CARD 2131.294 – INVASION

Live from the Southern Crown Centre, Corona Australis

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

It’s the final card before BATTLEZONE and things have hit a fevered pitch here in the GALAXY’S FINEST!  Commissioner Euritar is out and rumors have swirled all day that he has a huge announcement.

EURITAR:  As you know our next event will be the SuperCard BATTLEZONE.  We already have some amazing matches lined up for BATTLEZONE including title defenses by all the champions as well as the huge BATTLEZONE match pitting ANIMEN OF ANDROMEDA against ULTIMATE ANMEN™!

The crowd cheers loudly.

EURITAR:  But I’ve just come off negotiations and I am proud to say that there will be a second BATTLEZONE match pitting the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS against DOOM!

The crowd pops huge for this news.

EURITAR:  It’ll all happen at BATTLEZONE on CARD 2123.295!  You won’t want to miss it!

Euritar leaves the ring.

Star Warrior (II) heads to the ring for our opening bout.  He is giggling to himself and can barely walk a straight line.  Nitro catches him in the aisle.

NITRO:  No offense Star Warrior (II), but you look as bad as we’ve seen you as of late.

STAR WARRIOR (II):  She left me man.  She left me high and dry.

NITRO:  Who are you talking about?  Nova?

STAR WARRIOR (II):  Shhhhhhhh… mustn’t say that name.  Mustn’t saaaaaaay it.

Nitro shrugs and Star Warrior (II) continues to the ring.

His opponent is out next accompanied by Magnus the Magnanimous and Lope, it’s the leader of the ULTIMATE ANIMEN, Prime Colonizer.  The fans boo loudly and hold up their #AniMenLivesMatter shirts in defiance.  Prime Colonizer scoffs as he climbs up into the ring.  The ref checks both men and calls for the bell.

Prime Colonizer d. Star Warrior (II) via pinfall after the SIMIAN SKULLCRUSHER – * – No surprise victory here, what with the shape Star Warrior (II) is in current condition.  The fans boo Prime Colonizer as he heads to the back and just look on with pity as Star Warrior (II) stumbles away from the ring.

Wiggy is out next and the roof is blown off the top of the arena!  She leads She Devil to the ring who is playfully cracking her whip!  They get into the ring and Wiggy takes the mic.

WIGGY:  Hello Galaxy’s Finest!

There is a 5 minute long standing ovation.  Eventually Wiggy raises her hands to ask folks to settle down.

WIGGY:  It’s no mystery that She Devil here is dressed for the circus.  I mean, that’s where she got her start!  But this lion tamer needs some tiger to tame, so CatFight, bring that big pussy of yours out here and let’s get to taming!

The audience lets out a collective, “Oh, snap!” as Wiggy politely hands the mic back to the ring announcer.  Dark Menace appears with Darkest Justice and CatFight and all three look furious.  Maggie the tiger stalks behind all three of them.  CatFight is carrying her bag of 50,500 credit with her in what has become a regular sight. CatFight hands the bag to Darkest Justice (as Dark Menace salivates as the bag gets near him) and the ref calls for the bell.

CatFight d. She Devil when Wiggy charges the ring to break-up a pinfall after CatFight hit FELINE FURY – *** – The crowd cheers as Wiggy rolls into the ring and clobbers CatFight to stop the pinfall.  Wiggy gets her wrestler DQ’d but she, and the fans, don’t care!  Darkest Justice and Dark Menace charge the ring and chase Wiggy and She Devil off.  CatFight is furious and is stomping around the ring.  She calls for the mic.

CATFIGHT:  That’s right Wiggy, turn tail and run!  Sooner or later, all of Wiggy’s Women will fall before me!

The crowd boos loudly as Wiggy and She Devil beat a retreat.  CatFight grabs her bag of credits and stomps off with Darkest Justice and Dark Menace running to keep up.

Magnus the Magnanimous is out next with THE OUTCASTS for some tag team action.  Mayhem Unleashed and Tricks look ready for a big win here tonight.  Their opponents, DEMON HUNTERS hit the ring to loud cheers from the crowd!  They are finally back on a winning path and they need a win here tonight to keep that streak alive!  Looks like Crossfire will start against Tricks and here we go!

DEMON HUNTERS d. THE OUTCASTS via submission when Crossfire locks Tricks in BOW AND ARROW and makes him tap seconds into the match – SQUASH – It was over in the blink of an eye!  Mayhem Unleashed hadn’t even grabbed the tag rope yet when Tricks was pounding on the mat and the ref was ending the match!  DEMON HUNTERS with a big, and much needed win here!  Mayhem Unleashed was furious after the bell and ran in and started shoving Tricks around.  Magnus rolled into the ring and kept the two men apart.

Outside the ring, DEMON HUNTERS celebrated their win as they watches THE OUTCASTS fall apart and argue all the way out of the arena.

Soft organ music began playing and Dark Menace appeared with Bishop Hell (II) walking behind him.  Bishop Hell (II) had a mic and he preaches as he heads to the ring.

BISHOP HELL (II):  Brothers and sisters, everyday, our society strays from the moral path.  Every day we fall deeper and deeper into the fiery pits of hell.  Recent days have seen a speeding up of this process as the sinners sin more and wicked become crueler.  We have one group to thank for this hastening.  One group is responsible.  Those that are an abomination….those that are from a different time!  Yes, brothers and sisters, I talk of the one that arrived on the wings of ships from years past in an alternate time.  They are bringing Hell upon the galaxy and I, as a worshipper of Hell, must thank them.  Thank them for bringing about our end so that the righteous, such as myself, will be reunited with Bishop Hell, our true savior sooner.  Tonight, I thank Star Slayer for his role in this.  And tonight I will thank Star Slayer…WITH FIRE!  In Bishop Hell’s name we pray.  Amen.

Star Slayer hits the ring.   After a steady stream of losses, he’s apparently abandoned his quest to defeat the members of FUTURE SHOCK, instead focusing his ire on rule breakers like Bishop Hell (II).  Star Slayer, props his gun up in the corner and is ready to fight.  The bell rings.

Bishop Hell (II) d. Star Slayer via DQ when Slayer attempts to hit THE APOCALYPSE with his rifle – ** – Bishop Hell (II) dominated here and had the match close to won.  Star Slayer gained a little offense and then grabbed his gun and hit THE APOCALYPSE with it in full view of the ref!  The ref had no choice but to end the match.  Star Slayer loses, but doesn’t seem to care that he does.  He bails and leaves the arena without a word.  Dark Menace and Bishop Hell (II) are pissed about it and vow revenge.

There is the sound of a gunshot and a doboro begins playing, the crowd is on their feet as out into the arena steps Shayne!  He heads to the ring and calls for a mic.

SHAYNE:  I reckon, like a lot of you outlaws, I grew up watching the GALAXY’S FINEST™.  I mean you could look the galaxy over and never find any action greater than what you see here on the GALAXY’S FINEST™ every week.  And growing up, there was one man I idolized more than any of them and I’m sure a lot of you cowpokes did too.  That man is Wolf!

An odd reaction from the crowd.  The fans acknowledge that this is true, but they are not happy with Wolf.

SHAYNE:  I know, I know friends.  It’s difficult times when it comes to Wolf.  I mean, look, the feller never completely walked the straight and narrow.  He was always one of those outlaws you rooted for.  He’d break the rules, sure, but he always fought for good.  He’s made a comfortable home in the grey area we hear so much about.  But now it seems he’s made a stake in the dark area.  He’s gone full bad.  And friends, I just can’t let that stand.  So Wolf, I know you’re in the building with the rest of your, so called, ULTIMATE ANIMEN™, why don’t you bring your fuzzy little ass out here so Shayne can whip on it and maybe knock some sense into you once again.

The fans cheered loudly and the cheers were interrupted by a familiar howl!

WOLF:  Ooooooowoowooooooowooooooo!

Never one to back down from a fight, Wolf heads to the ring with Magnus the Magnanimous trailing behind.  Wolf climbs up into he ring and fans are near rabid at this surprise match!

Wolf d. Shayne via submission with the SAVAGE FACE CLAW – SQUASH – Whoa, fans!  Huge here!  Wolf climbs into the ring, the bell sounds and seconds late, Shayne is tapping out to the SAVAGE FACE CLAW!  This is epic!  Wolf tosses Shayne out of the ring and calls for the mic.

WOLF:  You happy now kid?  You just got beat by the guy you idolized.  You can die happy.  And if you ever call me out again, I promise you, you WILL die!  Owwwwowowoowooowoooooo!

The fans boo loudly as Magnus cackles and he and Wolf leave the ring.  Shayne gets to his feet and stumbles, humbled, out of the arena.  There is an air of shock at what just transpired and how easily Wolf manhandled Shayne.

The mood lightens a little as the ULTIMATE FIGHTERS make their way to the ring doing their wacky arm gestates and fake head butting the younger fans in the audience!  They get into the ring and begin marching around to their music until it is abruptly cut off and the lights go out!  A blue orb comes down the aisle as Oracle leads THE TWO to the ring.  Clinch will start against Ghena as the bell sounds.

THE TWO d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinfall when Sur hits Clinch with GIFT OF THE GODS twice in a row – SQUASH – THE TWO came to the ring all business and finished off ULTIMATE FIGHTERS quickly.  Ghena wore Clinch down and kept him from tagging out and the Sur came in to clean up.  After the match Sur grabbed a mic.

SUR:  Euritar, we’ve just earned our shot against the GLADIATORS.  It’s up to you to do the right thing and give us that shot at BATTLEZONE.

Sur threw the mic down and he and Ghena left with Oracle shuffling along behind them.

Once the ring is clear, the Aethran War Anthem begins playing and The Leveler leads Turmoil to the ring for our HUGE main event.  The crowd lets Turmoil have it as they stomp to the ring.  The sounds of trumpets fade and out, to no music but a wall of cheers is Bex!  The fans laud praise upon him as he makes his way to the ring.  Nitro stops him at ringside.

NITRO:  Bex , a lot of critics are questioning your rational taking a match against Turmoil right before you big GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP match with Chaos Supreme at BATTLEZONE.  Why take the risk before such a big match.

BEX:  Nitro, when wrestlers become the champion, they always talk about how they’ll be a fighting champion and face all the challenges that come their way.  I’m different from those men in that I’m a fighting wrestler.  I will ALWAYS take ANY challenge that comes my way, Champion or not!  I live, breath and sleep wrestling and Turmoil…I could beat you in my sleep!

Turmoil is furious as the crowd cheers and Bex climbs into the ring.  The ref checks both wrestlers and the bell rings for our Main Event!

Turmoil d. Bex via pinfall after THREE TRIPLE SUICIDES – ***** – Wow!  Turmoil could barely stand at the end of the match, but he hit a THIRD TRIPLE SUCICDE in a row to finally put Bex out for the count!  This was a match for the ages and, certainly, a Match of the Year contender.  Bex is lying bleeding in the ring and it is this image, of the number one contender that we see as we…