Live from Galactic Gardens, Sunflower Galaxy M63!

This is it!  The final night of THE RECKONING 2132!  Tonight it’s all about the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP held by SHAYNE!  There is a huge field of competitors, including former champions, that are all chomping at the bit to get their shot at the cowboy at the top of the heap!  This night promises to be wild!

SLY DRURY comes out with FHANNA.  The INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP around his waist.  He holds a microphone and begins to shout above the CROWD’S disapproval.

SLY DRURY:  The Reckoning ends tonight and many people are asking, ‘What’s next?’  Well, I know because, I run this fed!  Last year, my predecessor in this job, Euritar, declared that the Random Acts event would follow The Reckoning.  You know, that’s the one decision he made last year that I agree with.  So the next card will in fact be Random Acts of Violence.

The CROWD agrees with this decision apparently.

SLY DRURY: As a special treat, the wrestlers voted as The Reckoning MVPS from each night will get a match against their respective champions.  Now, it’s a bit of a sticky situation where the women are concerned because Taichi was the MVP and she won the title.  I think that means it is only fair that my little girl Fhanna will get her rematch against Taichi at Random Acts.  And DEMON HUNTERS were MVPs on their night so they’ll get their title shot against THE IMMORTALS at Random Acts as well.  Balaal was the MVP of the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP night so I guess I’ll be wrestling him.  Though, you know, I already defended my title the other night and I run this fed, so I think I’ll make that match a non-title match.

The CROWD jeers.

SLY DRURY:  Now, now, if he beats me I’ll give him his title shot.  Relax, relax.  And tonight, when Shayne retains the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP,  which he will, he will have to face whomever the MVP is at Random Acts.  Of course, his title won’t be on the line there either.

The CROWD is not happy.

SLY DRURY:  But enough talk, let’s get the final night of The Reckoning in the books!

The announcer reminds folks that this is a RANKING GAUNTLET™.  The winner of each match goes on to face the next highest ranked wrestler and in order to have a decisive winner, each match will be contested under TITAN DEATH RULES.

WITNESS is out first with LORD NEXUS.  He stands in the ring waiting for his opponent and it is GHENA!  WITNESS immediately starts yelling at GHENA, “You’re not Drury!  I want Drury!”  GHENA looks as confused as everybody else.  The ref calls for the bell.

Ghena (6) d. Witness (12) via pinfall after GATES OF HELL – ***** – GHENA just beat on WITNESS and continued beating on WITNESS until he finally put him away.  WITNESS kept yelling, “You’re not Sly Drury!” over and over which only enraged GHENA further, causing him to beat WITNESS within an inch of consciousness.  GHENA advances.

The campaign banners unfurl as DARK MENACE heads to the ring with his ‘Secretary of Religion’ BISHOP HELL (II).  Before BISHOP HELL (II) enters the ring, DARK MENACE grabs the mic from NITRO’S hand and asks BISHOP HELL (II) to say a prayer.  The CROWD is not amused.

BISHOP HELL (II):  O’ my Bishop, I am heartily sorry for having offended you.  I detest all my sins because of your just punishments, but most of all because they offend you, My Bishop, who are all good and worthy of all my love.  I firmly resolve, with the help of your grace, to sin no more and burn this wretched sinner’s soul in offering to you.  Amen.


BISHOP HELL (II) climbs into the ring and ref calls for the bell.

Bishop Hell (II) (2) d. Ghena (8) via submission with the Burning Claw – * – BISHOP HELL (II) gets a decisive win here, not letting GHENA get in any offense.  Looks like that prayer may have worked.

PERFECT SPECIMEN is out next with LORD NEXUS and the crowd is on their feet.  PERFECT SPECIMEN looks a little out of place without his trophy but he looks ready to face the challenge that is BISHOP HELL (II).  The match begins!

Bishop Hell (II) (2) d. Perfect Specimen (5) via pinfall after HELLFIRE – ** – Wow!  In the closing moments of the match, BISHOP HELL (II) went for HELLFIRE and LORD NEXUS hopped up on the apron to distract him.  Suddenly, OVERTIME shot out of the crowd, pulled LORD NEXUS off the apron and clobbered him in the head with PERFECT SPECIMEN’S trophy!  Meanwhile, in he ring, BISHOP HELL (II) made the cover and OVERTIME was gone from ringside!  DARK MENACE just stood there laughing and shaking his head.

It took PERFECT SPECIMEN some time to get to his feet and he was shocked to see LORD NEXUS on the floor, holding his head.  When he was informed as to what happened, he was enraged.

BISHOP HELL (II) continues on and his next opponent is EYDILON!  ORACLE leads EYDILON to the ring and BISHOP HELL (II) looks like he’s ready.  He barely seems winded after two matches.

Bishop Hell (II) (5) d. Eydilon (4) via pinfall after HELLFIRE – *** – HUGE win here for BISHOP HELL (II) and DARK MENACE cannot control his excitement!  EYDILON was his toughest challenge of the night so far, but BISHOP HELL (II) comes out of the match looking good and ready for his next challenge!

And what a challenge it is as the AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM starts playing and THE LEVELER leads AETHRAN OVERMASTER to the ring.  BISHOP HELL (II) says a little prayer in the corner but as OVERMASTER steps over the to rope, he’s ready to fight!

Bishop Hell (II) (5) d. Aethran Overmaster (5) via submission with the Burning Claw – *1/2 – HOLY COW FANS!  BISHOP HELL (II) just sent AETHRAN OVERMASTER packing!  DARK MENACE is rolling on the floor in pure joy!  Win this win, BISHOP HELL (II) becomes the mathematical MVP of the night but he’s still got one more match to go before he’ll face SHAYNE.  And his next opponent is…

MONOLITH!  The big man heads to the ring with CATFIGHT (still no MAGGIE) and the cheers of the CROWD!  BISHOP HELL (II) stands ready to fight and the ref calls for the bell!

Monolith (2) d. Bishop Hell (II) (8) via submission with I BREAK YOU – ** – MONOLITH doesn’t break a sweat and dispatches of BISHOP HELL (II) in record time!  BISHOP HELL (II) fought his best but MONOLITH was…well, MONOLITH.  This sets up our MAIN EVENT!

The dobro begins playing and SHAYNE comes out on horseback with FHANNA walking behind.  The CROWD boos loudly as the champ dismounts and climbs into the ring and stands chest to chest with MONOLITH!  The ref calls for the bell and we are off!

Shayne (6) d. Monolith (9) via pinfall after a missed turnbuckle charge – ***** – WHAT A MATCH!  In the final moments this could have gone either way but it was a misstep by MONOLITH that allowed SHAYNE to get the victory and retain his title.

SHAYNE celebrates by holding his title high as his horse rears back and we…


THE RECKONING NIGHT 4 MVP: Bishop Hell (II) (4 wins)