2132.304 – SUPERNOVA

Live from Red Ice Arena, Mars

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The capacity of the Red Ice Arena is 29,843, but it seems there are way more than that here tonight as the GALAXY’S FINEST™ brings fans another night of the best action in the galaxy with SuperNova!  Fans are chomping at the bit to see what happens tonight in regards to the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.  It has been confirmed that one have of the current title holders, FIST, is out for good.  The GLADIATORS were supposed to defend against MEAN STREETS tonight in the main event but whether or not that’ll happen is anyone’s guess.

The fans leap to their feet as GALAXY’S FINEST™ Legend LORD NEXUS makes his way to the ring with former GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION TAICHI for our opening match!

This boos turn to cheers as the presidential campaign march of DARK MENACE begins to play and DM2132 banners unfurl.  DARK MENACE is out leading NOVA to the ring.  MENACE is looking for a big win here tonight but undoubtedly he’s thinking about his upcoming presidential debate against his robot opponent ClinTron in a few weeks.

NOVA climbs into the ring and her and TAICHI circle.  The ref calls for the bell and we are underway!

NOVA attempts an arm drag but TAICHI reverses it into a whip into the ropes.  TAICHI hits a cross body block sending NOVA to the mat!  TAICHI locks in the ARM TRIANGLE and the crowd is going nuts!  DARK MENACE is going crazy too!

Suddenly, the camera cuts away from the ring and the view changes to one running down a long hallway.  The camera work is incredibly shaky and it take a moment to realize that we are outside Sly Drury’s luxury suite at the arena.  There is the sounds of a huge brawl.  Glass breaking.  Shouting.  Wood splintering. Someone is repeatedly trying to shout above the din.


Suddenly the door of the suite crashes off it’s hinges!  Two men ride the doors to the ground and continue to pummel each other.  Behind them, through the now open door, we can see tow other men brawling on the floor in there.  It takes a moment but viewers suddenly realize that the two men who just came crashing through the door are PATCH and CODE DESTROYER!  The two brawling inside the suite are SKIVER and IRON HAND!  Between the four men stands SLY DRURY shouting at the top of his lungs.


The brawling continues.


Suddenly the corridor is flooded with security personnel.

SLY DRURY:  Separate them!  Now!

The Security personnel dive on the fighters, several receiving a fist to the face as thanks but soon the numbers game wins out and they are able to separate the four men psychically.  However, their mouths still work.

PATCH:  It’s ours you hooded piece of crap!

CODE DESTROYER:  Yours?!  You couldn’t get the job done.  WE did!  It’s rightfully ours!

PATCH:  You got lucky, w’eve been working—

CODE DESTROYER:  I’ll show you lucky with my crowbar.  Just like we showed Fist.

DRURY steps between them.

DRURY:  Enough!  Shut up!

Finally, there is a respite from the cacophony.

DRURY:  How dare you not listen to me.  I don’t care if the four of you want to murder each other in your sleep, but you will damn sure listen to me.  I run this fed!  I say what goes.  MEAN STREETS gets the title shot!

CODE DESTROYER:  They couldn’t beat them!  We did!

PATCH:  By cheating.

CODE DESTROYING: I’m going to pry your head off your stinking neck!

CODE DESTROYER  lunges out of the arms of the security personnel, but they are able to restrain him.


There is silence.

DRURY:  I’m sick of this crap!  Fine.  You four want to beat the sh*t out of each other, be my f*cking guest.  You got a match against each other as soon as this match in the ring is finished.  Winners will wrestle for the titles in the main.  But no matter what the outcome, you four will get along from the moment that final bell rings or you will find yourself shot into the sun?  Got it?

There is silence.


The four men reluctantly nod.

DRURY:  Now go get ready.  And get someone in here to clean this place up.

MEAN STREETS and SECURITY SQUAD stare each other down as they go their own ways.  As they do, the camera cuts back to the ring where TRENT LAWLESS informs us of the outcome of the opening match.

Taichi d. Nova via submission via ARM TRIANGLE – * 1/2

MEAN STREETS hits the ring first.  Still in their street clothes.  They are steamed.  SKIVER has a nasty looking cut above his eye.  Moments later, SECURITY SQUAD hits the ring.  They are just as fired up.  The ref and the crowd in attendance are completely confused because this match is unscheduled and they weren’t privy to the brawl backstage like the people at home.The REF puts a hand to his earpiece for a second and then nods.  He calls for the bell.

SECURITY SQUAD d. MEAN STREETS via pinfall after EAT CROW – ** – It’s over within minutes!  IRON HAND started with PATCH and wore him down with move after move and then tagged in CODE DESTROYER!  IRON HAND distracted the ref and CODE DESTROYER clobbered PATCH with the crowbar to get the win.

The crowd is still confused after the bell as CODE DESTROYER and IRON HAND celebrate.  SKIVER climbs into the ring and has to be held back by the ref.  CODE DESTROYER and IRON HAND turn and are about to get into it with SKIVER when a voice over the PA cuts through the crowd noise.

DRURY:  That’s it!  It’s over!  All four of you, back here now.

CODE DESTROYER, IRON HAND and SKIVER immediately stop yelling at each other.  After a few brief moments of staring they nod.  CODE DESTROYER and IRON hand turn and leave the ring.  SKIVER helps PATCH to his feet.

Wow fans!  What is going on in the MARTIAL LAW camp?  Last night they seemed to work together so perfectly.  Time will tell.

LORD NEXUS is back and he leads WITNESS to the ring.  As WITNESS continues to the ring, NITRO catches LORD NEXUS in the aisle.

NITRO:  Nexus, we know each other pretty well, but I want to know how much you know about Witness here.

LORD NEXUS:  I’ve been around for a long time and I got to where I am by trusting my gut.  Witness may seem out there and it might seem like he has some wacky theories, but you know what?  My gut tells me he’s telling the truth.  Sly Drury is clearly into some bad stuff and I wouldn’t put it past him to be involved in some REALLY bad stuff.  Witness is gathering the proof and my gut tells me to support him until he gets what he’s after.

NITRO:  No offense, but how can you trust him?  Since he’s been here he’s been nothing short of a villain!

LORD NEXUS:  Again, my gut.  I’ve been wrong in the past, but I don’t think I am now.

LORD NEXUS continues to the ring.

Out next is BISHOP HELL (II) with DARK MENACE.  DARK MENACE is fuming and crying foul that NOVA’S match earlier was not televised.  He’s upset that his ‘time on screen’ was cut short.  He warns all the technical crew to keep him clearly in frame for this match or they will pay when he is president.

BISHOP HELL (II) is in the ring with WITNESS and the ref calls of the bell!

Witness d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall with a vertical suplex – ** – WITNESS put on a clinic here.  He quickly out wrestled BISHOP HELL (II) and put him away.  DARK MENACE was FURIOUS!  He was yelling at BISHOP HELL (II) as they left the ringside area.

DARK MENACE:  You cut my TV time short again!  How am I going to get votes if you don’t wrestle a full match!

BISHOP HELL (II) looks to be completely ignoring MENACE’S inane rantings as he glares back at WITNESS and LORD NEXUS in the ring.

After WITNESS and NEXUS leave, the NATIVES OF CASTILEX shamble towards the ring.  They come out to no music, no fanfare and almost look to be scared of the crowd.  They clumsily climb into the ring and await their opponents.

The CROWD is on their feet as DEMON HUNTERS hit the ring with EURITAR.  Definitely seems like a one sided matchup here.  CROSSFIRE will start against YGORR.

DEMON HUNTERS d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via pinfall when Crossfire hits Krud with BULLSEYE – *1/2 – Wow!  The NATIVES actually showed some skill in this match.  Well, KRUD did anyway once YGORR tagged him in.  The NATIVE even got HELSIN in two different pinning predicaments much to the astonishment of the crowd, and HELSIN.  Perhaps these NATIVES should not be taken so lightly after all.

For the third time tonight, LORD NEXUS heads out this time leading the towering rookie FALLER to the ring.  His opponent is out next, GHENA.  This should be a real test for the youngster.

Ghena d. Faller via pinfall with BRAIN BASHER – * – GHENA easily dispatches of the rookie, though he did get in a few moves.  The fans are still behind the youngster though despite the loss.

LORD NEXUS stays at ringside as TITAN SAMURAI heads to the ring.  As soon as they step into the ring, the presidential march begins playing over the house sound system and banners unfurl all around the arena.  Red and white balloons begin to drop from the ceiling.  DARK MENACE appears with VAMPIRE LEGENDS.  Looks like he will not be refused his television time for this match!

COVEN BLACK will start against GIANT AZUMA.

TITAN SAMURAI d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS via submission when Kenji locks Coven Black in the ANKLE LOCK – *1/2 – One sided affair here.  COVEN BLACK showed some dominating offense at the start against GIANT AZUMA but once KENJI tagged in, he took COVEN BLACK to school and picked up the win.  DARK MENACE and COUNT NECROS who never tagged in were not happy.

DARK MENACE hops into the ring and sends his team from the ringside area.  He’s not happy at this loss.  LORD NEXUS is at ringside chucking.  PERFECT SPECIMEN heads ringside for his match.  A moment later BALAAL and ORACLE make their way to the ring.

BALAAL slithers into the ring to face PERFECT SPECIMEN and the ref signals for the bell.

Perfect Specimen d. Balaal via DQ when Oracle suddenly storms the ring to break up a pinfall – DUD – PERFECT SPECIMEN dominated here and hit BALAAL with the PINNACLE OF SUCCESS.  He went for the pin and the, usually comatose ORACLE, suddenly sprung to life to break up the pin!  The ref caught him and called the match.

It is time for the MIAN EVENT!  GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION FHANNA leads SECURITY SQUAD to the ring.  They stand ready.  After a pause, the AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM begins and THE LEVELER appears.  After another beat, PROBATION heads towards the ring holding both of the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP titles!  We have a handicap match for the titles!

PROBATION steps into the ring, glaring at CODE DESTROYER who is smirking through his mask.  PROBATION hands the titles to the ref and the ref holds them up.  This is legendary.

SECURITY SQUAD d. Probation via pinfall when Iron Hand hits Probation with a standing moonsault – ***1/2SECURITY SQUAD are new GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!  PROBATION fought as hard as he could and THE LEVELER tried to even the odds, but the SECURITY SQUAD worked as a team and slowly picked him apart.

SECURITY SQUAD celebrates ending the 24 card long reign of the GLADIATORS!  IRON HAND and CODE DESTROYER circle PROBATION, but THE LEVELER grabs a leg and pulls him out of the ring and down the aisle.

SECURITY SQUAD celebrates, bathed in the boos of the crowd in attendance.  The camera cuts up to SLY DRURY’S luxury booth where the Commissioner himself stands applauding.  Behind him, MEAN STREETS scowl as we…