2132.308 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Y-Plex Space Station, Yasaminas

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

Yasaminas is buzzing as the galaxy prepares for another edition of GALAXY’S FINEST™ SUPERNOVA!  Tonight’s MAIN EVENT is a rematch from our last card when BALAAL and BURNING MAN battled to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION.  The biggest mystery in the galaxy in the time since that event, is the strange hooded figure who appeared at BURNING MAN’S side that night and, on the same card, walked away with former GALAXIAN CHAMPION NOSFERA!  Perhaps we will get some answers, but that will have to wait until later as OVERTIME comes out with LORD NEXUS to huge cheers for our opening match.

Disciple of Terror d. Overtime via submission with a cobra clutch – **** – Super slow start to this match.  Once it got going, and the fans stopped chanting BORING!, the action picked up and DISCIPLE OF TERROR was able to get the victory.  After the match, NITRO approached the victor as he exited the ring.

NITRO:  Big win for you toni—

DISCIPLE OF TERROR (yanking the mic from NITRO’S hand):  Shut up insignificant gnat!  My name is Disciple of Terror.  I come from FTR.  The heap of refuse lying on the mat in the ring came from the cesspool known as the GWFZ.  He has been in the GALAXY’S FINEST™ for how long?  And what has he accomplished?  Nothing.  Just like everyone else from the GWFZ.  Even the weakest individual from FTR could dispatch of the best the GWFZ has to offer.  So Overtime, do yourself a favor, crawl back to that dung heap and make sure you and the rest of the so called talent from the GWFZ are never heard from again.

The CROWD boos loudly, though some of TERROR’S words do ring true.  OVERTIME came in as a big deal and has not accomplished much since his debut.

The AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM begins blaring out of the PA system as TURMOIL heads to the ring with THE LEVELER.  As they enter the ring, TURMOIL’S opponent heads to the ring to big cheers from the CROWD.  FALLER, along with LORD NEXUS, strides ringside, ready to take on his biggest challenge yet.

Turmoil d. Faller via pinfall after an Aethran Coup Cannon – **** – This was a cakewalk for TURMOIL much to the dismay of the CROWD and FALLER.  FALLER didn’t get much of any offense in, but he did kick out of several devastating moves the AETHRAN laid on him.  The CROWD still firmly behind the big man.  After the AETHRANS leave ringside, NITRO catches FALLER in the aisle.

NITRO:  Tough loss my friend.

FALLER:  Indeed it was, my diminutive Nitro. But losses are acceptable to me because I view success the same way I view falling trees.  You gotta chop slowly to get to your goal and that’s what I’m doing.  I promise you, I will chop down the tree of success here in the GALAXY’S FINEST™.

The CROWD give a big cheer.

FALLER:  And one more thing, I know this will shock people but I agree with Disciple of Terror.  GWFZ is nothing, FTR is where the best competition in the galaxy goes.  But Disciple of Terror, I’m from FTR and, as of yet, you haven’t faced me here in the GWF.  So let this be a challenge to you, lizard breath.  Let’s go one on one on the greatest stage in the galaxy!

The CROWD cheers loudly as FALLER raises his hands and he and LORD NEXUS leave ringside.

COMMERCIAL:  DAVROS Purified Water commercial starring Plethador.  “Take a drink, It’ll help you think!”

Back from commercial and VAMPIRE LEGENDS are in the ring with DARK MENACE who has a microphone.

DARK MENACE:  Citizens of the Galaxy, I, your future President of the United Federation of Stars and Planets, come before you today to put aside the campaigning, put aside the differences and speak to you as a citizen.  The GALAXY’S FINEST™ Commissioner refuses to do anything about the menace that is CatFight’s tiger, Maggie.  He thereby creates an unsafe work environment for the GWF athletes and you, the fans.  But the citizens of the Galaxy can make change.  I urge you friends, to write to Commissioner Drury and express to him your concern over this wild animal that CatFIght is bringing to ringside.  It is only by action we can truly Make this Galaxy Great Again!  Thank you.

The CROWD’S thunderous boos turn to cheers as WOLF and LOPE appear and head to the ring accompanied by CATFIGHT and MAGGIE.  Once in the ring, WOLF taunts DARK MENACE by pointing at MAGGIE.  CATFIGHT seems uneasy joking about the whole situation.WOLF will start with COUNTR NECROS and the ref called for the bell.

PREDATORS d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS via submission when Wolf locked Count Necros in the Savage Face Claw – *1/2 – Pretty much a SQUASH here.  Some offense by NECROS but WOLF dominated, making a second straight win for PREDATORS.  The CROWD, delighted by the win begins a “EAT DARK MENACE” chant towards MAGGIE.  DARK MENACE is not happy.  CATFIGHT seems even less so as she leaves the ring with her tiger and PREDATORS.

COMMERCIAL:  LJN GALAXY’S FINEST™ SUPERSTARS Figures “Bring home all the action!”

GHENA is in the ring, standing emotionless in one corner as he waits for his opponent.  PANTHER WARRIOR comes out to cheers along with CATFIGHT and MAGGIE for our next match.

Panther Warrior d. Ghena via countout when Ghena begins chasing Maggie around the ring trying to club her with his dead arm – *** – The action spilled out of the ring and GHENA caught sight of MAGGIE and began chasing her around the ring, trying to beat her with his arm.  MAGGIE growled at GHENA, but CATFIGHT sharply called her back.  GHENA continued to advance and was counted out by the ref.  CATFIGHT took MAGGIE from ringside quickly after the bell.  GHENA laughed and called her a coward and received a dropkick from PANTHER WARRIOR as an parting gift.  GHENA struggled to his feet as SUR and BEX made their way ringside.

NITRO:  Your thoughts on tonight’s match against DEMON HUNTERS?

BEX begins to answer but SUR pushes him out of the way.

SUR:  We haven’t given much thought to this match and, frankly why would we?  DEMON HUNTERS are a second rate team and shouldn’t even be stepping into the ring with us.  We will win tonight, but our minds are on our GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match at INFERNO.  We’ll win that one too.

IMMORTALS climb into the ring as DEMON HUNTERS and EURITAR make their way ringside.  CROSSFIRE will star against SUR as the bell rings.

IMMORTALS d. DEMON HUNTERS via DQ when Crossfire attempts a pin save – * – BEX had CROSSFIRE in GROUND ZERO and CROSSFIRE charged into the ring and clobbered BEX with his bow!  The ref called the match immediately.  EURITAR did not seem too happy at the finish here.

For the third time CATFIGHT made her way to the ring with MAGGIE.  The CROWD cheering loudly.  Out next was NOVA with DARK MENACE.  DARK MENACE refused to allow the match to even begin until MAGGIE was restrained at ringside.  CATFIGHT and the ref argued that that was not necessary, but DARK MENACE would not hear of it.  Finally, CATFIGHT agreed and chained MAGGIE to the corner ring post.  Satisfied, DARK MENACE allowed the match to commence.

Catfight d. Nova via pinfall after a missed turnbuckle charge – ** – Competitive match here but CATFIGHT gets the win when NOVA makes a misstep.  CATFIGHT is celebrating in the ring when suddenly a gunshot rings out!  Screams and confusion engulf the CROWD.  Then more screaming is heard as the crowd has the realization that MAGGIE has been shot at ringside!  CATFIGHT screams and charges out of the ring to her big cat’s side.

MAGGIE is lying on the arena floor in an ever growing pool of blood.  CATFIGHT screams for the medical team and RAGLAN and FLAGYL race ringside with a stretcher.  They are immediately warning CATFIGHT that there is not much they can do as they aren’t used to working on animals.

CATFIGHT (screaming through tears):  Save her!  Save her!

The MEDICS do their best to cover the wound which is a direct shot to the head.  With CATFIGHT’S help, get her on the stretcher.  CATFIGHT looks angrily around for DARK MENACE but he and NOVA have seemed to left ringside in the confusion.  A look at the replay shows that DARK MENACE and NOVA seemed just as surprised as everyone else when the shot rang out and they had no involvement in this horrific action.  In fact, shortly after the incident, NITRO caught up to DARK MENACE backstage.

DARK MENACE:  While I was certainly not a fan of that beast, I would never want to see any creature put down in such a horrific and public way.  I advised a letter writing campaign.  Not violence.

NITRO:  Do you feel your weeks of rhetoric against Maggie incited what happened here tonight?

DARK MENACE:  Absolutely not.

NITRO:  Will you condemn this action.

DARK MENACE:  Whomever did this, to them I say, “Stop it.”  This is not the answer.

NITRO:  Thank you.

Back at ringside, we learn that MAGGIE is off to the nearest animal hospital on Yasaminas.  The fans are in shock at what has just happened and most just want to leave.  Some do.  But, while the Galaxy is waiting breathlessly for an update on MAGGIE, there is still one match left.  Our MAIN EVENT.

The mysterious hooded figure appears and raises their hands to the sky as a great column of fire spins to the ring and, when it dissipates, reveals BURNING MAN.

BALAAL is out next, with ORACLE, and he slithers into the ring ready to go.

Burning Man d. Balaal via countout when Balaal begins chasing the mysterious figure around the ring – ** – The match was competitive until EYDILON appeared ringside with a microphone.  He began yelling at the hooded figure.  “YOU STOLE MY PROPERTY!  I WANT NOSFERA BACK!”  He then ordered BALAAL to grab the figure to reveal their identity.  The figure was able to keep out of reach, but BALAAL was counted out for his efforts.  BURNING MAN gets his first victory since his debut, but it is a countout.  After the bell, BURNING MAN attacks BALAAL from behind as the hooded figure slips off into the crowd.  The two wrestlers brawl as we…



Hours after the event, the area around the Y-Plex Space Station is deserted.  DARK MENACE slips out a back door and crosses to a speeder parked near the door.  He knocks gently on the window.  It lowers a crack and we can only see a man’s eyes inside.

DARK MENACE:  The full amount has been transferred to your account.

MAN:  Pleasure doing business with you.

DARK MENACE:  Safe passage back to Orion.

The window rolls up and the speeder silently slips out of the parking lot.  DARK MENACE quietly walks back inside the arena.