Live from the Stasllar Theatre, Poccior, Mensa

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

As the GALAXY’S FINEST creeps closer to BATTLEZONE and the end of 2131, the excitement is reaching a fevered pitch!  98,381 fans are packed into the arena for another SOLD OUT event!  The show starts with a graphic on the HoloVision screens that show a huge match has been signed for BATTLEZONE!  It’ll be the ANI-MEN of ANDROMEDA (Monolith, Plethador & ANIMEN REVENGE) taking on THE ULTIMATE ANI-MEN™ (Prime Colonizer, Lope, Balaal & Wolf)!  This one will be one for the ages!

There’s a lot of action to get through before we get there though and tonight’s edition of SUPERNOVA starts with two of the men who’ll be in that match!  First out, to huge cheers is Monolith!  As before, he wears a #AniManLivesMatter shirt as an armband in honor of Plethador who is still out on injury.  He climbs into the ring and waits his opponent.

He will be facing Balaal who is slithering his way to the ring with Lope following close behind.  Though Lope is just seconding Balaal, Monolith has to see that the deck is stacked against him as Lope can be wildly unpredictable.  Balaal gets into the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

Monolith d. Balaal via submission with I BREAK YOU – ***1/2 – Looks like Monolith is going to keep the hold on after the bell in an attempt to injure Balaal, but Lope charges the ring and gets him to break it.  Monolith clears the ring and stand triumphant as Balaal and Lope scurry away from ringside like the roaches they are.  Is this the kind of dominance we can expect to see at BATTLEZONE?  The fans are dying to find out!

Wiggy is out next to a HUGE cheer from the crowd!  She leads both Scorn and Nova to the ring as they will be squaring off.  She sits at the announce table and joins the broadcast.

WIGGY:  Trent, I hope you and the fans are ready to see another prime example of true quality wrestling is ll about.  No egos, no hidden agendas, just pure quality wrestling that only women can bring to the ring.

TRENT LAWLESS:  On that point, I need to ask how the relationship between Fhanna and GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION Taichi is currently.  

WIGGY:  Last time I was out here with you, I told you everything is fine.  And it is.  So you can just change the line of questioning.

TRENT LAWLESS:  Let’s talk about Fhanna’s face then.  Last time we saw her out here she was wearing a veil.  How long is that going to be the case.

WIGGY:  Trent, I can’t believe your audacity!  Didn’t you mother raise you right?  Would you ask a woman how old she is?

TRENT:  No, I—

WIGGY:  Would you ask a woman how much she weighs?!

TRENT:  No, Wiggy, I—

WIGGY:  Then how dare you ask about something as personal as looks!  A woman’s beauty is not there for you!  A woman’s beauty is hers and hers alone.  A woman’s beauty isn’t there to please men!  This, this right here, is the very reason WIGGY’S WOMEN was formed!  The absolute lack of respect that men show women on a daily basis!  You men are disgusting and think that us women were put in this galaxy to please you!  Nothing could be further from he truth and you are going to pay, Lawless!

At this, Wiggy gets up and storms away from the table and finds another chair ringside to watch the matches.

TRENT:  Well, I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone.  Let’s get this match started.

Nova and Scorn ask Wiggy if she’s okay and Wiggy calms down a little bit and nods she is fine.  The bell rings.

Scorn d. Nova via pinfall with BURNING SCORN – * – Scorn pretty much dominated this one and scored a decisive victory.  After the match, the two women shook hands and left with Wiggy who seemed to have recovered from her discussion before the match.

ANIMEN REVENGE hit the ring to the cheers of the crowd.  They look pumped and ready for this rematch against THE CLOAK.  Magnus the Magnanimous leads Splatter (II) and Code Destroyer toward the ring with a big smile on his face, ignoring the boos of the crowd.  Before the match begins, Magnus opens his briefcase and takes out a sheet or paper and hands it to Panther Warrior’s Partner.  The cameras can’t quite see what it is, but it looks ike a printout of some sort.  Panther Warrior’s partner reads it then quickly begins tearing it up!  He lunges at Magnus who ducks out of the ring and the ref calls for the bell!

ANIMEN REVENGE d. THE CLOAK via pinfall when Panther Warrior’s partner hits Splatter (II) with he Hive Driver – SQUASH – So enraged was Panther Warrior’s Partner that he just destroyed Splatter (II) in several moves!  After the bell, Panther Warrior’s Partner locked in the WASP TRAP and looked as if he wanted to break Splatter (II) in two.  Luckily, Panther Warrior was able to make him let go, but his partner was still a ball of yellow and black rage!  THE CLOAK ran from ringside with Magnus in tow.  Right before leaving the ringside area, Magnus looked back and smiled.  For whatever reason, he’d wanted to get under Panther Warrior’s partner’s skin, and he succeeded.

Lord Nexus is out with Overtime and both men get a huge cheer from the crowd and as they climb into the ring, the crowd turns on a dime and begins booing as out comes Magnus the Magnanimous and Prime Colonizer, leading Lope to the ring.  Prime Colonizer loves the reaction from the fans, he soaks in their hate.  Magnus the Magnanimous almost looks a little nervous at the reaction.  Lope slides into the ring and stares across the ring at Overtime.  On the outside, Lord Nexus is on high alert for any possible chicanery.  The ref calls for the bell.

Lope d. Overtime via submission with the Savage Face Claw – ***1/2 – Try as he might, Overtime could not gain any offense in this match and it was all one sided.  Lope just savaged him but, to Lord Nexus and the crowd’s surprise, it was all done by the rulebook.  There was no underhanded tactics at all.  Sting win for the member of the ULTIMATE ANI-MEN as we head towards BATTLEZONE.

The lights go out and Oracle’s blue orb glows as he leads Eydilon towards the ring.  The crowd boos loudly and begin chanting Paganax’s name.  Tonight though Eydilon’s opponent, now being led to the ring by Magnus the Magnanimous, is Thantos (II) who has had issues of his own with Eydilon.  This is a rematch from CARD 2131.292 when Thantos (II) got DQ’d slamming Eydilon into the announce table.

Eydilon d. Thantos (II) via DQ when Thantos (II) slams Eydilon with Colby’s briefcase and the ref catches it – ** – Again an encounter between these two ends in a disqualification with Thantos (II) breaking the rules!  After the bell, the two men continue to brawl!  Eydilon get the upper hand and drags Thantos (II) into the ring and is about to hit MISTS OF EYDILON on him when suddenly, Paganax charges the ring with his flaming sword raised high and chases off Eydilon and Oracle.  Magnus and Thantos (II) look slightly bemused.  Has Paganax joined FUTURE SHOCK?!  No!  Paganax goes after Magnus and THantos (II) as well!  He is clearing the ringside area and the fans love it!  They cheer the Heathen Chief as he runs all the way back out of the arena!

Lord Nexus leads TITAN SAMURAI to the ring to huge cheers from the crowd!  This is an important match as whichever team wins this next contest will, no doubt, be next in line to face the GLADIATORS after BATTLEZONE.

TITAN SAMURAI’s opponents, DESERTERS are out next with Magnus the Magnanimous, much to the chagrin of the crowd.  Adam Traitor and Tharkas loving every second of the vitriol from the audience.  They climb into the ring and it will be Tharkas starting with Kenji.

TITAN SAMURAI d. DESERTERS via pinfall after Kenji smashes Adam Traitor with Colby’s briefcase when the ref wasn’t looking – **1/2 – Lord Nexus was not happy at the way his team won this one but, to their defense, Cobly was about to smash Kenji with the briefcase first!  TITAN SAMURAI are in a good position to challenge for the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP after BATTLEZONE.  Magnus the Magnanimous, however, is livid!  He’s shouting and yelling that he will have the decision reversed!  He said he’d be taking the HoloVision recordings of this match directly to Euritar’s office!

It’s MAIN EVENT time and the crowd explodes with cheers as Paganax heads back to the ring, full sprint, flaming sword in the air!  This is a huge grudge match as Paganax will be taking on PSI, now being led to the ring by Oracle.  It was PSI, along with Nosfera whom Paganax bested in a match on CARD 2131.292, who were responsible for Paganax’s loss to Eydilon in a RUINS OF ANTILLA match at RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE.   The fans are expecting a good one here!

Paganax d. PSI via submission with BOW TO THE HEATHEN CHIEF – **** – Paganax just crushed PSI.  The mentalist did get in a move now and then, but it was all Paganax for the majority of the match.  After the bell, Paganax held PSI in the air as a show of dominance!  The crowd cheering loudly!

Suddenly, Oracle sprang to life and charged the ring causing Paganax to drop PSI!  Paganax began beating Oracle when from out of nowhere, Nosfera and Eydilon charged the ring and, with a recovered PSI, began wailing on Paganax!

There was a huge cheer from the crowd as, suddenly, Star Slayer and Shayne rushed to the ring to even the odds!  A wild brawl ensues!  Officials, trying to break things up, are tossed out of the ring!  This is wild!  Fists are flying, the crowd is cheering as members of the FEDERATION DEFENSE FIGHTERS and DOOM beat the snot out of each other!  It is this image, we see as we…


– It was reported that after the event, Trent Lawless found his cruiser defaced in the parking lot.  Someone had laser etched the word PIG in big letters all over his windshield.  Authorities are investigating.