Live from the Firebird Arena on Phoenicis!

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The arena here on Phoenicis has been sold out for months and the fans are rabid for a taste of the GALAXY’S FINEST!  Tonight is the final night of THE RECKONING that has seen HUGE surprises and tonight promises to be no exception as this is the the contest for the most coveted prize in the entire galaxy…the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, currently held by Monolith!  Euritar welcomes everyone and reminds us that all matches are NO DQ/NO COUNTOUT affairs!

He turns it over to the ring announcer to make the introductions.  Out first, with DARK MENACE himself, is Bishop Hell (II).  Nitro catches him in the aisle.

NITRO:  Dark Menace, your man here is at the bottom of the ranking ladder.  Do you see him going all the way to the top tonight?

DARK MENACE:  Why must you annoy me every time I try to walk to the ring?  A famous theorist once said, “The most powerful weapon is the soul on fire.”  Bishop Hell (II), sleeps, breathes and lives fire.  There is none more powerful.  The flame will rise to the top and burn all else away!

Dark Menace lets out a laugh and continues to the ring with his charge.

Suddenly, the lights go out and the familiar glowing blue orb of Oracle appears!  When the lights come back on, Oracle stands with PSI who will fight in our first match.

Bishop Hell (II) d. PSI via pinfall after Hellfire – ***** – Heck of a match, but fans see quickly that with all the matches being NO DQ, Bishop Hell (II) may have an advantage!  It should be noted that during the match, Oracle was ordered to leave ringside after interfering.  He wouldn’t leave, however, he just stood completely rigid and had to be carried away by officials.  Bishop Hell (II) advances and the Dark Menace couldn’t be happier!

Dark Menace’s mood quickly changes when the next opponent comes out!  Riding on horseback with six guns blazing, it’s Shayne!  The arena launches to their feet for the former champion!

Shayne d. Bishop Hell (II) via pinfall with SHOWDOWN (+3) – *1/2 – And in record time, Dark Menace’s joy turns to despair!  Shayne’s Fury kicked in and it was a foregone conclusion!  Shane advances as Bishop Hell (II) slinks away from ringside with Dark Menace.

Shayne is ready for his next opponent and it’s Bex!  The fans cheer loudly as this should be fun match between two fan favorites.  The two men shake hands before the match and the bell rings!

Bex d. Shayne via pinfall via GROUND ZERO – ** – Wow!  What some would call a HUGE upset!  It looked, several times that Shayne might lose control, but he kept his fury in check and Bex picks up the win and advances.  Shayne shakes hands again after the match but he doesn’t look pleased.

Bex stands in the ring and his next opponent is soon made clear!  It is Chaos Supreme, headed to the ring with Magnus the Magnificent!  This one will be HUGE!

Chaos Supreme d. Bex via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – ***** – WHAT A MATCH!  These two gave it their all and the crowd was behind Bex 110%!  In the end, however, Chaos Supreme locks in the BOW OF DEFEAT and keeps it locked until Bex taps!  Chaos Supreme advances to the next match!

The lights go out and Oracle’s glowing blue orb leads the way to the ring!  The lights come up and Eydilon is standing across from Chaos Supreme!  The two men stand nose to nose as the bell rings!

Chaos Supreme d. Eydilon via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – ***1/2 – Chaos Supreme manhandles Eydilon, fights off Oracle’s interference and picks up the win to advance!

Eydilon commands Oracle to help him from ringside, when suddenly they are thrown back as someone rushes from the crowd and tackles both men.  It’s PAGANAX!  The crowd goes bananas!  Paganax, fully recovered from when Eydilon stabbed him with his own sword!  The Heathan Chief is beating on Eydilon mercilessly!  The crowd is loving every punch!  Officials flood out to try and wrench Paganax off Eydilon.  They pry him off but he rushes back and continues clobbering Eydilon.  More officials run out and finally they are able to get Paganax off Eydilon and to the back.

Chaos Supreme and Magnus stand in the ring watching the entire fight, bemused.  His next opponent is out and it’s Havoc!  Magnus joins Trent Lawless at the announce table.

MAGNUS:  You’re about to see some real wrestling.  Finally!

LAWLESS:  Got your money of either one?

MAGNUS:  Nope, because no matter who wins, they make me money!  So it’s a win-win for me!

LAWLESS:  You too much of a coward to make a prediction?

MAGNUS:   You know Lawless, in my universe, you were run out of wrestling.  For good!

LAWLESS:  Oh really?  Why’s that?

MAGNUS:  Because you annoyed everyone.

LAWLESS:  I’m sure in whatever universe I’m in, I tell the truth.

MAGNUS:  That’s what was annoying about you and why we drove you from the sport!  You told the truth!

Chaos Supreme d. Havoc via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT (thanks to an Alpha Stone surge) – ****1/2 – Chaos Supreme is on a roll!  Havoc put up a good fight, but the big man prevails.

The lights go out and Oracle’s orb leads the way to the ring, this time accompanied by bright blue flame that can only mean Nosfera is headed to the ring!  Can Chaos Supreme overcome the demon to continue on?  We’re about to find out!

Chaos Supreme d. Nosfera via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – ****1/4 – Once again, Oracle gets tossed from ringside.  Well, he gets carried out after going rigid again.  After that brief interference, Chaos Supreme dominates and picks up the win, his fourth of the night!  While Nosfera leaves ringside, Nitro climbs into the ring.

NITRO:  Chaos Supreme, that’s your fourth win!  You know the all-time record for most wins at THE RECKONING are 6.  An accomplishment held by two men, Spike and Alpha Force.  Do you think you can break that record tonight?

Chaos Supreme answers by backhandding Nitro out of the ring and to the floor!  It’s an interesting thought.  Chaos Supreme could tie the record tonight, he doesn’t even look winded as he wait soft his next opponent.  The Aethran War March begins playing and out comes Aethran Overmaster!  Talk about someone who has something to prove!  He marches to the ring with The Leveler!  This should be good!

Chaos Supreme d. Aethran Overmaster via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – ***** – Overmaster came within seconds of winning but interference by Magnus the Magnanimous give Chaos Supreme the edge he needs to lock in BOW OF DEFEAT and make Overmaster tap!

This is it!  Monolith makes his way to the ring with the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!  Chaos Supreme looks ready!  The crowd is on their feet, Magnus is practically drooling!  This is the MAIN EVENT!

Chaos Supreme d. Monolith via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – ****1/2 – A beaten and battered Chaos Supreme, locks in the BOW OF DEFEAT and makes Monolith submit to the astonishment of the crowd!  Chaos Supreme is the NEW GALAXIAN CHAMPION!  Magnus is running around laughing maniacally as the ref hands Chaos Supreme the belt.  Chaos Supreme shows no emotion as Magnus secures the belt around his waist.  He stands there as if that’s where he belongs.  The crowd doesn’t like it at all.  Chaos Supreme could care less.  He stands tall in the ring as we…


GALAXIAN RANKING GAUNTLET MVP – Chaos Supreme – (6 matches) – He ties Spike (2093) and Alpha Force (2098) with the most wins and, most amazingly, he blasts this universe’s Chaos’ record (5 matches) out of the water!  Winning the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP is the icing on the cake!