CARD 2131.297 – INVASION

Live form the Many Moons Fieldhouse, Elara Moon, Jupiter

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

This is the final regular card before the BIG THREE™!  The big three supercars that end the year: CIVIL WAR, BETRAYAL and BIG BANG 2131!  A capacity crowd is settled in for a huge night of GALAXY’S FINEST™ action and there’s an excited feel to the evening as tonight Euritar has promised to reveal the opening brackets for CIVIL WAR, the single elimination, tag team tournament to determine who will face Probation and Fist, the still undefeated GLADIATORS at BIG BANG 2131 for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP.

Before we get there though, there’s plenty of action to be had!  The camera cuts to the ring where Star Warrior (II) is at ringside for our opening match, but he’s clumsily hitting on a Lyrarian in the front row.  She is not impressed.  A rousing march begins to play and all eye turn to the entrance.  Two banners unfurl themselves on either side of the entrance with a, now familiar, logo on them…


The crowd begins booing as Dark Menace appeared, waving to the gathered masses with a smile on his face.  Behind him is Darkest Justice, reluctantly, wearing a DM2132 shirt.  CatFight is with them, also dressed in campaign garb and also carrying her bag of 50,500 credits.

Dark Menace glad-hands all the way to the ring while Darkest Justice and CatFight do their best to muddle through.  Darkest Justice, needs a win here to get some momentum as this year has pretty much been a complete wash for the alternate universe superstar.  He climbs into the ring and Star Warrior (II) does as well and the ref calls for the bell.

Darkest Justice d. Star Warrior (II) via pinfall with ROD OF INJUSTICE – * – In the closing moments, Dark Menace hopped up onto the apron and began waving a campaign banner that distracted the ref long enough for Darkest Justice to get the win in in a totally underhanded fashion.  Darkest Justice celebrates his victory with CatFight as Dark Menace leaves the ring saying to fans, “See how I helped him, that’s how I can help you as UFSP President!”  The fans aren’t buying what Dark Menace is selling at all.

Wiggy is out to a huge roar of approval from the crowd and she’s followed by two members of WIGGY’S WOMEN, She Devil and Fhanna.  Fhanna is still wearing the veil that covers most of her face and seems completely uneasy being in front of the crowd.  Nitro catches them in the aisle.

NITRO:  Fhanna, I’d love to get your thoughts on—

Wiggy jumps in between them.

WIGGY:  Sorry green gobbler, you’re going to have to get your tabloid exclusive somewhere else.  Fhanna has a match to wrestle and she doesn’t need a man sticking his mic in her face badgering her to talk into it.

NITRO:  Well, I just wanted—

WIGGY:  It doesn’t matter what you want, scum,  She ain’t talking.

Wiggy turns sharply to Fhanna.

WIGGY:  Get to the ring!

Fhanna sheepishly nods and scuttles to the ring in front of Wiggy and She Devil.  Fhanna certainly seems to be quick to take orders from Wiggy.  The two women get into the ring and, at Wiggy’s request, they shake hands.  The ref calls for the bell.

She Devil d. Fhanna via pinfall with FALLEN DEVIL – *** – This was completely one sided.  Fhanna got in a move here or there, but She Devil completely out wrestled her.  After the bell, Wiggy called for the two of them to shake hands.  They did, albeit Fhanna reluctantly.  She Devil and Wiggy talked to each other and waved to the crowd as Fhanna slowly followed fifteen feet behind, head bowed.  The fans cheered for a solid three minutes after Wiggy had left the ringside area.

Legendary Lord Nexus is out to huge cheers along with his charge, Perfect Specimen!  Perfect Specimen is looking for a win here to propel him back into INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP contention.

A familiar march begins playing and banners appear as Dark Menace makes his way ringside.  He is with Balaal which comes as a shock to most as last we saw Balaal he was with the ULTIMATE ANIMEN™.  Nitro stops the name in the aisle.

NITRO:  Balaal, you’re back with the Dark Menace?  What about the ULTIMATE ANIMEN!

BALAAL:  Thosssssssssse lossssssssssssssers, that’s all they did at BATTLEZONE, losssssssssssse.  We’ve parted wayssssssss and now I’m back home with my man, the next pressssssssident of the United Federation of Ssssssssstars and Planetssssssss, Dark Menace.

Dark Menace cackles with glee at this as he and Balaal head to ringside.

Dark Menace playfully gives Lord Nexus a campaign button and shakes his hand.  As soon as Dark Menace’s back is turned, Lord Nexus pretends to stick it in his pants and then throws it on the floor, much to the amusement of the crowd.  Perfect Specimen and Balaal circle each other and the ref calls for the bell!

Perfect Specimen d. Balaal via pinfall with a knee drop bulldog – ** – Dominant match for the Titan.  Dark Menace was too busy campaigning at ringside that he didn’t even see what happened in the match!  He and Balaal argue all the way to the back.  Lord Nexus and Perfect Specimen leave ringside to the cheers of the fans.

The fans leap to their feet as THE ONES IN THE WATER begins playing and Plethador arrives leading Monolith to the ring.  Monolith is stoic as ever and is not dancing, but Plethador shakes his hinder to the amusement of the crowd.  They get into the ring for what will be a huge match coming out of BATTLEZONE.

Prime Colonizer appears with Lope and Magnus the Magnanimous.  The fans let the villains have it, but Nitro stops them in the aisle.

NITRO:  Prime Colonizer, you heard Balaal’s comments earlier.  Who will replace him in the ULTIMATE ANIMEN.

PRIME COLONIZER:  No one will replace him!  He didn’t leave, I disbanded the ULTIMATE ANIMEN!  Balaal is worthless and Wolf is too preoccupied with his own pursuits, even with the brain wash— er, I mean the coaxing we did trying to get him to join our side.  So, the team is no more.  I will focus now on establishing my dominance, and I will start with that big lump of manure in the ring.  Monolith, I hope you’re ready to bow to your superior, because it’s going to happen tonight!

Huge words from Prime Colonizer as he marches ringside with Lope and Magnus in tow!  This will be huge!

Monolith d. Prime Colonizer via DQ when Prime Colonizer slams Monolith with the ring steps – ** – Both Magnus the Magnanimous and and Lope tried to stop the onslaught of Monolith but Plethador ran them off!  Prime Colonizer tries to injure Monolith with the ring steps and the ref calls for the bell!  Prime Colonizer bails once the bell rings and it a wise decision as Monolith is furious!  Plethador is able to calm him down and gets him to leave the ring.  This one isn’t over by a long shot!

Zombie like Oracle leads PSI to the ring for a huge rematch from BATTLEZONE!  PSI mentally communicates with the crowd (something he did in GALAXY’S FINEST™ first) letting them all know that it was he who defeated Star Slayer at BATTLEZONE and that’s what he will do again tonight!

Star Slayer appears and gets some decent cheers, he’s still no huge fan favorite.  He looks ready to pound PSI into the ground.  He gets int he ring and fans give a loud cheer as the bell sounds.

The crowd leaps to their feet as thumping music begins and Clinch and Shoot head to the ring with doing their wacky arm gestures and fake head butting kids along the way!  The lighthearted ULTIMATE FIGHTERS joke around, but they are focused for tonight’s huge rematch against DESERTERS and it’ll be contested under TITAN DEATH RULES!

Magnus the Magnanimous appears next with Adam Traitor and Tharkas and the crowd boo all three men loudly.  This is a direct rematch from BATTLEZONE and it’ll be hot.  Thanks is starting with Clinch!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. DESERTERS via pinfall after DEADLY SHADOWS – ** – Pretty one-sided match here as Clinch and Shoot just destroy Adam Traitor and Tharkas!  Magnus the Magnanimous is not happy at all!  It was so early in the match, Tharkas didn’t even attempt a pin save, but Shoot was able to keep Adam Traitor down for the count!

The ULTIMATE FIGHTERS celebrate with more of their wackiness and fake headbutts and the crowd cheers them along every step of the way!

Euritar is out next and the air suddenly fills with nervous energy.

EURITAR:  Fans, I’m here to revel the opening brackets of the CIVIL WAR tag team tournament.  This event will happen on the next card and it’ll be a single elimination, tag team tournament fought under TITAN DEATH rules to determine who will face THE GLADIATORS at BIG BANG.  Direct your eyes on the holoscreen above the ring…

The holoscreen flickers on revealing the opening round matches.





EURITAR:  One of these teams will face THE GLADIATORS at BIG BANG.  Get your tickets to CIVIL WAR now!

The crowd cheers loudly at this reveal.  Noticeable by their absence, THE OUTCASTS didn’t rank high enough to be in the tournament.  More bad news for this, seemingly, mismatched team.

The excitement in the arena hits a fevered pitch as it is now time for our MAIN EVENT!


Wolf heads to the ring to a chorus of boos.  He is alone as he stalks to the ring and seems indifferent to the crowds jeers.

A dobro sounds through the arena and the fans are on their feet as Shayne comes riding into the arena on his horse, Paintbrush!  Shayne hops off the horse, removes his duster and holsters as he climbs into the ring, ready to take the fight to Wolf!

Shayne d. Wolf via pinfall after a huge Running Lariat – ****1/2 – Shayne’s Fury kicks in and Shayne decimates Wolf in a fantastic match!  The fans are rabid and a blowing the roof off the place!  Shayne stands over Wolf with his arms raised and it’s this what we see as we…