pinfall after CONQUERER’S FLAG – *** – Murtak celebrates wildly waving his flag around and jeering at Wiggy!  He corners her.  “As conquerer, I must take the fallen’s woman as my prize!”  Wiggy pokes Murtak in the eye and collects Disciple of Theatre and rushes from ringside.

Next Match – No whims of GODSEND – “Ally versus Ally is a favourite pleasure of mine. No need to tinker here.”

Fist d. Probation via countout after delivering Air Raid outside the ring and beating the count back in – ***** – Probation took a beating in this match as Fist pulled no punches.  After the bell, Fist and Paralyze helped Probation to the back.

Next Match – No whims of GODSEND – “Drury is but a gnat.  The Three will dispatch of him verily.”

Sly Drury d. The Three via DQ when Bex smashes Drury with his Black Death Staff – DUD
– Blatant cheating by Bex gives Sly Drury the win.  The sky flashes with lightening after the bell.  GODSEND is not happy.  After the bell, Sly Drury disappears through a portal that opened up at ringside.  He knew better than to hang around.

Totalis, The Tournament Master d. Demon Godsend via pinfall with Wall of Fame – ***
– The action never leaves the ring!  Totalis dominates and becomes the NEW CASTILEX HARDCORE CHAMPION!  The sky flashes with lightening again.  Thunder this time!  Totalis adds another belt to his collection.

Lady Godsend d. Taichi via pinfall by hitting QUEEN OF THE REALM twice – *****
– Taichi got some offense in but Lady Godsend took over and, as she’s done so far this year, dominated.  After the bell Eydilon announced that Lady Godsend would face Fhanna for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP on the next card!

CASTILEX d. MEAN STREETS via DQ when Skiver tosses a chair at Moog and dropkicks it in his face – **
– MEAN STREETS threw everything at CASTILEX but none of it worked.  MOOG simply refused to tag out.  Why would he?  Nothing Patch or Skiver was doing was hurting him.  The action spilled outside the ring and Skiver lost his cool and got disqualified.  The four men then began to brawl wildly.  Eydilon and his security broke it up and announced that they’d fight again, on the next card, in a SURVIVAL RULES match.

Eydilon then called for Shayne to appear, threatening banishment if he didn’t.  The HoloVision screens flickered to life and Shayne appeared smiling.  Eydilon demanded to know where he was.  “I’m on my ranch on Earth.”  Eydilon was furious and threatened banishment again.  A portal opened up behind Shayne on the screen and suddenly he appeared behind Eydilon, both championships around his waist.  “I’m here.  Let’s do this!”

Shayne d. Godsend via pinfall after EYE 4 EYE – **1/2
– Godsend loses again!  Shayne retains!  The Castilex crowd comes unglued!  In three minutes, Shayne once again, completely destroyed Godsend!  Shayne grabs his titles.  A portal opens and he gives a salute and hops in.  Lightning rained down from the sky and struck the mat where the portal had been just seconds before.  Godsend is furious!