CARD 2131.292 – INVASION

Live from Pirxa-Plex, Ancires

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

All 11,065 seats in the Pirxa-Plex are sold out but not a single butt, tail or tentacle is in them as the crowd is on their feet ready for another evening of the GALAXY’S FINEST™!  The show starts on an ominous note as a HUGE imposing figure makes his way to the ring.  He strides purposefully ringside and it is not until he climbs up into the ring that fans begin to realize who it is…it’s Aethran Overmaster!  There’s no Aethran War Anthem playing, he’s not accompanied by The Leveler and he’s not wearing his ceremonial cape or helmet.  He stands in the middle of the ring with simple black trunks and waits for his opponent.  As of late, Aethran Overmaster has been on a serious losing streak.  It would appear he’s stripped away all the ceremonial garb, all the fanfare and is looking to get beck to dominating.

His opponent is out next.  Looking more lost than ever, is Star Warrior (II).  He stumbles to the ring.  Industry insiders say that since Nova left him he has fallen deeper and deeper into the bottle.  As he fumbles up into the ring, many in the audience feel they are about to witness a slaughter.

Aethran Overmaster d. Star Warrior (II) via pinfall wit DOMINANCE – * – If it weren’t for some early offense, this would have been a total squash match.  Aethran Overmaster puts Star Warrior (II) away and leaves the ring without even letting the ref raise his hand.  As he leaves there is now music, no fanfare.  Overmaster has made a statement and now has a win under his belt.

Wiggy heads to the ring and the crowd goes nuts!  Everyone is on their feet, chanting Wiggy’s name at the top of her lungs.  She soaks it all in and turns to look behind her.  She sees she is alone and crosses back to the entranceway and begins talking to someone behind it.  She reaches out her hand and grabs someone’s arm and pulls and Fhanna comes out into the arena.  She is wearing a veil high across her face, just under her eyes.  This is obviously to hide the injury to her face that occurred in the FOUR WEAPONS OF DESTRUCTION MATCH at RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE.

Fhanna looks mortified as Wiggy leads her to the ring and repeatedly shakes her head, “No!”  Wiggy spins around and insistently whispers something into Fhanna’s ear.  Fhanna nods and continues with no further protests to the ring.

A tiger’s growl cuts trough the arena and a chorus of boos begins as Dark Menace leads CatFight towards the ring.  CatFight carries the big bag of 50,500 credits with her.  Along the aisle, CatFight grabs a mic from Nitro and talks as they make their way to the ring.

CATFIGHT:  Wiggy, Wiggy, Wiggy, here we are again and I still have this big bag of money.  I know that this bag could change your life for the better so once again I’ll make the offer.  You become my personal assistant, the money is yours.

Wiggy calls for a mic.

WIGGY:  CatGut…

The crowd roils with laughter at this new nickname and they start chanting it loudly.  CatFight is not amused.

WIGGY:  CatGut, I’m the most popular superstar in the GWF!  These people love me.  

A huge cheer goes up form the crowd.

WIGGY:  You have a little sack there of 50,500 credits, I make that in forty minutes of merchandise sales and InFiNet Podcast revenue.  So you can take that bag and shove it up your—

Wiggy holds up a finger.

WIGGY: No, there’s kids here.  You can take that bag and keep it.  I’m doing just fine.  But what you can do, is get your scrawny butt into the ring and get yourself an whooping by my girl Fhanna here!

The crowd roars in approval!  CatFight is not happy, but she heads to the ring, leaving her bag with the timekeeper.

The ref calls for the bell.

CatFight d. Fhanna via pinfall with Cat Walk – ****1/2 – Amazing match!  Halfway through, CatFight’s constant taunting of Wiggy brought the manager into the ring and she took a swing at CatFight.  The ref ejected Wiggy from the ringside area, an action the fans did not approve of!  Fhanna when on a rampage and got several near falls, but CatFight found an opening to hit Cat Walk and picked up the win.

After the bell, CatFight ripped the veil off of Fhanna’s face, but Fhanna covered it with her hands and fled ringside before anyone could get a good look at her.  Dark Menace and CatFight celebrated the victory while the fans showered them with boos!

Magnus the Magnanimous appears, leading THE OUTCASTS to the ring.  It would seem the feud between them and ANIMEN REVENGE is over as their opponents tonight are DEMON HUNTERS!

Tricks will start with HelSin!  The bell rings and we are off!

DEMON HUNTERS d. THE OUTCASTS when Crossfire hits Mayhem Unleashed with a Flying Missile Shot – * – DEMON HUNTERS worked well as a team in this one!  Some of their best wrestling together as a team that we have seen to date.  They get a big win here but after the bell, Magnus is shouting that the ref counted fast.  The decision stands.

Magnus fumes at ringside as THE OUTCASTS leave.  He remains as his man Thantos (II) will wrestle the next match.  The superstar makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos.  The boos grow louder when the lights go out and a blue orb appears as Oracle leads Eydilon to the ring.

Eydilon is the focus of much hate after what man consider to be a cheap win against Paganax at RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE.

Eydilon d. Thantos (II) when Thantos (II) slams Eydilon into the announce table despite the ref’s warnings – DUD – The two men brawl after the bell but they are soon separated by Magnus and Oracle, who showed more life than he has all year.  Perhaps he’s coming out of whatever trance he is in.  The ringside area is clear and we are ready for our next match.

The Leveler leads Turmoil to the ring to the blaring trumpets of the Aethran War Anthem.  Turmoil looks none too happy, obviously still smarting from the loss of the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.  His opponent is out next to HUGE cheers from the crowd.  Bex makes his way to the ring, confident and sure.  As he climbs into the ring, all are informed that Euritar has announced that Bex will challenge Chaos Supreme for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP at the next big SuperCard BATTLEZONE!  The crowd cheers loudly for this.  Turmoil looks annoyed and it can be sure he will try everything in his power to rain on Bex’s parade!

Bex d. Turmoil via DQ when Turmoil throws Bex off the top turnbuckle onto the arena floor – ***** – A fantastic match.  Both men bloody by the end.  Turmoil, frustrated he can’t get Bex to lie down, gets himself disqualified.  Luckily, it seems as if Bex was not seriously injured.  He just looks a little banged up.  Though, this can’t help his chances going into BATTLEZONE.

The lights go out and the blue orb glows as Oracle leads THE TWO to the ring.  Sur has been becoming more and more frustrated that he and Ghena have not captured the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS and it is apparent he’s looking for a win here tonight.

Their opponents, led by Lord Nexus get huge cheers as they head to the ring.  TITAN SAMURAI are also looking to get back into the title hunt!  Both of these teams would love to dethrone the GLADIATORS as champions!  Giant Azuma will start again Ghena.  The two behemoths circle each other and the bell rings!

THE TWO d. TITAN SAMURAI via pinfall when Sur hits Kenji with the Alpha Plex – ** – Ghena and Giant Azuma battled back and forth for about ten minutes with neither man giving any ground to the other.  It wasn’t until Kenji was tagged in that the action picked up in ernest.  Sur tagged in and was able to finally get the win.

It is MAIN EVENT time and the fans are on their feet!  We mentioned the cheap win Eydilon has over Paganax, that is thanks in part to the man headed to the ring with Oracle right now, Nosefra!  He and PSI double teamed Paganax at RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE and that lead to Eydilon’s win.  Paganax will look to get some revenge tonight as he appears with his infamous flaming sword and barrels to the ring.  The ref, wisely, calls for the bell as soon as Paganax enters the ring.  Neither of these men were going to wait for any formalities.

Paganax d. Nosfera via pin with ASCENT OF THE KING – **1/2 – Paganax came to the ring with a mission and he accomplished that mission!  He trounced Nosfera and got some measure of revenge.  He even clocked Oracle with the butt of his sword after the bell!  Oracle and Nosfera slunk away from ringside as Paganax stood tall, arms raised, soaking in the cheers from the crowd as we…