2134.353 – INVASION

Live from Adonis Athletic Centre, Asteroid Belt!

Outside the arena we see the ANIMEN cruiser land. A MESSENGER rushes out to greet it. The door slides open with a hiss and MONOLITH and CATFIGHT are the first to step out. The MESSENGER approaches MONOLITH.

MESSENGER: Monolith, um, sir, DARK MENACE has asked if it’s okay if he sends you a message.

MONOLITH completely ignores the MESSENGER and continues into the building. CATFIGHT does the same. MAGGIE lets out a loud roar and the MESSENGER high-tails it from the landing lot.

Super Powers vs. Demon Hunters
HelSin defeated Disciple of Theatre with a pinfall after a sitout spring facebuster
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: SUPER POWERS are just an absolute mess! They cannot function as a team at all. After the match, DISCIPLE OF THEATRE removed a glove and slapped MURTAK across the face with it! Then, nose in the air, stomped away from ringside with WIGGY.

Perfect Specimen vs. Kill Prey
Perfect Specimen defeated Kill Prey with a submission with superior shoulder wrench
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: Super competitive meeting between these two. Would have been a big score for KILL PREY had he won, but PERFECT SPECIMEN gets the victory.

Ghena vs. Epoch 2133
Ghena defeated Epoch 2133 with a pinfall after EVOLUTION
Match Rating: 0.10
Match Notes: Spilling out of the ERIS RUMBLE for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP, GHENA shocked the GALAXY with a quick, decisive victory against EPOCH. After the bell, INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION SUR and BEX stormed the ring and held EPOCH while GHENA repeatedly delivered knee drops to his head! Security was finally able to break it up but EPOCH was injured.


EYDILON is out and he demands that SHAYNE, who has been hiding for two weeks now, appear on the next card or there would be ‘major consequences.’ EYDILON is furious the GALAXIAN and CASTILEX HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION has not been seen or heard from!

Predators vs. Gladiators 2133
Lope defeated Fist with a DQ after PARALYZE interferes during a pinfall
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: The ANIMEN/GLADIATOR feud is hotter than ever as this wild match ends in a DQ and a bench clearing brawl that force security to come to ringside once again. Fans were super hot for this match.

All the members of THE CONQUERORS are arguing and no single voice can be heard over the cacophony. This continues for a minute until THARKAS screams.


There is silence.

THARKAS: PSI and I have a Main Event match tonight! We don’t have time for this bickering.

DISCIPLE OF THEATRE: Well, I shan’t entertain the thought of trodding the canvas with this…(he gestures at MURTAK)…cretin again. (He pronounces it like a-gain.)

PSI rubs his forehead. THARKAS sighs.

THARKAS: Fine, after tonight, you won’t have to.

DISCIPLE OF THEATRE: Thank you, sir.

DISCIPLE OF THEATRE bows deeply with a flourish and then holds out and arm for WIGGY who threads hers through his. They turn and exit the room.

PSI: Don’t suppose there’s any way we can find NOSFERA and get him to undo what he did to him?

THARKAS: No. Not tonight anyway. Let’s focus on FDF TRADITION.

Monolith vs. Aethran Overmaster
Monolith defeated Aethran Overmaster with a DQ after AETHRAN OVERMASTER piledrives MONOLITH on the arena floor.
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: With CROWD momentum spinning out of the previous match, this match was off the charts! Both men pulling out all the stop to attain victory! AETHRAN OVERMASTER reaches into the GLADIATOR Dirty Trick bag and gets a DQ loss. The two big men continue to tussle after the bell prompting security to return to break it up. CROWD is HOT!

Sinful vs. Scorn
Scorn defeated Sinful with a pinfall after A WOMAN SCORNED
Match Rating: 4.00
Match Notes: SCORN gets the big victory in this early year feud with SINFUL. After the bell, she openly challenges LADY GODSEND to a match! WOW!

FDF Tradition vs. Better Than Human
Climber defeated Tharkas with a pinfall after Altitude Sickness
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: FDF TRADITION are on fire and finish off BETTER THAN HUMAN in mere minutes. CLIMBER, TANK, MASSIF and COMMANDER SAM celebrate in the ring to the cheers of the CROWD as we…


Overall Card Rating: 2.31