2134.352 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

EYDILON is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone.

EYDILON: As GWF Commissioner, it is my ruling, that due to WITNESS’ delivery at the hand of GODSEND, I declare the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP vacant, effective immediately. The main event this evening will be a 9 Man ERIS RUMBLE to crown a new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION.

The CROWD cheers this but a ‘Where’s Witness?!’ chant does break out in parts of the arena.

EYDILON: These are trivial matters. The most pressing matter concerns SHAYNE. I have been informed that SHAYNE is not in the building tonight so I demand SLY DRURY report to the ring immediately.

There is about a minute of nothing and then SLY DRURY makes his way towards the ring.

EYDILON: Where is Shayne?

SLY DRURY: I don’t know. You’re the Commissioner. Don’t you know where your champion is?

EYDILON: Tell me where he is or suffer the punishment.

SLY DRURY: I truly do not know where he is.

EYDILON: This is an untruth and for it you will face me one on one as your penance.

SLY DRURY: Penance? Getting the chance to kick your ass sounds like the greatest gift you can ever give me!

EYDILON: You joke now but you shall not do so later tonight when we fight.

SLY DRURY smirks.

SLY DRURY: Sure, sure sorcerer! Whatever you say.

SLY DRURY leaves EYDILON fuming in the ring.

Natives of Castilex vs. Super Powers
Krud defeated Disciple of Theatre with a NATIVES ARE RESTLESS
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: This was a glorious mess and probably the best match the NATIVES OF CASTILEX have every wrestled! DISCIPLE OF THEATRE and MURTAK couldn’t stop arguing long enough to form any sort of cohesive unit. The NATIVES OF CASTILEX surprised themselves with how well they were doing! It’s going to be a long year for the SUPER POWERS if they don’t figure out a way to work with each other. WIGGY blamed the failures all on MURTAK even though it is DISCIPLE OF THEATRE who was pinned! The three argued all the way back to the locker room.

Lady Godsend vs. Elina
Lady Godsend defeated Elina with a pinfall after OFF WITH HER HEAD
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: Decent back and forth battle here but LADY GODSEND just ground ELINA down and picked up the victory. ELINA seemed leery of DEMON GODSEND who was lurking at ringside. LADY GODSEND looks to be a top challenger this year.

FDF Tradition vs. Better Than Human
Climber defeated Tharkas with a countout when THARKAS is unable to return to the ring after CLIMBER hit a cross body block from the top turnbuckle!
Match Rating: 1.00
Match Notes: The CROWD cheers the victory by FDF TRADITION but hoped to see more action out of them in this match. BETTER THAN HUMAN tried to use quick tags, but FDF TRADITION were a little quicker.

Scorn vs. Sinful
Scorn defeated Sinful with a via DQ when SINFUL hits a leaping enzuigiri on the floor at ringside
Match Rating: 3.00
Match Notes: SINFUL looking more vicious that we’ve seen here. Taking the fight right to SCORN and not letting up! Her ferocity gets her disqualified but it doesn’t look like she cares.

GRYT: Sinful, you get the loss here but you seem to have found a new fire.

SINFUL: The BLACK HEARTS will stand in the shadows no more. We’ve come here to feast and feast we will! There is no one holding us back now!

MONOLITH heads to the ring with CATFIGHT and MAGGIE. GRYT stops them in the aisle.

GRYT: There have been several reports that DARK MENACE has made overtures to the ANIMEN in an attempt to reunite with MONOLITH! Is there any truth to these rumors?

CATFIGHT (laughing): Yeah, the little worm showed up on our doorstep asking to be taken in. Now, normally I have a soft spot for orphan mongrels that show up begging for scraps but this was even too pathetic to me. DARK MENACE, I know you’re watching, hoping that any team in the GWF will have you but it ain’t going to happen. And as for reuniting with MONOLITH? (She looks up at MONOLITH) Tell him babe.

MONOLITH swipes the mic out of GRYT’S hand, holds it up to his mouth and stares directly into the camera. There’s a pause and then he bites the top of the microphone clean off! The CROWD loves it! CATFIGHT cackles. MONOLITH chews on the metal for a moment and then spits it out, throwing what’s left of the mic in his hand over his shoulder as he pushes past GRYT to the ring! That’s his answer!

Monolith vs. Paralyze
Monolith defeated Paralyze with a pinfall after CRUSHING STAMPEDE
Match Rating: 2.50
Match Notes: MONOLITH destroys the returning PARALYZE who did not impress at all. After the bell, MONOLITH didn’t even wait to have his hand raised, he just left the ring with CATFIGHT and MAGGIE. The CROWD cheering as they made their exit.

Sly Drury vs. Eydilon
Sly Drury defeated Eydilon with a pinfall after REGIME CHANGE!
Match Rating: 2.00
Match Notes: SLY DRURY looks as good as we’ve ever seen him in this match, taking the fight to EYDILON in a completely one-sided affair! SLY DRURY bails out of the ring after the bell sounds and the skies outside the arena begin to illuminate with the mysterious light.

SLY DRURY grabs the mic from GRYT at ringside.

SLY DRURY: Hey! Big man, upstairs! How y’all like that! MARTIAL LAW is going to be a pain in THE DOMINION’S side all year long.

Suddenly, there is a loud crack of thunder INSIDE the arena! The CROWD screams and covers their ears! SLY DRURY hits a button on his belt and quick steps into a transport portal and is gone.

Before our main event, we are given a run down of the rules of this historic, first ever, ERIS RUMBLE.

– Match starts under Universal Battle Royal Rules.
– The final two competitors left in the ring face off in a TITAN DEATH MATCH to determine the overall winner.
– The Commissioner has one SECOND CHANCE PASS he can grant to any eliminated wrestler so they may return to the match. This SECOND CHANCE PASS may be awarded for any reason the Commissioner sees fit but must be awarded before there are two competitors left.

The competitors in tonight’s ERIS RUMBLE: Demon Godsend, Sur, Bex, Ghena, Epoch, Faller, Totalis, the Tournament Master, Euritar (II) and Kill Prey.

The nine men stand in the ring ready to fight and the ref calls for the bell!

Epoch 2133 vs. Sur vs. Totalis vs. Demon Godsend vs. Ghena vs. Bex vs. Euritar vs. Kill Prey vs. Faller
for the GWF Interplanetary Championship
Epoch 2133 defeated Totalis with an over the top rope elimination
Epoch 2133 defeated Sur with an over the top rope elimination
Epoch 2133 defeated Bex with an over the top rope elimination
Kill Prey defeated Faller with an over the top rope elimination
Totalis defeated Demon Godsend with an over the top rope elimination
Totalis defeated Ghena with an over the top rope elimination
Bex defeated Euritar with an over the top rope elimination
Bex defeated Kill Prey with an over the top rope elimination
Sur defeated Epoch 2133 with a pinfall after a small package
Match Rating: 5.00
Match Notes: Towards the end of the match, EYDILON appeared and announced his SECOND CHANCE PASS would go to SUR! The first eliminated returned to the ring!

SUR and EPOCH, the final two battled in a one on one match and EPOCH was just too worn out from the preceding RUMBLE to gain any ground!

THE DOMINION get their first GWF TITLE victory as SUR becomes the NEW INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION!

SUR wildly swings the title around as the fans jeer and EPOCH looks on with a disgusted look on his face.


Overall Card Rating: 2.57

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