DATE: December 30, 2032
LOCATION: Small room in a medical care unit on the planet Atax

Two figures sit near a bed. Motionless, a third figure lies in the bed. Nearby the soft chirp of medical monitors drone constantly. The two figures speak in hushed tones.

FIGURE 1: –sworn in?

FIGURE 2: January, I believe.

FIGURE 1: That’s going to be interesting.

FIGURE 2: Without a doubt. (A beat. Then, gesturing towards the man lying in the bed.) How much time you think he’s got left?

FIGURE 1: Not much. The disease has pretty much ravaged his body completely. The cave in didn’t help much either. The atrophy is pretty severe. I’d be surprised if his organs will hold out for much longer. He’s been unresponsive for a week now.

There’s a pause.

FIGURE 2: A damn shame.

FIGURE 1: Yeah. In his prime he—

Suddenly the medical monitors flood the room with frantic beeping. The two figures stand and rush to the bed.

FIGURE 1: His body’s failing.

FIGURE 2: What do we do?

FIGURE 1: Nothing. There’s a DNR.

The figure in the bed begins thrashing wildly. The two other figures move to hold him down but just as they do, the figure in the bed sits upright in the bed! The other two men gasp loudly. The now awake figure takes a long, raspy intake of air, and then speaks.

FIGURE IN BED: We’re the good guys…We are carrying the fire…

The figure in the bed shudders violently, and then crumples to the mattress dead. The two figures stand in disbelief as the room fills with the buzz of a flat line.  His hand slowly opening to reveal a small, blood covered, leather pouch.



CARD 2132.301
Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

TRENT LAWLESS welcomes the fans to the DEMIOS PERENNIAL. He lets us know that, as with every year, all titles will be defended but Commissioner Drury has yet to announce the challengers.

TRENT is interrupted by a presidential fanfare as DARK FORCES enters the arena, all sporting DARK MENACE FOR PRESIDENT T-Shirts. INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION BISHOP HELL (II) and GALAXIAN CHAMPION NOSFERA, along with NOVA, SINFUL and VAMPIRE LEGENDS, lead the way for the DARK MENACE himself. The crowd boos loudly.

NOVA announces DARK MENACE as the future president of the United Federation of Stars and Planets. The crowd boos, he ignores them and begins a speech saying how he doesn’t think that the UFSP did enough by sending future shock away and he proposes building a wall around the galaxy to prevent something like this from happening again. But until such time as he gets elected, he’s here to solidify his standing as Manager of Champions!

DARK MENACE is quickly interrupted by Commissioner SLY DRURY who gets louder boos and he tells his former friend that tonight he will no longer have any champions in his stable.

DARK MENACE: Let me guess, you’re going to use your power as Commissioner to give yourself a match against Nosfera for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP?

SLY DRURY: Absolutely not. While it is true I COULD put myself in the main event tonight, I’ll be content wrestling for Bishop Hell’s INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP!

DARK MENACE and BISHOP HELL (II) are furious.

SLY DRURY: As for Nosfera, I’ll leave that as a project for SHAYNE!

DARK MENACE loses it! Yelling and screaming at SLY DRURY.

SLY DRURY: Fuss all you want. I RUN THIS FED!

SLY DRURY exits leaving DARK FORCES arguing amongst themselves!

Minutes later we are set for our first match! DISCIPLE OF TERROR heads to the ring, with ORACLE trailing behind him. He has a mic and is telling everyone that he is the breakout star of FTR and he is here to restore honor and glory Cygnus.

His ramblings are cut off with a huge cheer as PERFECT SPECIMEN along with LORD NEXUS storm the ring! We have our first match of 2132!

Perfect Specimen d. Disciple of Terror via pinfall with PINNACLE OF SUCCESS – * – A wild opener that saw Oracle ejected for interfering. Not that he went anywhere in his zombie-like trance. PERFECT SPECIMEN gets the win here and delights the fans with a heck of an opener.

Sinful d. Elina via pinfall using Elina’s own finisher against her – ** – Impressive debut for SINFUL here! Her victory seemed to brighten DARK MENACE’S mood a little.

NATIVES OF CASTILEX were out next. Weary and, almost frightened by the crowd. The crowd was indifferent to these two newcomers, but they weren’t’ indifferent to their opponents! ULTIMATE FIGHTERS come out to a huge cheer along with SHE DEVIL. Of course, they are doing their crazy arm movements and SHE DEVIL and the fans in the arena are doing the same.

NATIVES OF CASTILEX look perplexed as CLINCH and SHOOT get into the ring, stomping around waving their arms.

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. NATIVES OF CASTILEX via pinfall after Clinch hits Krud with the ULTIMATE KO – * – This was, seemingly a foregone conclusion. NATIVES OF CASTILEX were way outmatched here. They tore away from ringside after the bell as the victors stomped around in celebration.

CLINCH, SHOOT and SHE DEVIL’s party was short lived when suddenly a figure appeared in the ring via transporter beam. It was a man who appeared to be burning alive. Freaked out, the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS and SHE DEVIL exited the ring area. The audience stood in awe of this newcomer who merely stood in the center of the ring as smoke billowed around him.

LORD NEXUS reappeared, to cheers and motioned behind him as FALLER followed after him, apparently on his way to take on this newcomer.

Faller d. Burning Man via pinfall after hitting TIMBER! – * – The FTR rookie gets a decisive victory here over the strange newcomer. After the bell, BURNING MAN was whisked away by the same transport beam that brought him. Is this the last time we’ll see this strange competitor? Time will tell. FALLER on the other gets a big win and the support of the capacity crowd.

BETTER THAN HUMAN d. TITAN SAMURAI via DQ when Giant Azuma brains PSI with a chair – ** – TITAN SAMURAI are focused on THARKAS even if he has a new partner this year. They dominated the match, but GIANT AZUMA lost his cool and got his team disqualified. PSI and THARKAS, who didn’t even tag in once, beat a hasty retreat after the bell.

Ghena d. Paganax via pinfall after hitting Paganax with BRAIN BASHER three times longer than normal – SQUASH – This one was completely one sided here. Euritar looked absolutely frustrated at ringside as PAGANAX showed no offense at all, leaving the member of THE THREE to pick up the win.

DEMON HUNTERS d. VAMPIRE LEGENDS via submission when Crossfire locks Coven Black in BOW AND ARROW – ****1/2 – Is it too early for a MATCH OF THE YEAR candidate yet? Wow! This one was wild and bloody. These four men tore into each other and it could have gone either way. In the end, the DEMON HUNTERS, who struggled last year, pick up a big win.

Balaal d. Overtime via pinfall with BITE OF THE SERPENT – **1/2 – This was a direct rematch from BIG BANG and DARK MENACE’S BALAAL picks up the win beating the struggling Overtime. Overtime is now ranked dead last in the GWF, never reaching his promised potential.

Fhanna d. Taichi via pinfall with THE OTHER WOMEN to become the new GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION – ****1/2 – With SECURITY SQUAD in her corner, FHANNA brings gold to MARTIAL LAW with a big win over TAICHI. LORD NEXUS argued that the ref made a few biased calls, but FHANNA actually wrestled a great match.

Sly Drury d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall with REGIME CHANGE to become the new INTERPLANETARY CHAMPION – ***1/2 – SLY DRURY has not missed a step while being away from the ring. With SECURITY SQUAD in his corner, DRURY dominated BISHOP HELL (II) to bring another championship to MARTIAL LAW. The fans, who’ve never liked BISHOP HELL (II) were not happy about this at all. DARK MENACE was the unhappiest person in the area.

MEAN STREETS d. GLADIATORS when Fist is disqualified for attempting to make a pin save – ** – MEAN STREETS hands GLADIATORS their first loss ever since arriving exactly a year ago. Because it was a DQ loss, the GLADIATORS retain the titles, but this must be a terrible blow to the Aethrans. No doubt, SLY DRURY will be scheduling a rematch soon!

Shayne d. Nosfera via DQ when the ref catches Nosfera using DEMON’S BREATH – * – Shades of the tag match just minutes before, MARTIAL LAW gets the victory but not the title. Shayne is furious and wants the match restarted, but the ref refuses.

Titles or not, that’s four big victories for MARTIAL LAW. It certainly does appear that a REGIME CHANGE is here!