2132.305 – STORMFRONT



Dust still hung in the air as the first of the first responders reached the site of the cave in. Groombridge 34 was remote and this area of Groombridge 34 was on the complete opposite side of the planet from the main occupation.

The rescue cruiser slowed and parked about 50 yards from where the entrance of the cave had been. The two rescuers were fearful of causing any further collapse and decided bringing the vehicle any closer would risk catastrophe.

The system of caves on Groombridge had been created by flowing lava during the creation of the planet. Uninhabited for centuries, they were once home to the planet’s earliest natives. Long since abandoned due to their inhospitable nature and frequent collapse, the only life that visited them now were explorers and researchers and even they were rare.

The rescuers climbed out of the cruiser and lived two heavy bags out of the back seat. They crossed to the first of the rubble.

RESCUER 1: No way he survived this.

RESCUER 2: Probably not but we get paid to get him out.

The bags now opened, the rescuers began attaching hydrolifters to the larger pieces of rock. Quick taps and swipes on their wrist screens set the lifters in motion, lifting heavy boulders away from the cave in. It was slow careful work but it had to be done slow and careful.

The two were silent for the next hour as they removed smaller rocks while the larger boulders on lifters sailed past their heads, occasionally stopping to fit the lifters that returned empty on to new boulders. After some time, they had reached what was now the new entrance of the cave

RESCUER 2: How far down you think he is?

RESCUER 1: Who knows? Hopefully the other teams will be here soon so we can get through this rock quicker.

RESCUER 2: This could be a long—

RESCUER 1: Look!

The second rescuer looked to where the other was pointing. There amid the rubble was a hand, crushed but recognizable and, most importantly moving slightly.

RESCUER 2: Sh*t, he’s alive.

Work needed to proceed more carefully now but they could focus on where the victim was. Laser cutters were used to slowly disintegrate rock and braces were used to prop up larger pieces of wall until finally hey had him free.

The victim drifted in and out of conciseness. Moaning as they gently lifted him onto the flat board for transport. Suddenly he extended a hand and formed words. He pointed from where they’d just pulled him.

VICTIM: …fire…the fire…

RESCUER 2: He’s delirious. The fire?  Buddy, your problem is rock, not fire.

RESCUER 1 looked around the rubble and something caught her eye. A small leather pouch, almost the same color of the rock, lying in a pool of blood. She crossed and snatched it up and put it in his outstretched, broken, hand.

VICTIM: …fire…

RESCUER 2 tapped a few icons on his wrist screen. A burst of static.

DISPATCH (on radio): Go ahead.

RESCUER 2: Alpha team. We’ve got him.

DISPATCH  (on radio): Roger Alpha Team. Head back to Gamma Base. We will prepare his transport to Atax.

A burst of static and the radio went silent.



Live from Terronaut Towers, Nuprania

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

Welcome to STORMFRONT! The first big SuperCard of 2132! All the titles will be defended tonight including the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP currently held by NOSFERA who takes on his current rival and #1 Contender SHAYNE in a MILKY WAY FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH! At the direct order of COMMISSIONER DRURY, there will also be a series of #1 CONTENDER MATCHES held and that’s how we are starting off this night of action!

She Devil d. Taichi via pinfall with FALLEN DEVIL – ** – Good match between both of these former champs. She Devil is in the hunt to capture her 6th championship (a record in the modern era) and she is on her way with a victory here. After the match, the two women shake hands as a show of respect.

The cameras cut to a darkened room of the arena. After a moment we can see that the room is not completely dark. It is illuminated by a glowing blue light. A glowing blue light from ORACLE’S orb. We can see now EYDILON is sitting in a high backed chair draped in black cloth. He is speaking to someone but we can’t see who.

EYDILON: —this proposition. What you ask, is not a simple thing. (He looks over at ORACLE who stands comatose. Then he looks back to whom he is speaking to.) It will come with a heavy price tag.

UNKNOWN: That is not a problem. I can get you anything you ask for.

EYDILON (smiling): Sometimes the favors that Doom ask for in repayment are more…demanding…than simple material things.

UNKNOWN (a pause): I will be able to repay any favor you ask.

EYDILON smiles wider. He hooks a finger under his chin and then nods.

EYDILON: It will be done.

UNKOWN: Tonight? It must be done tonight.

EYDION: Tonight. Now go. We will be in touch about repayment.

UNKNOWN: Thank you.

EYDILON: Thank you. (He begins to laugh.) Thank you.

We cut back to the arena where we see the NATIVES OF CASTILEX cowering in the ring. BETTER THAN HUMAN head to the ring for some tag team action.

BETTER THAN HUMAN d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via pinfall when Tharkas hits Krud with COUNCIL OF WAR – SQUASH – THARKAS and PSI have little trouble with the NATIVES and get a solid win here.

Aethran Overmaster d. Panther Warrior via pinfall with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – SQUASH – Great show of dominance here by AETHRAN OVERMASTER. Much needed from the AETHRAN camp after their humiliating losses to REGIME CHANGE. After the match he holds PANTHER WARRIOR by the scruff of the neck and yells in his face.

AETHRAN OVERMASTER: We haven’t forgotten the Ani-Men. All of your ilk will be laid to waste.

PATCH comes to the ring with SKIVER for a rare singles match. He has been ordered by SLY DRURY to rid the GWF of WITNESS and this will be his first chance.

WITNESS and LORD NEXUS head to the ring to the cheers of the the 13,927 in attendance at tonight’s event. WITNESS climbs into the ring taunting PATCH.

WITNESS: I want Drury. You are bad, but Drury is worse! I want Drury himself, not his lap dog!

PATCH, unhappy at being called names charges WITNESS and the ref signals for the bell.

Patch d. Witness via DQ when Witness brained Patch with a steel chair at ringside – DUD – This one was a brawl from the bell and not much of a match. WITNESS just kept screaming that he wanted Drury. The brawl tumbled outside the ring and WITNESS grabbed a chair. the ref called the match immediately after the hit. Even after the bell, WITNESS continued his rantings as LORD NEXUS ushered him from the ring. SKIVER helped his partner to his feet.

The brand new DARK MENACE Make the Galaxy Great Again Banners unfurled as DARK MENACE led SINFUL to the ring.

NITRO was able to catch the presidential candidate in the aisle.

NITRO: Your thoughts on tonight’s match. Sinful against CatFight.

DARK MENACE: Sinful has promised me she will punish CatFight for the actions of that dangerous, wild, animal of hers. I have petitioned Commissioner Drury to do something about endangering the lives of the fans in attendance by having that animal around.

NITRO: Maggie is a pushover, she—

DARK MENACE (grabbing the mic): She’s a tragedy waiting to happen. Tonight Sinful will injure CatFight so bad, we won’t see that tiger around here again. I promise you that.

NITRO: Strong words from the presidential candidate. Trent, back to you.

SINFUL climbs into the ring as CATFIGHT comes out with MAGGIE to the cheers of the crowd. Once near the ring she smiles in DARK MENACE’S direction as she leads MAGGIE to her corner. MAGGIE sits content at ringside as CATFIGHT climbs into the ring.

Sinful d. Catfight via pinfall after a tombstone piledriver – *** – Competitive match here and a great showing by SINFUL who gets the win. DARK MENACE’S dream of seeing CATFIGHT injured does not come to fruition, but at least he can brag about the win. After the match, CATFIGHT and MAGGIE leave the ring without incident.

The COMISC CAGE is lowered around the ring as we prepare for our next encounter. The continuing feud between BALAAL and PERFECT SPECIMEN.

BALAAL slithers into the ring first, followed by PERFECT SPECIMEN who comes to the ring without LORD NEXUS. The cage door is locked and the bell sounds.

Perfect Specimen d. Balaal via escape after hitting a huge PINNACLE OF SUCCESS (+5) – *** – The fans loved every second of this match and loved it even more that favorite PERFECT SPECIMEN got the win. Nitro caught the victor in the aisle.

NITRO: Hell of a match, my friend. Now that it seems you’ve finally snipped the tail of Balaal, what are you plans?

PERFECT SPECIMEN: You know, Nitro. I’ve been fighting this rubber snake so long, I’ve lost sight of what really matters to me. Getting back MY Interplanetary Championship! So Drury, or who eve is da champ at the end of the night, I’m coming after that title!

The CROWD goes nuts! Eager to see PERFECT SPECIMEN back in the title hunt.

IMMORTALS and ULTIMATE FIGHTER battle to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – ** – It was good while it lasted but both of these teams want a title shot and were willing to throw the rule book out the window to try and get one! All four men brawled all the way from the ring as security tried to pry them apart. Despite the non-finish, the crowd loved seeing ULTIMATE FIGHTERS take it to IMMORTALS!

The arena explodes as MONOLITH heads to the ring accompanied by CATFIGHT and MAGGIE. Next, led by ORACLE is EYDILON. These two monsters looking to finish each other off in this big rematch from INVASION. They stand toe to toe int he ring and ref calls for the bell.

Eydilon d. Monolith via pinfall after REST IN PIECES – ***** – HUGE match here! These two pounded on each other, move after move. The CROWD loving it. In the final moments of the match, things got weird. The normally stationary ORACLE began slowly shuffling around the ring and began advancing on CATFIGHT. Neither MONOLITH or EYDILON took any notice and just kept wailing on each other. ORACLE got closer and closer to CATFIGHT who began to retreat, not sure of his intention. ORACLE was feet away, having backed CATFIGHT against the barricade. He outstretched a hand and as he was about to make contact, MAGGIE leapt through the air and grabbed ORACLE’S arm in her mouth and dragged him feet from the ring. The audience gasped, some screamed, some sickos cheered. CATFIGHT barked a command and MAGGIE released ORACLE immediately and returned to CATFIGHT’S side. ORACLE’S arm bloodied, he lay there motionless. Medics rushed to his side and began bandaging his wounds. When the CROWD returns their gaze to the ring, EYDILON hits his finisher and gets the win. MONOLITH lies motionless until CATFIGHT collects him and they walk with MAGGIE away from the ring. As they leave, CATFIGHT nervously looks at MAGGIE.

Commissioner and INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION and SLY DRURY is out with GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION FHANNA. The CROWD lets them both have it. DRURY ignores the crowd as he leads FHANNA to the ring. EURITAR is out with ELINA next which the CROWD loves. They are fired up for the series of title matches. REGIME CHANGE only needs one more title to control them all and the crowd knows this.  They are eager to see DRURY’S plans crumble in front of his face.

Elina d. Fhanna via pinfall via RESSURECTION – ***** – The arena comes unglued as ELINA becomes the NEW GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION in an absolutely incredible match. DRURY stands motionless, fists clenched on the apron as ELINA and EURITAR celebrate. He pounds the canvas and reaches in and pulls FHANNA out of the ring and steadies her on her feet. He is not happy.

SLY DRURY hops into the ring and begins shouting at ELINA and EURITAR to leave the ring so the next match can begin. They leave but can’t help rubbing in the win as they leave. This prompts DRURY to grab a mic.

DRURY: Yes, yes, celebrate. Enjoy your time with that title. Fhanna gets her rematch at the next card and you, Euritar, are banned from ringside.

EURITAR and ELINA’s celebration is cut short. NITRO runs a mic over to ELINA.

ELINA: I beat that b*tch tonight, I can beat that b*tch then!

The CROWD goes nuts as DRURY fumes in the ring. His dismay turns to determination as drums begin playing and PAGANAX appears holding aloft his flaming sword. We are set for our next match.

Sly Drury d. Paganax via DQ when Euritar attempts to break up a pin save – ***1/2 – Fed up with DRURY’S taunting, EURITAR storms the ring to break up a pinfall and the ref calls it the moment he does. DRURY grabs his title from the ref and rolls out of the ring with it. He barks at FHANNA to follow him and she does dutifully. EURITAR and PAGANAX stand in the ring, now on the losing side of things.

When the ring clears, smoke fills the walkway to the ring and VAMPIRE LEGENDS make their way to the ring. DARK MENACE follows behind trying to give holographic campaign pins to the fans along the walkway. He finds no takers.

FHANNA is back out leading the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS to the ring. CODE DESTROYER and IRON HAND proudly stride to the ring with their titles around their waist. CODE DESTROYER’S crowbar is ominously present.

SECURITY SQUAD d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS via pinfall when Code Destroyer clobbers Coven Black with EAT CROW – ** – The ref clearly saw CODE DESTROYER smash COVEN BLACK with the crowbar but didn’t raise an eyeborw. DARK MENACE rants and raves to the ref after the bell but the ref ignores him. The CROWD, while no fans at all of VAMPIRE LEGENDS or the annoying DARK MENACE, cannot stand such blatant favoritism of REGIME CHANGE. SECURITY SQUAD laughs as they claim their titles and head to the back. On their way our both CODE DESTROYER and IRON HAND plant a kiss of thanks on the crowbar. DARK MENACE and VAMPIRE LEGENDS stand furious at this decision. It seems DARK MENACE has realized how impotent he truly is in the wake of SLY DRURY’s power. This doesn’t seem to sit well with him. He is silent and doesn’t campaign as he and his men return to the back.

The CROWD is on their feet. It is time for the MAIN EVENT. The sound of a dobro is immediately drowned out by the boos of the CROWD as SHAYNE appears. He has a cocky smirk as he walks to the ring. He stands in the ring and slowly removes his jacket. He leans over the top rope and spits out a huge wad of chewing tobacco on the floor. NOSFERA is out next. No music, no ORACLE, just the demon and his title headed to the ring. The CROWD is not a huge fan of either man, but NOSFERA’S longevity and a strong dislike for SLY DRURY and REGIME CHANGE but the fans in NOSFERA’S corner. He climbs into the ring and drops the title to the ring floor and stalks SHAYNE who stands there indifferent.

Shayne d. Nosfera via pinfall after SHOWDOWN – **1/2 – It was short but violent and SHAYNE, like a man possessed, systematically destroyed NOSFERA with chair shots and slams on the concrete floor. SHAYNE was relentless and he beat the demon at his own violent bloody game. The GALAXY’S FINEST™ and, REGIME CHANGE have a brand new GALAXIAN CHAMPION in SHAYNE.

SHAYNE stands over the broken body of NOSFERA and straps the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP around his waist as the crowd boos loudly. The cocky smirk he wore as he strode to the ring returns as the crowd voices their displeasure and we…