Live from the Cor Caroli Diamond Dome, Canes Venatici!

The Diamond Dome is filled to the rim with rabid GALAXY’S FINEST™ fans and they are on their feet because this is RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE!  This event pits opponents against each other in randomly selected SPECIALTY MATCHES that are decided moments before the bell rings!

The AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM begins playing at AETHRAN OVERMASTER heads to the ring.  The CROWD loses it when they see his opponent is…MONOLITH!  The big man strides to the ring CATFIGHT at his side!  MONOLITH climbs into the ring as the screen reveals their match will be a HARDCORE TITAN DEATH MATCH!  The bell rings!

Aethran Overmaster d. Monolith via pinfall with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – ***** – What an opener!  Huge back and forth here and any man could have won at any time!  The finish came when OVERMASTER hit a big move and went for a cover and CATFIGHT came in to break it up!  OVERMASTER backhanded her out of the ring, much to the vocal displeasure of the CROWD!  OVERMASTER hit his finisher and that was it.  It would seem that AETHRAN OVERMASTER is now in a place to challenge for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

DISCIPLE OF TERROR hits the ring with ORACLE in tow.  His opponent is his arch rival FALLER who heads to the ring with LORD NEXUS.  The screen reveals they will battle in a HITMAN MATCH, with the added notice that in the bag for the winner is 50,000 credits!  Both men eye the bag longingly as the bell rings.

Disciple of Terror d. Faller via bag grab after a Dreadnaught Drop – ** – This was pretty one-sided.  FALLER didn’t get any offense in.  DISCIPLE OF TERROR made short work of his opponent and won the match and the money.

Just as DISCIPLE OF TERROR was about to leave the ring, five men in street clothes and masks charged down to the ring.  As they climbed up into the ring, fans noticed the masked men were all carrying crowbars!  Could this be the return of SLEEPER CELL?!  DISCIPLE OF TERROR braces for a fight but the five men push past him and begin beating FALLER!  LORD NEXUS climbs into the ring to put a stop to things and gets a crowbar to the face and toss to the arena floor for his troubles!  DISCIPLE OF TERROR watches as all five men beat FALLER and as they finish, he smirks and turns to leave the ring.  Suddenly, all five men begin beating DISCIPLE OF TERROR!  What is going on?!  Security floods the ring and SLEEPER CELL disappears into the crowd!  Wow, fans!  Wow!

FALLER and DISCIPLE OF TERROR are taken from ringside by RAGLAN and FLAGYL.

There is a brief pause as order is restored and then PANTHER WARRIOR heads to the ring with CATFIGHT.  CATFIGHT looks a little worse for wear after her backhand from AETHRAN OVERMASTER, but she looks ready to second PANTHER WARRIOR.  As they enter the ring, the mysterious hooded figure we’ve been seeing on the past few cards appears and lifts his arms towards the ceiling.  A large plume of flame shoots down from the ceiling into the ring and as it dissipates, BURNING MAN stands ready to fight.  He glares at PANTHER WARRIOR and the screen flickers on revealing their match will be a LEPUS STUN ROD MATCH!  Right before the bell, NITRO tries to get a word in with the mysterious hooded figure.

NITRO:  I’m wondering if I could ask you a quick question about your association with Burning Man?

hooded figure:  …….

NITRO:  Do you know each other from Castilex?

hooded figure:  ……….

That’s about all he’s going to get.  The hooded figure just stands silently, staring at the ring.  NITRO gives up as the bell sounds!

Burning Man d. Panther Warrior via pinfall after EXHAUSTION – ***** – Dominant victory by BURNING MAN here!  It was a great match and the best we’ve seen BURNING MAN wrestle.  Whoever this hooded figure is, they certainly have put BURNING MAN on the right track!

SCORN heads ringside with EURITAR.  The DM2132 banners unfurl as DARK MENACE leads SINFUL to the ring.  With the election now just days away, DARK MENACE seems on edge, but it is noted that he is getting more cheers from the CROWD.  SINFUL and SCORN face off as the screen flickers to life revealing that they will fight in a LAVA PIT MATCH!

Scorn d. Sinful via pinfall with BURNING SCORN after a primitive hit Sinful with a boulder – *** – SCORN was already in control when the primitive appeared and clobbered SINFUL with the boulder.  SCORN took the opportunity to put her opponent away for good!

CATFIGHT is back out, still looking a little worse for wear.  Fans are pumped for this match and begin booing NOVA the moment she appears with DARK MENACE!  This match stems from the incident of MAGGIE getting shot as NOVA was wrestling CATFIGHT when it happened.  We still have no word on MAGGIE’S condition, we just know she’s at TERAK’S ANIMAL CARE CLINIC.  CATFIGHT looks as if she cannot wait to get her hands on NOVA and NOVA looks a little worried!  The screen reveals they will fight in a FOUR WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION MATCH!  The bell sounds!

Nova d. CatFight via pinfall with STAR BRIGHT after braining her with a Lepus Stun Rod – ***1/2 – The smack CATFIGHT took earlier from AETHRAN OVERMASTER was clearly still bothering her at the start of this match.  Usually outclassed, NOVA had no problem taking CATFIGHT down and getting the win.

NOVA and DARK MENACE celebrate after the match.  CATFIGHT is slow to her feet and as she walks out many notice she is crying.

VOICE OVER PA:  OOooOOoooOOOOowwwwOOOOOOooowwwoOOOoooooooo!

The CROWD is on their feet as WOLF and LOPE head to the ring.  CATFIGHT is not in their corner, obviously, but these two look savage and ready to create some violence.  MEAN STREETS is out next with FHANNA and they head to the ring.  This is the biggest test of the year so far for PREDATORS and MEAN STREETS desperately needs this win.  WOLF will start with PATCH as the screen reveals they will fight in a RUINS OF ANTILLA match!  The bell sounds.

PREDATORS d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall when Wolf hits Patch with END OF THE HUNT – *** – This one never left the ring!  WOLF and LOPE kept the ring cut in half and used quick tags in and out to wear PATCH down until he was done for the day.  PREDATORS have now begun the hunt for the titles!  Interesting to see where they go from here!

PERFECT SPECIMEN is out with LORD NEXUS and he does not look happy.  He grabs the mic from NITRO as he climbs into the ring.

PERFECT SPECIMEN:  Overtime!  We got bid’ness! Get yo’ ass out here now!

The CROWD cheers, clearly in PERFECT SPECIMEN’S corner.  OVERTIME appears, to loud boos that he ignores.  He is hesitant to get into the ring until he is forced to when the screen reveals that their match will be a TORTURE CHAMBER MATCH!  He timidly climbs into the chamber as the bell sounds!

Perfect Specimen d. Overtime via pinfall after hitting PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – ***** – MATCH OF THE YEAR!  This was an a amazing match by two amazing athletes!  Many thought that OVERTIME would quickly fall to PERFECT SPECIMEN but OVERTIME got two quick flash pins on his opponent in the opening minutes of the match!  Down by two, PERFECT SPECIMEN slowed the pace way down and methodically got two pinfalls himself!  That’s when the real fireworks started!  These two pulled out all the stops trying to get the final pinfall and it was when PERFECT SPECIMEN hit PINNACLE OF SUCCESS (+5) TWICE that he finally got the win! (See PROMOTER NOTE at bottom.)

After the match, PERFECT SPECIMEN tried to help OVERTIME up but OVERTIME shoved him away.  It was clear from the limping OVERTIME was doing that he is injured.  LORD NEXUS and PERFECT SPECIMEN shook their heads and talked quietly amongst themselves as they watched OVERTIME walk away from the ring.

CODE DESTROYER and IRON HAND (II) head to the ring with FHANNA for our next match.  The AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM plays as PROBATION and FIST walk ringside.  The screen revels that this will be an EARTH LADDER MATCH and that the winning team will be the #1 CONTENDERS for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!  Stakes, raised as the bell rings!

SECURITY SQUAD d. GLADIATORS when Iron Hand (II) pinned Fist after MARTIAL LAW – ***** – SECURITY SQUAD gets the win and become the new #1 CONTENDERS, something SLY DRURY is surely happy about.  The GLADIATORS seem to have missed a step since their return from FIST’S injury.

FHANNA is out for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP match!  SLY DRURY is accompanying her to, “Make sure rules are followed.”  The CROWD is not buying this at all.  GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION TAICHI is out with LORD NEXUS and the fans are eager for this rematch!

Taichi d. Fhanna via submission with the KNEE BAR – ***** – FHANNA put TAICHI through 2 tables, but TAICHI fought back and was able to make her opponent tap out!  SLY DRURY did attempt to get involved but he was punched out by LORD NEXUS to the great pleasure of the crowd.  TAICHI stands tall as your GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION!

Fuming that his plans were foiled, and nursing a sore jaw, SLY DRURY climbs into the ring for his match as FHANNA slinks to the outside.  BALAAL heads to the ring with ORACLE and DRURY reminds him, and everyone in the CROWD, that this is a NON-TITLE match.  The screen flickers on revealing that, thought NON-TITLE, this will be a CASTOR CHAIN MATCH!

Sly Drury d. Balaal via pinfall after REGIME CHANGE – **** – SLY DRURY brings the fight to BALAAL and shows why he’s a deserving champion here.  There were no calls of biased refereeing as BALAAL got very little offense in at all.  SLY DRURY takes his title and leaves the ring with FHANNA.

BEX and SUR stride to the ring with GHENA, their championship titles around their waists.  They stand in the ring waiting their opponents.  EURITAR appears to cheers as he leads DEMON HUNTERS to the ring!  DEMON HUNTERS earning this title shot at THE RECKONING!  All four men stand in the ring ready to fight as the screen reveals they will be competing in a BARBED WIRE COSMIC CAGE MATCH!

IMMORTALS d. DEMON HUNTERS via escape after Sur hit Crossfire with an Alpha Plex into the barbed wire! – ** – Basically a squash match here.  IMMORTALS unloaded on DEMON HUNTERS and it was over in minutes.  CROSSFIRE was not well after the match and had to be taken out on the medi-board.  IMMORTALS now look towards a challenge from SECURITY SQUAD.

BISHOP HELL (II) makes his way to the ring with DARK MENACE for our MAIN EVENT.  BISHOP HELL (II)’s amazing performance at THE RECKONING brought him to this match tonight but, of course, COMMISSIONER DRURY made it a NON-TITLE MATCH.

The dobro plays and SLY DRURY is here, riding his horse to the ring with FHANNA following behind.  SHAYNE climbs into the ring and stares over at BISHOP HELL (II), who is grinning wickedly.  BISHOP HELL (II) makes the sign of the Cross as the screen flickers on revealing that our MAIN EVENT will be held in the NIGHTMARE MATRIX!

Shayne d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall after SHOWDOWN – ***1/2 – BISHOP HELL (II) puts up a good fight but the nightmares get to him and SHAYNE easily capitalizes to get the victory.  Once the matrix is turned off, BISHOP HELL (II) is visibly angry at the results and his loss.

SHAYNE ends the show still GALAXIAN CHAMPION and stands ready for his next challenge as we…


(PROMOTER NOTE:  Originally I was going to have OVERTIME no-show this match to advance the storyline, but then the roll came up for a TORTURE CHAMBER MATCH I knew I had to roll it out.  So glad I did.  Best match I’ve rolled out in a long time.  Gotta love those dice!)