2132.303 – INVASION

Live from the Lynx Lair, Lyncis

Commentary Trent Lawless
Ringside/Backstage: Nitro

INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION and acting Commissioner of the GWF, SLY DRURY strides to the ring as the show opens.Fhanna is at his side and the referee flops awkwardly behind him. The CROWD voices their displeasure. DRURY climbs in the ring and removes his jacket. He unbuckled the belt and hands it to the ref as the announcement begins.

ANNOUNCER: Your opening contest tonight is a NON-TITLE match. Introducing first, from Maffei II, the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION, Sly Drury.

The CROWD boos. DRURY ignores them.

ANNOUNCER: And his opponent…

All eyes turn towards the entrance as everyone is waiting to see who DRURY will wrestle. Suddenly, the AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM begins to play and AETHRAN OVERMASTER strides towards the ring with THE LEVELER in tow. This is our opener!

Sly Drury d. Aethran Overmaster via pitfall with REGIME CHANGE – **1/2 – OVERMASTER got in some offense and even had a huge assist by THE LEVELER behind the ref’s back, but DRURY was fired up and dominated the AETHRAN. There weren’t any questionable calls by the ref. After the bell, DRURY grabbed the mic and began barking into it while pointing at OVERMASTER..

DRURY: Leveler, get this pile of trash out of MY ring immediately!

THE LEVELER helped OVERMASTER to his feet. The AETHRAN seemed out of it.

DRURY: And so begins the END of the ‘New Era of AETHRAN Dominance!’ This is MY fed! I’m in charge. The only one who dominates around here is ME and Martial Law! And to that end, let’s get out next match going!

DRURY grabs his title and his coat and, with Fhanna, begin to leave the ringside area as the sound of a dobro fills the air. SHAYNE is out. He hugs DRURY as they pass. He climbs into the ring, ready to fight.

The AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM begins again and TURMOIL is out with THE LEVELER. He is seething and looking to get the win here.

Shayne d. Turmoil via pitfall with EYE 4 EYE – ***** – This was a match! The CROWD was on their feet by the final bell. SHAYNE tore TURMOIL apart but time after time, the AETHRAN would kick out of each pinning situation. THE LEVELER got involved but to no avail. In fact, the LEVELER tripped trying to distract the ref and the ref was able to count to three. SHAYNE gets up and tosses TURMOIL out of the ring. The CROWD is not happy.

SHAYNE gathers his hat, coat and six-guns and stalks away from the ring. TURMOIL limps out after him.

To the surprise of no one, the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS are out next. FIST and PROBATION stride to the ring, title around their waist and fire in their eyes. They are looking for a win here.

SLY DRURY appears with a mic.

DRURY: Probation, Fist, I’m sure you, like most of the fans in attendance tonight are expecting to face MEAN STREETS. And I’m sure you’d relish that opportunity. Unfortunately, Patch and Skiver have the night off. They are resting up for their big match on the next card. So tonight, boys, you will face…SECURITY SQUAD.

CODE DESTROYER and IRON HAND appear, along with FHANNA and flank DRURY.

DRURY: And this, NON-TITLE match will be fought under TITAN DEATH rules.

The CROWD boos.

DRURY: Good luck Gladiators! Don’t let my boys rough you up too bad because on the next card, you have to defend those titles against MEAN STREETS!

SECURITY SQUAD climbs into the ring. CODE DESTROYER will start against FIST and the ref calls for the bell.

SECURITY SQUAD d. GLADIATORS when Code Destroyer pinned Fist after EAT CROW – ***** – SECURITY SQUAD hand FIST and PROBATION their first ever pitfall loss and they had to use a crowbar to do it! All four men wore masks of crimson by the time this one was over. One of the most brutal matches in the history of the GALAXY’S FINEST™!

After the bell, CODE DESTROYER repeatedly smashed FIST in the knee with the crowbar! The ref, who some believe was squarely in DRURY’S pocket, even tried to stop CODE DESTROYER and received a shove as a thank you. Finally, he was able to pull CODE DESTROYER back, but the damage was done. FIST was clearly injured, grabbing his knee in agony.

SECURITY SQUAD left, chuckling as PROBATION came to and helped THE LEVELER get FIST to the back.

What does this mean for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH next week? Stay tuned to find out!

MARTIAL LAW did what DRURY said they would do, put an end to the so-called new era of AETHRAN Dominance. They also sent a clear message to the rest of the GALAXY’S FINEST™ that they are capable of backing up their words.

The ring crew mopped up the blood in the ring as we got set for the rest fo the card! We’ve still got 4 big matches to go!

EURITAR enters the arena to give the fans something to cheer about finally. He leads ELINA to the ring who also gets a fair amount of cheers.

Suddenly, large banners unfurl around the arena. They bear the DM2132 logo but a few are new and have the letters MGGA on them. A rousing march begins to play as DARK MENACE appears waving to the crowd who boos him relentlessly. Behind him, SINFUL walks wearing a DM2132 campaign shirt. She looks good but doesn’t look happy. DARK MENACE has a microphone.

DARK MENACE: Citizens of the Galaxy! The next president of the United Federation of Stars and Planets is here!


DARK MENACE: Thank you. Thank you for your support. See those new banners hanging up there. MGGA! That stands for Make the Galaxy Great Again and that is my promise to you. When I’m elected, I will indeed Make this Galaxy Great Again! Now my opponent, Hillary ClinTron has said a lot of nasty things about me recently, but I say to you, Do you want to take the world of a robot over mine, a human? And a nasty robot at that! The election is just months away and the choice is already clear. Dark Menace in 2132!


DARK MENACE: Tonight, another victory for DARK MENACE FORCES as I lead Sinful to a victory over her opponent. Another small step on my path to Make the Galaxy Great Again!


Sinful and Elina circle each other in the ring as the bell sounds.

Sinful d. Elina via pinfall with a piledriver – **** – SINFUL gets the win with a huge assit from DARK MENACE who grabbed the timekeeper’s bell and rang it causing a perfect distraction for SINFUL to get the win. DARK MENACE celebrated wildly, pretty much hogging the spotlight from Sinful. He grabbed NITRO’S mic!

DARK MENACE: Look! Look what I did! I can do this for you! DARK MENACE 2132! MAKE THE GALAXY GREAT AGAIN!


DARK MENACE is celebrates all the way out. EURITAR is not happy and is arguing with the ref as we cut to a commercial for PLETHADOR’S latest film, a picture for kids, FROG & TOAD.

We are back in the arena and the lights are dim. A murmur goes through the crowd as a plume of pure fire shoots from the ceiling to the middle of the ring. A second later, BURNING MAN stands in the middle of the ring. The crowd is indifferent to the newcomer.

They are not indifferent to OVERTIME to heads towards the ring with LORD NEXUS! NITRO stops his fellow TITANS in the aisle.

NITRO: Overtime, I want to get your thoughts on your opponent, the man currently in the ring.

OVERTIME: It’s like this, he ain’t impressed me or Nexus all that much, but check it, The dude is trippy. He ain’t got no trunks man, he’s just all raw, naked muscle! Man, where am I supposed to grab to slam him or somethin’? I don’t know but I do know that I’ll be washing my hands after this match. But you know, I jus’ gonna do what I do, kick it into Overtime and pick up the win.

The CROWD loves this and sends up a big cheer as OVERTIME hits the ring.

Overtime d. Burning Man via pitfall with a Running Titan Drop – SQUASH – It’s over in four moves! The crowd is on their feet cheering OVERTIME who makes gestures like he’s skeeved out by touching a naked skinless man. LORD NEXUS grins as OVERTIME goes through his routine. BURNING MAN stands and then the crowd gasps as the plume of fire returns and whisks burning man away.

The lights in the arena go dark and a glowing blue orb appears as they return to normal we see ORACLE leading BETTER THAN HUMAN to the ring to the boos from the crowd.

The boos turn to cheers as the familiar beat of THE ULTIMATE FIGHTERS music begins! CLINCH and SHOOT appear doing their signature arm movements for the crowd who is doing them right along with them. SHE DEVIL follows laughing as CLINCH and SHOOT fake head butt kids as they come to the ring. BETTER THAN HUMAN are not amused.

PSI will begin with CLINCH as the ref calls for the bell.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. BETTER THAN HUMAN via submission when Shoot locks PSI in a Guillotine Choke – ***1/2 – The CROWD goes nuts as PSI taps out. It was a tough back and forth match but ULTIMATE FIGHTERS get the win to the delight of the fans in attendance. They celebrate with their wacky arm movements as BETTER THAN HUMAN skulk away from the ring.

ORACLE remains motionless ringside as, as soon as ULTIMATE FIGHTERS are gone, EYDILON makes his way to the ring for our main event. EYDILON stands in the ring awaiting his opponent.

There a loud tiger roar as MONOLITH makes his way to the ring. CATFIGHT and MAGGIE follow a few paces behind, knowing MONOLITH doesn’t necessarily want them there. The big man climbs into the ring and the fans are on their feet, ready for their main event!

EYDILON d. Monolith via DQ when Monolith clobbers EYDILON with a chair – *1/2 – MONOLITH was going for a big move when EYDILON bailed out of the ring. MONOLITH went out to chase him and EYDILON came face to face with MAGGIE who, at CATFIGHT’S command, loudly growled at EYDILON! EYDILON turned the other way and MONOLITH was waiting with the chair.

The ref called the match then and there and EYDILON scrambled away from the scene to get away from MAGGIE and MONOLITH. MONOLITH stared at CATFIGHT and then a small smile appeared on his lips. MONOLITH doesn’t get the win but he gets the cheers of the crowd as we…