2132.309 – INVASION

Live from Horizon Holodome, Unuk, Serpens.

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The evening starts out with a graphic of MAGGIE THE TIGER and a scrawl that reads:  MAGGIE is in critical condition.  She was stable enough to be moved to Neptune where she is in Terak’s Anmal Care Facility receiving round the clock care.  Updates to come.

We cut to the packed arena who is silent having just seen the same graphic.  The silence is broken the moment INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION and COMMISSIONER SLY DRURY enters the arena, heading to the ring with FHANNA.

SLY DRURY:  Tonight, the lovely Fhanna will wrestle in your opening event.  Ain’t that right sugar?

FHANNA:  Sure is Daddy.

The CROWD is repulsed.

SLY DRURY:  But she is also going to wrestle at INFERNO.  You see, She Devil is the number one contender to the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP currently held by Elina, but my baby here didn’t get her rematch.  So, because I’m the Commissioner and because my baby gets everything she wants, the GWF WOMEN’S title match at INFERNO will now be a triple threat match.

The CROWD boos and FHANNA hugs DRURY tightly around the neck, peppering his face with kisses.  Their disgusting display of affection is cut short a SCORN heads to the ring with EURITAR.

Scorn d. Fhanna via DQ when Sly Drury charges into the ring to make a pin save and is caught by the ref – **1/2 – The REF knew at once he made a huge mistake disqualifying FHANNA and it was confirmed when SLY DRURY fired him on the spot.

MEAN STREETS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via DQ when Shoot attempted a pin save while Patch had Clinch in a Torture Rack – DUD – The refs are seemingly eagle eyed when it comes to pin saves tonight as Shoot gets his team DQ’d.  MEAN STREETS still seems to be misfiring as a team.

DARK MENACE heads to the ring with BISHOP HELL (II).  The fans boo loudly as they firmly believe DARK MENACE had something to do with MAGGIE getting shot.

DARK MENACE (raising his hands):  I understand.  I understand.  You’re hurt.  I’m hurt as well.  As I said the night it happened, though I was not a fan of that tiger, what happened to it was totally wrong.

The CROWD is not buying it.

DARK MENACE:  What the galaxy needs right now is to come together.  We need some healing.  We cannot go into this election as a divided galaxy.  Now, I know there are fans of my opponent Clin-Tron 3000.  

HUGE cheer from the CROWD.

DARK MENACE:  And I know there are fans of myself.

Silence.  Absolute dead silence.

DARK MENACE:  Thank you.  Thank you.  But I’m hoping a little spiritual healing will begin that process.  That’s why I’d like to have my friend Bishop Hell (II) here say a few words.

BISHOP HELL (II) takes the mic.

BISHOP HELL (II):  Let us pray.  Our father, Who’s name is Bishop, Hallowed by thy name.  Thy Kingdom come, They Will be done in the galaxy as it is in Hell.  Give us this night, our nightly burning.  And burn us for our trespasses.  As we burn those who trespass against us.  And lead us to temptation and deliver us, Bishop, to every evil.  Amen.

The CROWD boos as BISHOP HELL (II) finishes his prayer and climbs into the ring.  WITNESS is out, shaking his head and pointing at BISHOP HELL (II).  The REF calls for the bell.

Bishop Hell (II) d. Witness via DQ when Witness ignores the ref’s warning to stop throwing sodas into Bishop Hell (II)’s face – ** – What a strange ending.  The match was going fine until the action spilled out of the ring and WITNESS grabbed a fan’s soda and threw it in BISHOP HELL (II)’S face!  Then fans kept handing their sodas to WITNESS to do the same and he continued to do so!  The REF, finally having enough, disqualified WITNESS.  After the bell, WITNESS looked at the drenched BISHOP HELL (II) and said, simply, “You’re not Drury.”

Perfect Specimen d. Eydilon via pinfall after a knee drop bulldog – ** – Dominant showing by the Titan here who is still in the hunt for DRURY’S INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.  EYDILON seemingly off his game.  he spent most of the match looking over his shoulder and scanning the crowd.  Is he looking for the mysterious hooded figure who ran off with NOSFERA?  No one is sure.

NATIVES OF CASTILEX d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall when Krud shocks Giant Azuma with a moonsault – * – The entire arena was in shock!  NATIVES OF CASTILEX pick up their first win and do it in such a shocking fashion against one of the top teams in the GALAXY’S FINEST™!  Even LORD NEXUS was suitably awed!  The NATIVES OF CASTILEX scurried from ringside, not stopping to savor their victory at all.

Aethran Overmaster d. Paganax via pinfall with DOMINANCE – **** – In a match ordered by COMMISSIONER DRURY, no doubt to soften PAGANAX up for INFERNO, OVERMASTER just picked his opponent apart.  Looks like OVERMASTER may be eyeing a return to the top contender list for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.  SHAYNE should keep an eye out.

The mysterious hooded figure appears and leads NOSFERA to the ring.  Fans desperately try to catch a glimpse under the hood.  Some in the CROWD start an “Omen! Omen!” chant but the camera cuts quickly to the cheap seats where we see OMEN, caught by surprise, soda in hand,  mouth full of popcorn.  The hooded figure is not OMEN.  NOSFERA climbs into the ring and awaits his rematch against MONOLITH.

MONOLITH appears, without CATFIGHT who is, no doubt, on Neptune with MAGGIE.  Fans notice he is wearing a tiger striped wrist band as he climbs into the ring.

Monolith d. Nosfera via DQ when, outside the ring, Nosfera throws a chair at Monolith and, as the big man swats it away like a fly, blasts him with DEMON’S BREATH – **** – The REF calls the match after blatant cheating.  MONOLITH didn’t seem injured by the blast but he was upset that the match was over.  At the hooded figure’s direction, NOSFERA hopped away from ringside leaving a fuming MONOLITH standing outside the ring as we…