Live from the Gemenid Grand Grotto, Asteroid Belt

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

16,144 seats are sold out here at the Grand Grotto and billions are watching via HoloVision around the globe!  This, is BATTLEZONE!  Huge title matches on the card tonight including Chaos Supreme defending the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP agains number one contender Bex!  But the draw of the night are the two big BATTLEZONE matches!  In the Main Event, the ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA will take on the ULTIMATE ANIMEN in a match that will, no doubt, tear down the house!  But right before the show aired, rumors began flying that the other BATTLEZONE match that will see the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS take on DOOM, may be in jeopardy!  Nitro is standing by with Eydilon to try and get the scoop.

NITRO:  Eydilon, right before we went on the air, we found out that the team of THE TWO, Sur and Ghena, have categorically refused to participate in the BATTLEZONE match against the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS.  Is this true.

EYDILON:  I love how you always try to stir up trouble ingrate.  THE TWO did not refuse to be in the BATTLEZONE match.  I lead DOOM, so if I told them they were in the match, they would be in the match.  That being said, they will not be in the BATTLEZONE match tonight because they will be the team that finally defeats the GLADIATORS for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.  So you see, no controversy, they just aren’t going to wrestle twice in one night.

NITRO:  But doesn’t that leave you two men down when it comes to the BATTLEZONE match?

EYDILON:  No.  Simply because I have brokered a deal to have another team, a worthy team fill their spots.

NITRO:  Which team is that?

EYDILON:  You’ll have to wait and see.  Now, before you scoot along rodent, let me say this…Paganax, I so hope we meet tonight in the BATTLEZONE.  If we do, I will end you.  Now run along miscreant.

Wow!  THE TWO will be facing Probation and Fist for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP and another tag team will take their place in the DOOM versus FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS match!  Huge!  We’ve got a long way to go before that thought because the rest of the card is stacked!

The Aethran War Anthem begins playing and out, with no Leveler, and no armor, is Aethran Overmaster!  He marches to the ring and stands in the middle of it waiting for his opponent.

His opponent, Overtime, heads to the ring with Lord Nexus.  This would be a huge win for Overtime and he looks confidant.  We are ready for our first match!

Aethran Overmaster d. Overtime via pinfall with DOMINANCE – SQUASH – Overmaster just completely steamrolled over Overtime.  Lord Nexus could do nothing but sit back and watch.

After the bell, Overmaster simply left the ring.  Not stopping to get his hand raised, he just walked out.  Lord Nexus collected Overtime and took the Titan away from ringside.

Wiggy is out to huge cheers from the gathered crowd.  Nova is right behind her and the start towards the ring, but stop and turn back and wait until, shyly, Fhanna comes out.  She is still wearing a veil and even though she is, she is hiding her face with her hands.  Nova and Fhanna step into the ring and we are about to see a match between two members of WIGGY’S WOMEN.  Wiggy takes a seat at ringside, glaring at Trent Lawless at the announce table right up until the bell rings.

Nova d. Fhanna via pinfall after STAR BRIGHT – **1/2 – A heck of a competitive match!  Nova picks up the win but Fhanna pulled her weight.  Wiggy climbs into the ring and hugs both women and they leave tougher, though not without one more dirty look at Trent Lawless before they leave.

Dark Menace leads BACK IN BLACK to the ring.  The fans boo them all the way down.  The boos turn to cheers though as TITAN SAMURAI appear with Lord Nexus for what should be a high flying tag team affair.  Looks like UltraMantis Black will try his hand against Giant Azuma to start and the ref calls for the bell!

TITAN SAMURAI d. BACK IN BLACK via submission when Kenji locks Coven Black in the KIMURA – **1/2 – TITAN SAMURAI dominates her.  Slow chipping away at BACK IN BLACK and finally putting them away to get the win.  The crowd loves it and cheers as the Titans celebrate with Lord Nexus.

Dark Menace is furious an berates BACK IN BLACK all the way away from ringside.

The fans explode with cheers as Wiggy returns again, this time leading She Devil and Scorn to the ring for their match.  The two athletes climb into the ring and shake hands to begin.  Wiggy, again, glares at Trent Lawless.

Scorn d. She Devil via DQ when She Devil brains Scorn with a chair outside the ring – * – Whoa!  Completely unexpected there!  The ref calls for the bell and Scorn rushes She Devil and the two begin brawling.  Wiggy gets over to that side of the ring and gets in between the two women, but gets a wild elbow in the face for her troubles!  The crowd begins boing loudly.  She Devil and Scorn immediately stop brawling and bend down to tend to Wiggy.  Wiggy is visibly upset but she seems relieved the two women stopped.  Scorn and She Devil help Wiggy to her feet and after a few sideways glances, they all hug to the cheers of the crowd.  They all three leave together, Wiggy holding her jaw as they exit.  Before she leaves, she turns and gives one last wave to her fans who return the gesture with a raucous cheer!

Magnus the Magnanimous leads his team THE DESERTERS towards the ring and the crowd boos them soundly.  Tharkas and Adam Traitor don’t seem to care at all as they climb up into the ring.  The crowd is on their feet as the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS’ song (THE ‘TUF WE ARE, TUF’ BOOGIE) begins pumping through the arena.  Clinch and Shoot appear, making their crazy arm gestures and fake head butting kids on the way to the ring.  The crowd claps along as they charge into the ring and send THE DESERTERS scattering.  Once things settle down, the ref checks all four men and it looks like it’ll be Tharkas starting with Shoot.  Shoot offers a hand in sportsmanship and Tharkas scoffs!  The bell rings!

THE DESERTERS and ULTIMATE FIGHTERS brawl to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION – **1/2 – Wow fans!  What a brawl from top to bottom.  It seemed that THE DESERTERS were moments from winning when Clinch made a dive from the top rope to save Shoot from a pinning combination that would have ended the match for sure.  It devolved from there into a wild brawl the ref couldn’t control!  Officials ran our to separate the four men, but the brawling continued as they brawled to the back.  The fans loved every second of it!

Once the ringside area was clear, a voice boomed over the PA system.

VOICE:  Here’s how I see it….

Suddenly, a spotlight shown on MINISTER OF WAR, fresh from returning from his injury.  Magnus the Magnanimous stood behind him smirking.  The crowd let him have it.

MINISTER OF WAR:  Here’s how I see it, the Gladiators are in shambles.  There is no clear leadership at all.  Overmaster is disrespecting the culture by not wearing his traditional garb in matches, it’s disgusting.  That would not fly back in my galaxy.  And Turmoil, Turmoil talked a good game but he failed to hold on to the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP and he lost it to a Titian!  A Titan for crying out loud!  That’s worse than losing it to an AniMan!  The only bright spot in the GLADIATORS is Fist and Probation.  But they are babies.  They are so young.  They are good, but in order to be great, they need direction.  Direction they aren’t getting from Overmaster or anywhere else.  So, from this moment on, I am declaring myself leader of the Aethrans.  I am the new Minister of War here in this universe and all the Gladiators here must bow to me!

Suddenly the Aethran War Anthem begins blasting through the arena and out comes Turmoil!  The Leveler follows behind, but Turmoil is on a mission to get into the ring and kick Minister of War’s teeth in!  There’s a ref and he calls for the bell!

Minister of War d. Turmoil via DQ when Turmoil rams Minister of War’s head into the announce table – DUD – From the opening bell this was a brawl and there was no doubt that it’d probably wind up with a DQ for one or both of the combatants.  After the bell, they two men continued brawling until broken up by officials.  It would appear that Minister of War really touched a nerve with his words earlier.  We will have to wait and see how this one plays out.

The fans are on their feet as it is announced that it is time for the first of our two BATTLEZONE matches!  This one pits the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS against DOOM!  A casual fan would think this rivalry stems out of the events of CARD 2131.293 but the seeds were sewn all the way back on CARD 2131.280 when Oracle, at Eydilon’s direction, stabbed Paganax with his own sword!  The bitter feud between Paganax and Eydilon has reached a boiling point and now it is all out war!  Fans are eager to see which two men will start for either side and also, which team will replace THE TWO on the DOOM side of things.

Weird circus music begins to play and out comes….TRICKS!  The fans boo the demented clown as he heads to the ring.  This, obviously, means that DOOM has secured the services of THE OUTCASTS from FUTURE SHOCK to even the numbers.  Tricks circles the ring with a bucket that he threatens to throw at the crowd.  He begins pestering a young Corvian lady in the front row and rears back and tosses the contents of the bucket, confetti, all over her.  He laugh maniacally, but the young woman is not thrilled to say the least.  He climbs into the ring and paces, waiting for his opponent.  He doesn’t have to wait long as the first wrestler for the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS side is…Star Slayer!  He gets a mixed, but mostly positive reaction from fans as he heads to the ring!

Important to note before the match begins that while all of these matches will be contested under standard GWF rules, Euritar has barred any managers or seconds from ringside so each match will truly be one on one.


1. Star Slayer d. Tricks via DQ when Tricks throws a bucket of thumb tacks at Star Slayer – DUD – The action spilled outside the ring and Tricks grabbed the same bucket he had pre-match and tossed it at Star Slayer as he charged him.  Star Slayer didn’t stop his charge because he thought it would only be confetti, but it was a bucket full of thumbtacks.  The ref called for the bell as Trick bailed and snuck away from the ring.  Medics looked over Star Slayer and found no injuries other than minor scratches, so Star Slayer will continue.  He stands in the rin awaiting his, randomly selected opponent from the Doom team and it is…the demon Nosfera!  Nosfera leaps to the ring and the ref calls for the bell!

2. Star Slayer d. Nosfera via pinfall with a perfect cross body block from the top rope – ****1/2 – These two men tore into each other something fierce!  At one point, Nosfera hit three SPING HEEL KICKS in a row, but Star Slayer was able to kick out each time and then come back for the win!  Star Slayer stays in and send Nosfera packing.  One has to wonder how much Star Slayer has left in the tank!  Star Slayer rests in the corner, awaiting his next opponent.  PSI is out next and he’s looking pretty confident after the beating Nosfera just laid down on Star Slayer.  This is a must win for PSI if he wants to begin to even the odds!

3. PSI d. Star Slayer via DQ when Star Slayer picks up a handful of the scattered thumbtacks outside the ring and tosses them at PSI – DUD – Many thing that Star Slayer knew this match wasn’t going to be winnable, so he intentionally got himself DQ’d to let another, fresher wrestler enter the fray.  Star Slayer shambles away from ringside and out comes PSI’s opponent, HelSin!  He climbs into the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

4. HelSin d. PSI via pinfall with STAKE TO THE HEART – ***1/2 – Fantastic back and forth action here.  PSI was close to clinching the victory several times but HelSin put him away with his finisher.  HelSIn continues, but he looks a little worse of wear.  Suddenly, loud heavy metal music plays and Mayhem Unleashed appears in the entrance!  Super exciting as this will be the first time we see how Mayhem Unleashed fares in singles competition.  He has a wicked smile on his face as he climbs into the ring with HelSin!

5. HelSin d. Mayhem Unleashed via pinfall with STAKE THROUGH THE HEART – ** – Completely unimpressive debut for Mayhem Unleashed.  HelSin’s agility was the perfect foil for the Aethran and HelSin, even in his weakened state, kept him off his feet most of the match.  HelSin moves on and there’s only one member of DOOM left!  Can HelSin finish this BATTLEZONE off?  Eydilon heads to the ring and he is not happy at the performance of his team.  Nitro is about to ask him something and he shoves the Titan out of the way and storms into the ring.  He tells the ref to ring the bell.

6. Eydilon d. HelSin via pinfall with Levitation – * – Eydilon makes short work of HelSin.  He tosses him out of the ring and signals for his next opponent to this the ring.  He’s mouthing “Please be Paganax, Please be Paganax!”  The fans are hoping for the same.  It’s Crossfire!  Crossfire changes to the ring and looks to end this BATTLEZONE in favor of the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS.

7.  Eydilon d. Crossfire via pinfall with MISTS OF EYDILON – *1/2 – Whoa!  Eydilon just destroys Crossfire and again tosses his opponent out of the ring!  Again he signals for his next opponent.  There’s two men left on the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS team, but they are heavy hitters!  Out next is…Shayne!  The fans pop huge!  Shayne is steely-eyed as he heads to the ring, ready to fight!

8.  Shayne d. Eydilon via pinfall with SHOWDOWN after SHAYNE’S FURY – **1/2 – Shayne destroys Eydilon and claims victory for the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS!  The crowd is going nuts.  After the bell, Paganax storms the ring with his flaming sword.  He is the only contestant not to get involved in this match and the feud started with him!  He is livid!  He moves to attack the fallen Eydilon, but Shayn holds him back.  Paganax is enraged and tries to break free, but Shayne holds him off long enough for Oracle to come collect Eydilon and remove him from the ring.

Paganax turns his ire towards Shayne, but Shayne is able to calm him down.  The two celebrate the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS victory with the crowd and then head to the back.


The boos can be heard outside the building when CatFight appears being accompanied by Dark Menace and Darkest Justice.  CatFight has her bag of 50,500 credits slung over her shoulder.  She ignores the crowd as she heads to the ring, looking ready to fight.

The crowd comes unglued at Wiggy heads to the ring with Taichi.  Taichi is all business as her and Wiggy walk to the ring.  Taichi gets into the ring as the fans chant, “WIGGY’S WOMEN” loudly, over and over.

Taichi d. CatFight via DQ when Darkest Justice clobbers Taichi with his rod – ** – Taichi was in control most of the match.  Darkest Justice clobbered the champ with his rod and the ref saw it calling for the disqualification.  CatFight began yelling at Darkest Justice for interfering.  Wiggy grabbed a mic.

WIGGY:  You see, Catfight!  You see!  The men don’t respect us.  Darkest Justice was willing to hit a woman in order to get his way!  How can you stay with them.  Join us!  Leave the pigs like Darkest Justice, Dark Menace and Trent Lawless behind.  Join WIGGY’S WOMEN!

CatFight ripped the mic out of Wiggy’s hand.

CATFIGHT:  I may have disagreements with DJ here, but I’m not leaving him and joining your Planet Lesbos.  I love him and I don’t need to surround myself with other women to make myself feel better about being a worthless pile of crap.

The fans boo loudly and begin throwing things at CatFight.  Darkest Justice and Dark Menace shield her and whisk her away from ringside while Wiggy stands there fuming.  Once they are gone, the crowd gives Wiggy a standing ovation which she humbly accepts and soaks in.  Taichi, meanwhile is standing at ringside with the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP just watching all this and once Wiggy is done taking her bows, they leave the ring together.

Dark Menace is back out with Bishop Hell (II)  The crow boos loudly.  Instead of attempting to avoid Nitro, Dark Menace marches up to him and demands the mic.  Nitro relinquishes it.

DARK MENACE:  Citizens of the Galaxy.  Before you watch Bishop Hell (II) roast Perfect Specimen and bring the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP back to Dark Menace Forces, you need to know that on the next card, that’s CARD 2131.295 for those of you too ignorant to count, I will have a huge announcement that will shake the entire Galaxy to the core!  You are ordered to tune in!

The crowd’s jeers almost completely drown the Dark Menace out, but the journalists were completely interested in what this announcement could be.  Dark Menace continues to the ring with Perfect Specimen for the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP match!

The champion, Perfect SPecemin rockets to the ring with Lord Nexus and the cheers of the crowd.  Perfect Specimen looks confident and ready to defend his title.  The ref calls for the bell after checking both athletes.

Bishop Hell (II) d. Perfect Specimen with pinfall with HELLFIRE – SQUASH – Dark Menace cackled loudly as Bishop Hell (II) simply destroyed Perfect Specimen in a handful of moves, finishing him off with HELLFIRE!  After the bell, Lord Nexus rushed into the ring to tend to Perfect Specimen as Dark Menace jumped gleefully up and down at ringside and grabbed the belt off the announce table an handed it to Bishop Hell (II)!  Huge win for Dark menace forces tonight!  HUGE!  The fans are not happy at this turn of events at all!

They remain unhappy as THE TWO make their way to the ring.

Oracle, in his mindless, near-vegetative state guides them to the ring.  All the way to the ring, Sur is yelling at fans that tonight is the night that he and Ghena become the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.  The fans boo loudly in reply.  Probation & Fist have been dominant champions.  Winning the titles on CARD 2131.280 and defeating all who have come their way since.  Definitely one of the most dominant, first year tag teams the GWF has ever seen.

The Leveler appears as the Aethran War Anthem begins and Probation and Fist make their way to the ring, the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS around their waits.  They climb into the ring and the ref holds the belts aloft.  Looks like Sur will start with Probation.  The ref calls for the bell.

GLADIATORS d. THE TWO via pinfall when Fist destroys Sur with WEAPONS – **1/2 – The GLADIATORS trap Sur, cut the ring in half and use quick tags in and out to deliver blow after blow.  Things got so desperate for THE TWO that Oracle tried to interfere and found himself banished from ringside.  After the bell, GLADIATORS stand tall.  Ghena collects Sur and quickly leaves the ringside area and the GLADIATORS stand mid ring with their arms raised.  Is there a team out there that can dethrone these two monsters?  There doesn’t appear to be one currently on the rosters.  Probation and Fist leave the ring with the belts around their waist and children at ringside are, legit, afraid of them.  Love them or hate them, as most do, you cannot deny that this is THE 2131 Tag Team of the Year!

The fan’s boos turn to cheers as Bex heads to the ring!  Biggest match in this man’s career coming up tonight.  Can he defeat Chaos Supreme and capture the biggest prize in the cosmos?  He’s got a huge uphill battle, but there are several who say that while Chaos Supreme is all power, Bex can actually outwrestle him!  We are about to find out.

Magnus the Magnanimous leads the, never smiling, Chaos Supreme to the ring.  The GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP gleams around his waist.  If he’s worried at all about Bex, there’s absolutely no indication.  One has to wonder what role, if any will the conniving Magnus play at ringside?  Could he be a distraction that Bex has not counted on?  Chaos Supreme climbs into the ring and the ref checks both men.  It is time for our GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP match!  The bell rings and Bex delivered a huge corner dropkick that Chaos Supreme shrugs off!  We are underway!

Chaos Supreme d. Bex when Bex is DQ’d for smashing Chaos Supremem over the head with a chair – *1/2 – What a disappointing letdown in the eyes of the fans.  Chaos Supreme tossed Bex out of the ring as if he was a rag doll and then laughed loudly.  Bex lost his temper, grabbed a chair and climbed back into the ring and brained Chaos Supreme right in front of the ref!  The match was over minutes before it began.  The fans, loudly, voiced their displeasure.  Chaos Supreme simply grabbed his title and left the ringside area with Magnus.  Bex looked furious at himself and it seems as if he blown his shot by losing his temper.

The mood in the arena shifts as fans realize that it is time for the HUGE BATTLEZONE MAIN EVENT!  ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA versus THE ULTIMATE ANIMEN™!  No one is sitting down as they breathlessly wait to see which two superstars will start.  First out, to a huge cheer is Panther Warrior’s partner!  The fans laud the veteran for all his accomplishments and though he is showing his age, they are grateful for all he’s done over the years, forgiving his missteps even the current scandal regarding the hacked affair website  He high fives fans all the way to the ring.  He climbs inside and eagerly awaits his opponent.

Oooooowowoowwwwoooooooo!  It’s Wolf!  The crowd goes bezerk!  This is a fight between two former leaders of the Anime that no one ever thought they’d see!  Wolf makes his way to the ring, pointing directly at Panther Warrior’s partner showing he means business.  The fans are frothing at the mouth waiting for the bell to ring, and it does!  Here we go!

1.  Panther Warrior’s partner d. Wolf via pinfall with the Hive Driver – ***** – Fans!  This was amazing!  The moment the bell rang, Panther Warrior’s partner laid into Wolf and did not let up.  Wolf showed ZERO offense and Panther Warrior’s partner just repeatedly hit Wolf with power move after power move!  The fans went nuts after the bell!  This almost could have been the MAIN EVENT itself and the fans would have been happy!  Huge opening victory for ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA and how fitting it was the Panther Warrior’s partner who’s done so much for the entire sport, who got that victory!  The match is far from over.

Wolf is stalking away from ringside when suddenly, from out of the crowd, Shayne appears and begins wailing on Wolf!  The fans cannot believe it.  Panther Warrior’s partner just sits back and takes a breather as, eventually, officials are able to stop the brawl and clear the ringside area!  Everyone waits for the next competitor from the ULTIMATE ANIMEN™ team.

It’s Prime Colonizer!  He stomps to the ring looking fit to be tied!  He is snarling as he climbs up into the ring and demands the ref ring the bell!

2.  Panther Warrior’s partner d. Prime Colonizer via submission with the WASP TRAP – **1/2 – He does it again and the fans are losing their minds!  Prime Colonizer attempted a deathjump and using the speed that only Panther Warrior’s partner can, he caught the ULTIMATE ANIMAN leader in his deal submission hold and had him tapping out in no time!  Rather Warrior’s partner is DOMINATING and no one has laid finger on him yet.  He runs Prims Colonizer out of the ring and stands in the center gesturing for his next opponent.

He doesn’t have to wait long as out comes Balaal!  As Balaal slithers to the ring, Prime Colonizer calls him aside and whispers something to him.  Balaal nods and heads to the ring.  Panther Warrior’s partner crouches, ready to strike as Balaal enters the ring.  The ref calls for the bell!

3.  Panther Warrior’s partner d. Balaal via DQ when Balaal uses his tail to hang his opponent over the top rope and wouldn’t let go – ** – The message here was clear.  Balaal wasn’t concerned with winning the match.  He simply wanted to injure Panther Warrior’s Partner.  The good news is that the ref was able to break the hold pretty quickly and it doesn’t look like Panther Warrior’s partner suffered much damage.

It’s down to one competitor on the ULTIMATE ANIMEN side and he is out now…Lope!  Can Panther Warrior’s partner do it?  Can he singlehandedly defeat the ULTIMATE ANIMEN team?!  We are about to find out!

4.  Lope d. Panther Warrior’s partner via pinfall with the Lope Skullcrusher – ****** – As dominant as Panther Warrior’s Partner was in the opening matches, Lope was here.  Lope destroyed his opponent and put him away.  The tables are turned now, but Lope has a long way to go to claim victory for his team.  Panther Warrior’s partner leaves ringside to a standing ovation from the fans.  Lope stands salivating for his next opponent.  His opponent is Panther Warrior how sprints to ringside, looking to finish this match once and for all!

5.  Lope d. Panther Warrior via pinfall with HOWL OF THE WOLF – ***** – Two of the most agile wrestlers in the GALAXY’S FINEST go head to head, but it is, again, Lope who dominates, wearing Panther Warrior down to claim the victory.  It wasn’t completely one-sided, as Panther Warrior got in a lick or two, but Lope gets a solid victory.

The only two competitors left on the ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA side are Monolith and Plethador.  The fans early await to see which of their favorites will come out next.  It’s Monolith.  He comes out as cool as ever, looking like he is confident he can put Lope away and finish this match.

6.  Monolith d. Lope via submission with a cobra clutch – ***1/2 – Monolith seals the victory for the ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA!  The fans are going crazy as Monolith stands over the fallen Lope!


Monolith gets the win but a huge amount of credit goes to Panther Warrior’s partner with his huge run in the opening few matches.

Monolith raises his arms and gets a huge cheer from the crowd as we…