2132.307 – INVASION

Live from Tirion Sports Palace, Tirion
Commentary: Trent Lawless

Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

47,215 fans are packed into the Tirion Sports Palace for tonight’s edition of INVASION. The show starts off with COMMISSIONER and INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION SLY DRURY coming out with a mic. He smiles and looks around at the fans.

SLY DRURY: Boo all you’d like. I run this fed so what you think has no effect on my life whatsoever. What does have an effect on my life however is the number of people trying to get a piece of me. You’ve got Paganax frothing at the mouth for a rematch from STORMFRONT. A rematch I don’t need to give him because it was EUritar that caused Paganax’s disqualification. You’ve also got Perfect Specimen saying he wants out to the ‘bush’ leagues to get a crack at my INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. And then there’s this nut Witness who claims he wants me because he says he knows I’m guilty of something. That sure is a lot of people gunning for me. And I’d love to oblige them all. I really would, but you see, I only want to oblige the person who really, REALLY wants it. They all SAY they want a match with me but I want them to PROVE they want a match with me. Then it hit me, we’re in Tirion! And what is Tirion famous for? Triple Threat matches! So for the main event tonight, a classic TIRION TRIPLE THREAT MATCH to determine the #1 contender to the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP. Paganax versus Perfect Specimen versus Witness.

The crowd cheers, knowing this will be a good match, but there is some frustration at DRURY’S obvious ploy of pitting his enemies against each other. DRURY turns to leave but stops. He turns with a wicked smile on his face.

SLY DRURY: And just to make things interesting, a lot of folks have been saying that some of the referees around here are in my back pocket. To that end, if Paganax or Perfect Specimen win the match by pinning Witness, you will be allowed to choose the referee for your title match against me.

The CROWD boos loudly seeing through DRURY’S plan.

SLY DRURY: Witness, if you win, you get a beat down courtesy of me. I’ll show you how guilty I–

VOICE ON THE PA: OOooooooOOoOOoOOooowwwwoooooooooo!

The CROWD loses their collective minds! DRURY stands motionless as behind him steps WOLF! The CROWD goes nuts! And then they explode further when LOPE walks out and stands next to WOLF! WOLF stands proud for a moment surveying the crowd and then pushes past SLY DRURY and heads to the ring, LOPE trailing behind. SLY DRURY stomps off, furious that his thunder was stolen by WOLF. PREDATORS climb up into the ring and the CROWD is cheering wildly. WOLF and LOPE stand next to each other and stare at the entrance, waiting for their opponents.

Moments later, timidly, the NATIVES OF CASTILEX emerge and there is a huge collective laugh from the CROWD. The NATIVES don’t seem to be in any hurry to get into the ring, but they eventually do and the ref calls for the bell.

PREDATORS d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via pinfall when Lope hits HOWL OF THE WORLF on Krud – *1/2 – Foregone conclusion here. PREDATORS simply destroyed the NATIVES OF CASTILEX and did it in a devastating manner that sent the two NATIVES scurryingg to the back faster than ever. WOLF and LOPE stood with their arms raised. The GALAXY’S FINEST™ has a legendary new tag team! Will it ever be the same?!

DARK MENACE appears, campaigning for UFSP President, attempting to hand out bumper stickers to the crowd who take them only to throw them back. SINFUL follows behind ignoring her manager’s antics. She steps into the ring, expressionless, waiting for her opponent. TAICHI appears to the cheers of the crowds, LORD NEXUS behind her as she heads to the ring for our next match.

Taichi d. Sinful via submission with KNEE BAR – ***** – Heck of a match between these two women! Both were bloody by the end as neither wanted to wind up on the losing end of things. TAICHI gets the win and DARK MENACE is not happy.

SINFUL leaves ringside after TAICHI and LORD NEXUS exit to cheers. As she’s about to leave, COVEN BLACK and COUNT NECROS appear. The three speak briefly, and then SINFUL leaves and VAMPIRE LEGENDS continue to the ring. They largely ignore DARK MENACE who is still fuming at SINFUL’s loss.

The CROWD erupts in cheers as ULTIMATE FIGHTERS’ pulsing music begins playing. SHOOT and CLINCH appear with SHE DEVIL and all three are doing their signature arm movements. Camera focuses in on DARK MENACE’S face that appears to have a tinge of jealously on it at the enormous positive reaction SHOOT and CLINCH are getting. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS climb into the ring and CLINCH will start with COUNT NECROS.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS when Shoot hits Count Necros with a Bicep Slicer – */12 – VAMPIRE LEGENDS have looked better than we have seen them previously, but they still are seeming to be a good fit as a team. They will need to step it up or they will find themselves languishing at the bottom of the tag team ranks with NATIVS OF CASTILEX.

BALAAL is next out and he is accompanied by ORACLE. Still in his trance-like state, ORACLE does not look well. His arm is heavily bandaged, no doubt, from the attack he suffered at the jaws of MAGGIE the tiger. BALAAL slithers into the ring and awaits his opponent.

Suddenly, a hooded figure appears. Fans try to see the figure’s face, but it is completely obscured. The figure paces to the ring and holds up its arms. Suddenly a plume o fire shoots down from the ceiling and when it dissipates, BURNING MAN is there. The hooded figure crosses to BURNING MAN and speaks gently to him. BURNING MAN nods and then turns to face BALAAL as the mysterious figure leaves the ring.

Balaal and Burning Man battle to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – DUD – BURNING MAN wrestled the match of his short career so far tonight. He took the fight to BALAAL who seemd rather surprised that he was having such a tough time with his opponent. At one point, BURNING MAN had BALAAL in a pinning combination and ORACLE charged into the ring to make the save. The ref, immediately ejected him from ringside and the match continued. The action spilled outside of the ring and over the barrier into the crowd. Neither man listening to the ref, the ref calls the match. Security finally comes to separate the two men. Pun not intended but this is the most fired up we’ve seen BURNING MAN since his debut. Has this hooded figure finally focused him? We shall see.

MEAN STREETS is out next with FHANNA and the three of them head to the ring. PATCH looking particularly dour as of late. After seeing both men in single action against WITNESS, we now see them back as a team. LORD NEXUS leads the super popular TITAN SAMURAI to the ring for our next match.

TITAN SAMURAI d. MEAN STREETS via submission when Kenji lock Patch in the KIMURA – **** – Great match between both teams. MEAN STREETS seemed to be getting back on the same page tag team wise, but they weren’t cohesive enough for this match against the more veteran TITAN SAMURAI.

CATFIGHT appears with MAGGIE to cheers of the CROWD. She leads MONOLITH to the ring. MONOLITH has been struggling as of late and CATFIGHT said earlier in the day that the big guy is looking to make a statement in this match. He wants to get his hands on SHAYNE. What better way than to beat the former champion?

NOSFERA comes to the ring alone. No ORACLE, no EYDILON. He looks confused but sees the ring and jumps towards it eager for a fight.

Monolith d. Nosfera via DQ when the ref catches the demon attempting DEMON’S BREATH – * – MONOLITH gets the win but not in the manner he wants. Immediately after the match he challenges NOSFERA again but suddenly the hooded figure we saw earlier with BURNING MAN appears and motions for NOSFERA to follow. To everyone’s shock, NOSFERA calmly does.  Number one question in the galaxy is…WHO IS THIS HOODED FIGURE?!

PERFECT SPECIMEN is out next to cheers. He fist bumps fans as he heads to the ring. WITNESS is out next to a lukewarm reception. The jury is still out on WITNESS in the fan’s minds. Finally the wild drums of PAGANAX’S music begin and he storms the ring, flaming sword held high. LORD NEXUS and EURITAR appear briefly and confer with each other and agree to leave ringside to live these three at it. In a huge crowd pleasing display, all three men shake hands before the opening bell. The moment the bell rings though, both PERFECT SPECIMEN and PAGANAX begin attacking WITNESS! Seems both are eager to get the win and choose the ref for their title match!

Paganax d. Witness (& Perfect Specimen) via pinfall when he pins Witness after ASCENT OF THE KING – ***** – Though al three men shook hands all three men wanted to win. The fans began to feel a little sorry for WITNESS towards the end of this match as PAGANAX and PERFECT SPECIMEN both wailed away on him any moment they could. It seemed that PERFECT SPECIMEN even played possum for a bit and let PAGANAX deal blow after blow and weaken WITNESS and then try to take advantage, but PAGANAX was relentless and got the win. After the match all three men went their separate ways, but showed respect towards each other. PAGANAX stands tall as fans are left to wonder who he will choose as referee for his INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP match. It’s this we are left to ponder as we…