2132.306 – SUPERNOVA

Live from the Icarus Spectrum, Earth

Hot on the heels of the galaxy shaking STORMFRONT, the Icarus Spectrum is the site of tonight’s SUPERNOVA and not one of the 15,975 seats is empty!  The fans are foaming at the mouth to witness the fallout that saw SHAYNE capture the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP from NOSFERA!  With SLY DRURY as acting commissioner, no one is sure what surprises the night will hold, but we are about to find out!

DISCIPLE OF TERROR makes his way to the ring.  The fans boo the rookie loudly.  Obvious by his absence is ORACLE.  No one is quite sure of ORACLE’S status after he was attacked by CATFIGHT’S tiger MAGGIE.  DISCIPLE OF TERROR climbs up into the ring and as he does, a giant column of flames appears from the ceiling in the center of the ring.  TERROR backs up from it.  The fire burns out and standing there is BURNING MAN.  Both of these men are thirsty for a win.  One will get it tonight.  The ref calls for the bell!

Disciple of Terror d. Burning Man via pinfall after a clutch suplex – *1/2 – The most offense we’ve seen so far from DISCIPLE OF TERROR and he has a cakewalk victory over BURNING MAN.  The moment the bell rings, the great column of fire appears and whisks BURNING MAN away.  He is now officially the lowest ranked wrestler in the GALAXY’S FINEST™.



SLY DRURY sits behind his desk.  FHANNA is behind him doing squats.  SECURITY SQUAD, with their titles stand on either side of the office door.  In front of the desk, DARK MENACE is standing making an impassioned plea.

DARK MENACE:  —saw what that beast did to Oracle!

SLY DRURY:  He advanced on CatFight, the tiger was protecting her.

DARK MENACE:  It doesn’t matter!  You had a wild animal attack another member of the roster.  What if that had been a fan?  A fan goes to give CatFight a handshakee and that creature thinks she’s being attacked.

SLY DRURY:  I don’t think there’s any danger of that happening.

DARK MENACE:  So you’re not going to do anything?

SLY DRURY (annoyed):  I have to much else, god damn, to do around here than to worry about some non issue, got that Menace?  When you’re president, you can make all the laws you want but for now, I RUN THIS FED and for now, the tiger stays.  Now get out of my office before I have SECURITY SQUAD throw you out.

SECURITY SQUAD steps in behind DARK MENACE.  He glances over his shoulder at them for a moment and then turns and leaves in a huff.  As he opens the door, MEAN STREETS are entering the office.  DRURY regards them.

DRURY:  Skiver you have Witness tonight.  I want him taken care of.

PATCH: Sly, I want my chance.

DRURY:  You had your chance.

PATCH:  And it ended in a DQ.  Let me go after him again.

DRURY:  It’s Skiver’s turn.  Now get out.  I have to get Fhanna ready for her rematch for the WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP.

MEAN STREETS heads towards the door.  PATCH is seething.


Turmoil d. Overtime via pinfall with INTIMIDATION – *** – The GLADIATORS are on the war path and they seem to be targeting…EVERYONE!  After OVERMASTER’S dominating victory over PANTHER WARRIOR comes TURMOIL destroying OVERTIME.    They are, no doubt, upset at being devastated by REGIME CHANGE but taking it out on all the other teams doesn’t seem like a wise battle strategy.

SLY DRURY makes his way to the ring with FHANNA.  They make their way into the ring.

DRURY:  Tonight, a rematch from STORMFRONT.  Fhanna gets her rematch against Elina and that lousy Euritar is banned form ringside.  I, however, will remain at ringside to ensure the officiating is up to the standards expected of the GALAXY’S FINEST.

The CROWD boos loudly, knowing full well that SLY DRURY will interfere in a moment’s notice.  GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION ELINA arrives and the crowd goes nuts!  She is all business as she climbs up into the ring for the start of the match.

Elina d. Fhanna via pinfall after Fhanna missed a turnbuckle charge – ***** – What a wild match!  This one could have gone either way but in the end the arena exploded when ELINA gets the win and retains her title.  SLY DRURY is furious!  REGIME CHANGE is one belt shot of having them all!  As ELINA celebrated, everyone wondered what DRURY’S next move would be.

TITAN SAMURAI d. DEMON HUNTERS via submission when Kenji locked HelSin in the KIMURA – * – This was a competitive but run of the mill match between two fan favorite teams.  SLY DRURY this match, no doubt, to sow seeds of turmoil between the hero teams, but after the bell all four men shook hands.

Bishop Hell (II) d. Faller via pinfall after Black Death Cometh – **** – BISHOP HELL (II) gets the win here but the story is the fight that FALLER gave him.  Impressive match from the rookie and he is one to watch.

PATCH and SKIVER make their way to the ring.  As they walk PATCH is talking to SKIVER, no doubt giving him some inside advice from when he wrestled WITNESS.  LORD NEXUS leads WITNESS to the ring and the moment WITNESS climbs into the ring he begins ranting.

WITNESS:  Another peon?!  I want Drury, not his hangers-on!

The ref calls for the bell.

Skiver d. Witness via pinfall with LACERATION in three moves – SQUASH – PATCH stood ringside dumbfounded.  SKIVER made it look like the easiest thing in the world to dominate WITNESS.  SKIVER went to his five PATCH and PATCH ignored the gesture and turned to leave the ring.  He is not happy.

The fans are on their feet for the MAIN EVENT!  A rematch from STORMFRONT!  A #1 Contenders Match for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP which ended in a double disqualification at the SuperCard.  SLY DRURY ordering this to be a HARDCORE TITAN DEATH MATCH.

The CROWD erupts as ULTIMATE FIGHTERS head to the ring.  They do their crazy hand motions and pretend to headbutt kids at ringside.  SHE DEVIL accompanies them.  The cheers turn to boos as IMMORTALS head to the ring with GHENA.  The GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP has eluded SUR & BEX for almost a year now.  They are eager to get the titles back and the first step is this match.

IMMORTALS d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via submission when Bex locks Clinch in GROUND ZERO and makes him tap – ***** – A hell of a match!  A HELL of a match!  These four men beat the tar out of each other ALL OVER THE ARENA.  The fans were on their feet the whole time!  The fans were disappointed that their favorites, ULTIMATE FIGHTERS wouldn’t get a crack at SECURITY SQUAD but this was a MATCH OF THE YEAR candidate for sure!.  One has to wonder what SLY DRURY is thinking.  Can SECURITY SQUAD, who are so far undefeated, better IMMORTALS?  We shall see.  In the meantime, IMMORTALS celebrate as we…