CARD 2131.298 – CIVIL WAR 2131

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Area, Deimos

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

With only three cards left in 2131, the action of the GALAXY’S FINEST™ returns to Deimos as the year rushes to a close!  The arena is at full capacity for CIVIL WAR, an event that has happened every year since 2074 here in the GALAXY’S FINEST™!  Tonight’s eight team, single elimination tournament fought under TITAN DEATH rules, will determine who will face GLADIATORS at BIG BANG 2131!  Fans cannot wait to see which team will go all the way.

The fans leap to their feet as thumping music begins signaling the arrival of ULTIMATE FIGHTERS!  Clinch and Shoot head to the ring doing their crazy arm gestures and fake head butting kids along the way.  The fans love it.  ULTIMATE FIGHTERS are the number one seeds in this tournament but even they have been unable to unseat GLADIATORS this year.

Their opponents head to the ring next.  Magnus the Magnanimous leads THE CLOAK to the ring.  This match certainly favors THE CLOAK as it is contested under TITAN DEATH rules!  Will THE CLOAK resort to underhanded tactics to get the win?  We are about to see.  Clinch will start with Code Destroyer.

THE CLOAK d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pin when Code Destroyer covers Clinch after EAT CROW, with help from Arsenal – **1/2 – THE CLOAK totally used the TITAN DEATH rules to their advantage and knock the number one seeds out of the tournament by underhanded tactics!  The fans are not happy and neither are Clinch and Shoot!  Magnus the Magnanimous, on the other hand, is over the moon!  THE CLOAK beat a hasty retreat from ringside as Clinch and Shoot go on a rampage at ringside.  THE CLOAK advances.

A rousing march begins and banners bearing Dark Menace’s campaign logo appear around the arena.


Dark Menace is out in full campaign colors and trailing behind him are BACK IN BLACK.  Both Coven Black and UltraMantis Black both sport DM2132 shirts over their regular ring gear.  The three men head to the ring and await their opponents.

Out next is leader of the ANIMEN, Plethador, leading ANIMEN REVENGE to the ring.  Panther Warrior and his partner look ready to fight!  Panther Warrior will start with UltraMantis Black.

BACK IN BLACK d. ANIMEN REVENGE via pinfall when UltraMantis Black pins Panther Warrior’s Partner after a PRYING MANTIS BOMB – *** – Amazing match!  The most of the match it was all ANIMEN REVENGE!  Panther Warrior and his partner used quick tags to keep the ring cut in half and Coven Black was the subject of much punishment!  Using his speed, Coven Black was able to make the tag and UltraMantis Black came in with a blistering offense to finally take Panther Warrior’s partner off his feet and get the win!

As with the last match, the fans are not happy at this outcome.  Dark Menace, on the other hand, could not be happier.  BACK IN BLACK advance to the next round!

The lights go out and Oracle’s infamous glowing blue orb appears, leading the way to the ring for TWE TWO.  Sur looks as cocky as always and you can bet he has designs on winning tonight.  Their opponents, THE DESERTERS, arrive with Magnus the Magnanimous in tow.  Neither team is a fan favorite here and the fans let both teams know it.  When all four men are at the ring, it looks like Tharkas will start against Ghena.  This one could get brutal!  The ref calls for the bell.

THE DESERTERS d. THE TWO via pinfall when Adam Traitor shocks Sur with HOSTAGE CRISIS – ** – Whoa!  Huge win here for THE DESERTERS!  THE TWO just absolutely dominated this match, pulverizing their opponents but then out of nowhere, Adam Traitor hits HOSTAGE CRISIS and the match is over!  Magnus the Magnanimous is jumping for joy as he now has two teams moving on to the next round.  The three men leave ringside to the boos of the crowd.

Sur and Ghena are at a loss!  Sur begins berating Ghena for not making a pin save.  Ghena, head bowed, leaves ringside with Sur yelling at him following close behind.

TITAN SAMURAI hit the ring next with Lord Nexus as their second!  The crowd cheers all three men loudly.  They begin to cheer again as their opponents, DEMON HUNTERS, make their way ringside as well.  Once in the ring, all four men shake hands and Crossfire and HelSin also shake Lord Nexus’ hand.  This is the final match of the opening round and the fans are excited for this one!

TITAN SAMURAI d. DEMON HUNTERS via submission when Kenji locks HelSin in the KIMURA – ****1/2 – WHAT A MATCH!  Every fan in attendance was on their feet!  It was so close to going either way at any moment.  Definitely a MATCH OF THE YEAR candidate.  All four men gave it their all and after the bell all four got a standing ovation from the crowd.  TITAN SAMURAI advances and, to many fans, are the one glimmer of hope left in this tournament.

We now move into the SEMI-FINAL round!  THE CLOAK make their way to the ring and Nitro asks Magnus the Magnanimous for a word.

NITRO:  Magnus, it is quite possible that your teams might meet in the finals.

MAGNUS:  Quite possible?  It’s going to happen pipsqueak, prepare yourself for that reality which will soon be upon you.

NITRO:  Who will you root for if that happens?

MAGNUS:  WHEN that happens, it doesn’t matter.  A FUTURE SHOCK team will unseat the GLADIATORS at BIG BANG.  Count on it.

With those cocky words, Magnus the Magnanimous joins his team at ringside.

A familiar rousing campaign march begins and Dark Menace heads to the ring with BACK IN BLACK in tow.  They attempt to remain focused on the ring and their opponents but it is difficult as Dark Menace is waving to the crowd (who is booing him) and handing our fliers (which the fans are ripping up or tossing back at him.)  Finally all four men are in the ring and it looks like Coven Black will start with Code Destroyer.

BACK IN BLACK d. THE CLOAK when UltraMantis Black pins Code Destroyer after Cosmic Disaster – ** – Hard fought battle here and THE CLOAK came within second of winning had it not been for Dark Menace tossing a bag of campaign buttons into the ring that spilled all over the place.  After the match he said he tripped, but whether he tripped or not, it broke the count and turned the tide for BACK IN BLACK.  Magnus the Magnanimous is not happy at all.

BACK IN BLACK is headed to the finals and while Magnus is not happy, Dark Menace is about to fly away with giddy laughter.  He is repeatedly shaking the hands of Coven Black and UltraMantis Black.  He grabs the mic away from Nitro.

DARK MENACE:  This!  This right here is the exact type of leadership you will see if you, the finest people of the greatest galaxy in the world, elect me, Dark Menace as the president of the United Federation of Stars and Planets.  Together, we can make the Galaxy great again!

The fans boo loudly but the Dark Menace waves and smiles as he leads his men from the ring.

TITAN SAMURAI heads to the ring and the arena explodes with cheers!  The hometown crowd is pumped and excited for this match and are thoroughly behind the Titans.  Magnus the Magnanimous appears with THE DESERTERS and the arena lets them have it.  Thunderous boos rain down upon them like so many crumpled soda cups.*

Giant Azuma stands in the middle of the ring with his arms folded and a smirk on his face as Magnus the Magnanimous, Adam Traitor and Tharkas decide who will start for their side.  Adam Traitor and Tharkas give it the old ‘rock, paper, scissors’ go and Adam Traitor loses.  He pleads for two out of three, but Tharkas is already out of the ring, holding the tag rope.

THE DESERTERS d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall when Adam Traitor blasts Giant Azuma with TURNCOAT FLIER – * – Out of nowhere, Adam Traitor uses his finisher and puts Giant Azuma away!  The crowd was shocked and, heck, so was Adam Traitor!  DESERTERS win sending them to the finals, setting up a DARK MENACE FORCES vs. FUTURE SHOCK FINALS.  Lord Nexus looks as displeased as the assembled crowd as he leaves the ringside area with TITAN SAMURAI.

Magnus the Magnanimous rubs his hands together and grabs Nitro by the back of his jacket and forces him to hold up the mic.

MAGNUS THE MAGNANIMOUS:  One more win and then these two will be in line to bring home the gold at Big Bang!

The crowd jeers Magnus loudly as he laughs and leaves the ring with his men.

Commissioner Euritar is out and quiets the crowd down.

EURITAR:  I wanted to come out here tonight and announce the opening round brackets for the BETRAYAL tournament that will determine the number one contender for Chaos Supreme’s GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.  BETRAYAL is our next big SuperCard and the second to last event of 2131 and I don’t have to tell you that this is the longest running and most well respected tournament in the galaxy.  It’s impossible for other tournaments to measure up to BETRAYAL and event that has been held every year since 2074.

The fans cheer wildly knowing Euritar speaks the truth.

EURITAR:  The opening round of this year’s BETRAYAL tournament is more stacked than ever.  The opening match alone will be worth the price of admission as it pits Shayne against Wolf!

The crowd roars their approval.

EURITAR:  And that’s just the start!  Aethran Overmaster will face Eydilon in the opening round.  Nosfera will battle Havoc!  And rounding out the opening round, Monolith will take on Bex!

The crowd is out of their feet cheering.

EURITAR:  This promises to be one of the biggest BETRAYAL tournaments of all time.  And one of these eight men: Wolf, Shayne, Aethran Overmaster, Eydilon, Nosfera, Havoc, Monolith or Bex will go on to face Chaos Supreme at BIG BANG.  I hope you will join us for BETRAYAL 2131!

The fans cheer loudly, pulling out their Holo-InfiNet devices and begin purchasing tickets immediately.  In fact, before Euritar leaves the ringside area, BETRAYAL is sold out.  That has to be a record.

We are not done however!  It’s time for the final CIVIL WAR match!  Which team, THE DESERTERS or BACK IN BLACK will go on to face GLADIATORS at BIG BANG?  We are about to find out!

Dark Menace’s Campaign theme begins again and the fans boo him soundly.  He is all smiles as he leads Coven Black and UltraMantis Black to the ring.  He’s repeatedly saying to the crowd, “What I’ve done for them…” indicating BACK IN BLACK, “I can for you!  Vote Menace in 2132!”  Coven Black and UltraMantis Black are sporting the Dark Menace’s Campaign shirts and look focused going into the main event.

Magnus the Magnanimous leads THE DESERTERS to the ring and he is all smiles.  Nitro catches him in the aisle and asks about Dark Menace’s Presidential bid.

MAGNUS:  I wish him the best.  I really do.  I just hope he doesn’t lose the election as badly as his men are going to lose tonight!

The fans actually cheer Magnus and Dark Menace is fuming at ringside.  THE DESERTERS climb into the ring, prepared to do battle.  This is it fans, one of these two teams will face GLADIATORS at BIG BANG.  It’s looks like Tharkas will start agains Coven Black.  The two men circle each other and the ref calls for the bell and away….we…go!

BACK IN BLACK d. THE DESERTERS via pinfall when UltraMantis Black smashes Adam Traitor with a PRAYING MANTIS BOMB – *** – Like a seasoned general, Dark Menace barked orders to his men from ringside and Coven Black and UltraMantis Black followed each one and scored the victory that sent them to BIG BANG to fight for the biggest prize in the promotion for tag teams!  Dark Menace celebrates with his men as red and white confetti, the colors of the Dark Menace campaign fall from the ceiling.

The fans boo, unhappy that no fan favorite teams will be headed to BIG BANG to fight the GLADIATORS.

The question now becomes, is Dark Menace capable of leading his men to the championship titles or will GLADIATORS solidify their place as the most dominant tag team in recent history?  Fans are eager to find out as we…


* If that sentence alone doesn’t get me Fed of the Year again this year, the system is rigged.