CARD 2131.285 – INFERNO

Live from the Triton Pavilion on Neptune!

Commentary – Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside – Nitro

The crowd is off the charts tonight!  They are revved up and ready to go, but with a main event matchup of Monolith challenging Shayne for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP….how could you expect anything less?  This one is going to be a barnburner!  And it starts in high fashion as out first is Wiggy and Scorn of the new supergroup: WIGGY’S WOMEN!

After they are in the ring, Catfight makes her way ringside with Darkest Justice.  Before the bell, Wiggy offers a hand to Catfight, asking her to join Wiggy’s Women.  Catfight thinks about it, confers with Darkest Justice and then suckerpunches Scorn as a response!  The ref calls for the bell and we are underway!

Scorn d. Catfight via pinfall after a bridging fallaway slam – ** – Back and forth action here, but Wiggy leads Scorn to a victory.

After the match, Scorn extends a hand to Catfight, once agains asking her to join WIGGY’S WOMEN.  Catfight kicks her hand away.  Scorn, nods, then leaves with Wiggy.

The lights go out and a mysterious blue orb begins hovering towards the ring, that can only mean a member of DOOM is arriving!  It’s PSI!  He’s set to take on Star Warrior (II) who is stumbling to the ring.  Apparently a little inebriated.

Star Warrior (II) d. PSI via DQ when Oracle interferes to break up a pinfall after WEEKEND WARRIOR – *1/2 – Close to a dud, the interesting thing in this match was how well Star Warrior (II) wrestled in his inebriated state.

The lights go out again and Oracle leads THE TWO to the ring!  Their opponents, TITAN SAMURAI, head ringside and are stopped by Nitro.

NITRO:  Lord Nexus, I gotta ask you about Taichi leaving the Titans.

LORD NEXUS:  Look, of course, I’m sad to see her go, but I’m totally comfortable with her decision.  She’s free to do as she pleases.

TITAN SAMURAI head to the ring and it looks like Ghena is demanding to start with Giant Azuma!  The bell rings and we are off!

TITAN SAMURAI d. THE TWO when Then places Azuma’s head on the steps and then begins clobbering him with his dead arm – * – This ends in a DQ brawl that saw neither Sur nor Kenji get involved.  Officials have to separate the four men after the bell.

Out next, to a huge cheer, is Plethador wearing one of Panther Warrior’s partner’s #AniMenLivesMatter shirts!  He dances to the ring and wait for his opponent, being led by the Dark Menace…Balaal, who is Hissing Mad!  The two competitors get fitted for their CASTOR CHAIN collars and the ref calls for the bell!

Balaal d. Plethador via pinfall after a missed deathjump – **1/2 – After the match, Prime Colonizer and Lope hit the ring!  They join Balaal in attacking Plethador violently and finish by hanging him over the top rope with the chain!  ANIMEN REVENGE hit the ring to chase them off, but the damage is done!  Plethador is seriously hurt!

Euritar is out!  He says he is immediately suspending Prime Colonizer, Lope and Balaal for five cards and is imposing a huge fine!  The crowd cheers, but is sullen as Plethador is removed from the ring on a stretcher.

As Plethador is taken out, the ULTIMATE FIGHT MATCH CGAGE is lowered!  Clinch and Shoot hit the cage, doing their signature arm movements.  DESERTERS are out, without Magnus the Magnanimous, and the crowd boos them loudly.  They could care less.  They step into the cage and we are ready to go!

ULTIMATE FIGHTERS d. DESERTERS when Clinch KO’s Tharkas after ground and pound – ***** – A brutal, bloody match, but one that sees, fan favorites, ULTIMATE FIGHTERS take the win.  They celebrate by doing their wacky arm movements and licking the heads of kids at ringside!

Out next, with Lord Nexus is Perfect Specimen for his MILKY WAY FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH against Darkest Justice.  Darkest Justice heads ringside with Catfight and the Dark Menace in tow!

Perfect Specimen d. Darkest Justice via pinfall after a suplex on a chair – ***1/2 – This one was over in minutes!  Perfect Specimen tore into Darkest Justice so fast, he didn’t know what hit him!  After the brutal suplex, it was all over and Perfect Specimen wins the day!

Out next, somber but looking ready to kick ass are ANIMEN REVENGE.  Of course, they are without their ally, Plethador.  OUTCASTS head to the ring with Magnus the Magnanimous and Mayhem Unleashed grabs a fan’s #AniMenLivesMatter shirt and rips it up!  Panther Warrior’s partner calls for the bell and here we go!


1. Panther Warrior’s partner d. Mayhem Unleased via pinfall with the AniMen Axe Handle.
2. Tricks d. Panther Warrior’s partner via pinfall after THE FACE OF TERROR.
3. Panther Warrior d. Tricks via pinfall after SPEED OF THE PANTHER.

The lights go out again and everyone know that Oracle is making his way ringside!  He leads the leader of DOOM, Eydilon to the ring to the boos of the crowd.  Out next, with Leveler, is Aethran Overmaster who needs a big win here to keep the respect of the Aethran population.  His rapid loss to Shayne has put him in a downward spiral.  He’s looking to turn things around tonight.

Eydilon d. Aethran Overmaster via pinfall with a perfect cross body block – ***1/2 – Whoa!  Aethran Overmaster loses in quick fashion to Eydilon!  Smug and smiling, Eydilon tosses Overmaster out of the ring onto Leveler!  What a blow to the Aethran Overmaster!  How will he live with this string of losses?  Time will tell!

Fhanna is out next with Magnus the Magnanimous.  They head to the ring for Fhanna’s title match against Taichi.  Taichi comes out to cheers with Wiggy and they get up in the ring.  Wiggy extends an offer to Fhanna to join WIGGY’S WOMEN.  Fhanna considers it for a moment, but then tells the ref to ring the bell.  Here we go!

Fhanna d. Taichi via pinfall after Eye Candy For You – **** – Fhanna becomes the NEW GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPION!  Magnus the Magnanimous is celebrating like crazy!  He hops into the ring and kisses Fhanna who kisses him back.  Then Fhanna knees Magnus in the crotch!  Holy crap, fans!

Fhanna looks down at Magnus, lying crumpled on the mat and she smiles.  Then she helps Taichi up off the mat and crosses and SHAKES WIGGY’S HAND!  FHANNA HAS JOINED WIGGY’S WOMEN!  The crowd is going nuts!  They can’t believe it.  That means all the women wrestlers in the GWF, save one, have forsaken their groups and joined with Wiggy!  Legendary.

Bex makes his way to the ring to a decent cheer from the crowd.  His reformation, in trying to atone for his Black Death past seems to have been accepted by the crowd.  He appears humble as he heads to the ring.  His opponent, Turmoil is out next with The Leveler.  He seems cockier, smirking as he makes his way ringside.  Could it be he now considers himself the leader of the GLADIATOR camp, after Overmaster’s losses?

Turmoil d. Bex via pinfall after TRIPLE SUICIDE – ***** – Match of the year.  Match of the year.  Both men absolutely left it all in the ring.  In the end, Turmoil was able to retain, but Bex proved he could hang.  The fans began chanting, “Rematch, rematch!”  Time will tell to see if that happens for not, Turmoil can hold his head high.  He defended that title.

Probation and Fist hit the ring to congratulate Turmoil on his victory.  Their match is next.  Turmoil heads to the back as Dark Menace leads BACK IN BLACK to the ring.

GLADIATORS d. BACK IN BLACK via pinfall when Probation hit UltraMantis Black with AETHRAN HONOR – **1/2 – GLADIATORS cut the ring in half.  Fist softened up UltraMantis Black and then Probation put him away.  A huge, dominating victory for the GLADIATORS.  Seems no other team can come close.

The fans are set for the main event!  Monolith makes his way to the ring.  He looks confidant, probably relieved that Prime Colonizer and Lope will be unable to interfere due to their suspension.

Shane enters next, on horseback, firing classic western pistols int he air.  The GALAXIAN CHAMPION is here and the fans love it.  Everyone is set for a heck of a match!

Monolith d. Shayne via pinfall via CATASTROPHE – *** – Monolith does it!  The big man dethrones Shayne with CATASTROPHE to become the new GALAXIAN CHAMPION!  The fans are going nuts!  Shane rolls out of the ring, grabs the belt and comes back in and hands it to Monolith.  He nods at the big man and then leaves ringside.

Monolith stands tall as we…