Live from Homam Superior Academy, Homam, Pegasus

Commentary Trent Lawless
Ringside/Backstage: Nitro

The show starts off with the blaring of the AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM and a chorus of boos from the fans.  LEVELER is out first, followed by TURMOIL and the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS GLADIATORS.  After a beat, AETHRAN OVERMASTER appears.  He is his full Gladiator armor, complete with his war helmet.  Everyone in the arena realizes that this is serious.  We haven’t seen OVERMASTER dressed like this in months.

He stands and surveys the crowd then nods over at TURMOIL who has a mic.

TURMOIL:  The AETHRAN era of dominance begins anew tonight!  We are here to let the galaxy know that the GLADIATORS have a mission unlike any other group in the GWF.  While everyone else is focused on ‘taking over the fed’ our goal is clear…DECIMATE ALL! In the MAIN EVENT, Probation and Fist will DECIMATE Patch and Skiver, continue to be the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS and continue their streak of never losing.

The fans boos this.  Technically, GLADIATORS have one loss in the years since they debuted, but it is a DQ loss to MEAN STREETS

TURMOIL:  And while Fist and Probation are focused on MEAN STREETS, OVERMASTER has decreed that he and I will begin to dismantle the GWF starting at its weakest point.  THE ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA.  Perhaps some of you are too brains dead to recall but pretty much from the beginning, the AETHRAN hatred for the ANIMEN ran through the GWF.  And now, with the team in disarray after the pathetic ANIMEN CHALLENGE, they are ripe for being snuffed out once and for all.  Panther Warrior, I will DECIMATE tonight, while AETHRAN OVERMASTER has his sights set on DECIMATING the man who owes everything he is to the AETHRANS…Monolith!  Soon all, yes, even you pathetic non-entities watching will bow deeply to THE GLADIATORS OF AETHRA!

The fans boo but their jeers are drown out by the sound of the blaring AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM.  Without any further emotion, the AETHRANS leave the entrance way.  We are ready to begin our first match.

NOVA heads to the ring with, presidential candidate, DARK MENACE walking after here. DARK MENACE’s campaign theme plays and he waves to the crowd who boos him back.  NOVA climbs into the ring and removes her DM 2132 campaign shirt and readies for this gauge match.  CATFIGHT is out next with MAGGIE leading the way.  CATFIGHT looks focused and is ready for a fight.

Nova d. CatFight via DQ when Nova slipped out of the ring and Maggie knocked her to the floor with a paw – ***1/2 – First time MAGGIE has ever gotten involved in a match.  DARK MENACE was furious!  He grabbed the mic from NITRO at ringside.

DARK MENACE:  CatFight, that tiger is a threat to everyone in this area.  You should not be allowed to bring it to ringside, let alone the building!  I promise you this, I will not rest until that animal is put out of it’s misery and the GALAXY’S FINEST can breathe a sigh of relief!

CATFIGHT whispered to MAGGIE who lunged at DARK MENACE sending him scurrying to the amusement of the crowd.  Perhaps though, doing so plays right into DARK MENACE’S plans to remove the tiger from the GWF.

SECURITY SQUAD d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX when Iron Hand (II) pins Krud after MARTIAL LAW – SQUASH – SLY DRURY had sent CODE DESTROYER and IRON HAND (II) to ‘investigate the NATIVES and they walked away laughing as the neither Krud or Ygorr put up any sort of fight.

Perfect Specimen d. Eydilon via pinfall after a corner backflip kick – ****1/4 – Solid victory for the TITANS here in their feud against DOOM.  PERFECT SPECIMEN poses for the crowd after dispatching of the DOOM leader in a decisive manner.

Panther Warrior d. Turmoil via pinfall with a ANDROMEDA DROP – **** – Great match here!  PANTHER WARRIOR silences TURMOIL’S rhetoric from earlier in the show and does with an ANDROMEDA DROP to drive the point him.  After getting his hand raised, PANTHER WARRIOR shouted at TURMOIL and LEVELER,

PANTHER WARRIOR:  You just got your ass handed to you by the ‘weakest point’ in the GALAXY’S FINEST!  And that’s just the start!

BETTER THAN HUMAN d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall when Tharkas shocks the crowd by hitting OBLITERATOR on Giant Azuma – ** – The TITANS versus DOOM feud continues as BETTER THAN HUMAN get a victory for their side.  THARKAS wrestled the match of his career, tossing GIANT AZUMA around like a toy to the astonishment of the crowd and, truthfully, Lord Nexus!  The feud between these two teams is far from over!

We cut to the working office of SLY DRUY.  The acting commissioner sits at his desk when theres a knock on the door.

SLY DRURY:  Enter.

The two members of SECURITY SQUAD enters and close the door.

CODE DESTROYER:  We annihilated the NATIVES boss.

IRON HAND (II):  I annihilated them or did you forget you never tagged in?

CODE DESTROYER:  You had it covered, tin pants.

IRON HAND (II):  Tin pants?! How’d you like–


SECURITY SQUAD is instantly silent.

SLY DRURY:  Are they anything to worry about?

CODE DESTROYER:  No.  Not all all.  They are roadkill.

IRON HAND (II): And the way that Burning Man was squashed by that lumberjack wannabe from FTR, I’d say CASTILEX hasn’t given us anything to lose sleep over.

SLY DRURY:  Good.  Good.

We cut back to the arena just as the AETHRAN WAR ANTHEM plays and THE LEVELER leads AETHRAN OVERMASTER to the ring.  He stands tall and proud, eyes fixed on the entranceway. AETHRAN OVERMASTER versus MONOLITH, this is a MAIN EVENT anywhere!

A beat or so later, MONOLITH appears.  No music, no fanfare, he just strides to the ring, staring a hole in his opponent.  The crowd is on their feet as the ref calls for the bell!

Aethran Overmaster d. Monolith via pinfall with REIGN OF THE OVERMASTER – *** – This was pretty much one-sided.  OVERMASTER dominated from the opening bell and took MONOLITH apart piece by piece securing a dominant victory.  The fans are in shock, perhaps the ANIMEN are not as strong as everyone assumed.  With Wolf missing since being put out by Shayne at BIG BANG, Panther Warrior seems to be the only competitor left.

OVERMASTER strides out of the ring and takes a seat at ringside as he, like the rest of the crowd, prepare for the main event!  A rematch from the DEIMOS PERENNIAL, GLADIATORS versus MEAN STREETS for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.

PROBATION and FIST stride to the ring, heads held high, titles around their waste.  Some in the crowd actually cheer for them as they are not fans of MEAN STREETS.  Their opponents head to the ring with Fhanna leading the way.  They are ready to prove they are worthy of winning the GALAXIAN TAG TITLES.

GLADIATORS d. MEAN STREETS via DQ when Patch dumps out of the ring and brains Fist with a chair – * – This one barely got started before it descended into mayhem!  After the bell, a huge brawl erupts involving the OVERMASTER as well, The ring area is flooded with security personnel sent by DRURY to protect Patch and Skiver.  The GLADIATORS yell at the MARTIAL LAW wrestlers as security holds them apart.  No doubt there will be yet another rematch here.

The fans are on their feet as GLADIATORS and MEAN STREETS jaw at each other and we…