Commissioner Euritar Postpones BATTLEZONE!

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By Nitro

This morning, Euritar’s office released an exciting statement from the Commissioner regarding Card 2131.290, the next big SuperCard!  Read on…

For the past couple of years, the SuperCard after THE RECKONING has been BATTLEZONE!  A night of strictly BATTLEZONE matches.  While this event is always exciting and delivers the kind of action that fans expect from the GALAXY’S FINEST™, I have decided to mix things up this year.  Break from tradition.  Now before I tell you what will be replacing BATTLEZONE, I want you to know that the BATTLEZONE event will return.  Perhaps even this year, but for now we are breaking from tradition.

The next card, SuperCard 2131.290 will be a return to a format that the GWF hasn’t seen in several years.  We are being back RANDOM ACTS!  For those of you unaware, RANDOM ACTS is a night of complete unpredictability.  The matches are book ahead of time like normal, but seconds before the bell rings, a computer randomly assigns a stipulation to the match.  Competitors could be facing off in a Cosmic Cage, a Milky Way Falls Count Anywhere Match, a Lava Pit Match or who knows what else?  The competitors will find out what type of match they’ll be in the same time the fans do!

In addition to this, I have already gone ahead and signed some matches!  The Main Event that evening will see Monolith getting his GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP rematch against the new champion, Chaos Supreme.  Also, Perfect Specimen will put his newly won INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP up against former champion Turmoil!  Again, both of these matches will have random stipulations added to them moments before the bell rings.  To say that this is an event you won’t want to miss is putting it lightly.  Get your tickets NOW!