2134.354 – SUPERNOVA

Card 2134.354 results from Turning Moon of Saturn.

Taichi d. Shann-Ra via submission with the KNEE BAR – *** – Shann-Ra dominated but Taichi turned it around for a quick victory.

Eydilon again called out Sly Drury and demanded to know where Shayne was!  Sly Drury again said he didn’t know and Eydilon said he’d now have to be punished and announced that Sly would face Godsend…right now!

Sly Drury d. Godsend via pinfall with REGIME CHANGE – **** – HUGE win for Drury! Godsend is 0-2 since returning! Godsend blamed his loss on being so far from Castilex!  Eydilon decreed that the next card 2134.355 would originate from Castilex and Shayne MUST attend or be banished from the GWF forever!

TITAN SAMURAI d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS when Kenji pinned Coven Black after a running lariat – *1/2 – VAMPIRE LEGENDS in control most of the match but a lighting quick reversal and quick tags give TITAN SAMURAI the win.

Demon Godsend d. Totalis, The Tournament Master via countout after he suplexed Totalis over the top rope – ** – Commander Sam was frustrated as Totalis kept using underhanded tactics during the match!

Bex d. Faller via submission with GROUND ZERO – SQUASH – Total one sided affair.  Faller didn’t stand a chance.

MEAN STREETS d. CASTILEX via submission when Patch locks Sentinel in the TORTURE RACK – ***1/2 – Big win here for MEAN STREETS!  After the bell, Patch grabbed a mic, “We beat you here.  We now challenge you for the CASTILEX TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP on Castilex next card!”  Will GODSEND allow this to happen?  We shall see!


Monolith d. Probation via pinfall with a Monolithic Slam!
Monolith d. Aethran Overmaster via DQ when Overmaster smashes Monolith with a ceremonial helmet!
Fist d. Monolith via pinfall with ARMAMENT – Fist pulls out an upset, eliminating Monolith!
Fist d. Wolf via DQ when Wolf smashes Fist with a chair!
Fist d. Lope via pinfall after ARMAMENT


Huge run for Fist who seems to thrive in singles matches!  Many in the Crowd seems to be behind him too!

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