Trent Lawless here and, boy oh boy, are things wild and crazy right now in the Galaxy’s Finest!  The SuperCard INFERNO is just days away and what a card it’s going to be!  From top to bottom there are some huge matches here!  Lots of scores to be settled, that’s for sure.  Let’s run down some of the action you’ll be seeing

Shayne© vs. Monolith
It doesn’t get any bigger than this!  Former FDF partners going head to head for the biggest prize int he galaxy!  We know what Shayne can do, and we know what Monolith is capable of, but will Monolith’s head be in the game.  Fans know that the big man has recently joined the AniMen on a quest to free Wolf.  There’ many folks who think Monolith might be too distracted to focus on winning the title.  We will find out at INFERNO!

These are the two teams that met in the finals to crown the new GALAXIAN CHAMPIONS.  In that match, the GLADIATORS came out on top, but Dark Menace has been clamoring for a rematch and with BACK IN BLACK’S win streak as of late, they got it!  This one should be a pretty great match as long as both teams abide by the rules.  No fan favorite here, but there will be action!

Turmoil© vs. Bex
Wow!  What a difference a few months makes!  Bex has gone from one of the most hated men in the Galaxy to a rising fan favorite!  He’ll have a heck of a shot here as he becomes Turmoil’s first title defense at Inferno.  With recent rumors that Turmoil was in trouble for not obeying Overmaster, we’ll see if any of that plays into the match here.

Taichi© vs Fhanna
What a shakeup in the women’s division we saw last card!  Most of the female competitors have abandoned their respective teams to form a new alliance called WIGGY’S WOMEN and this includes the champion Taichi leaving the Titans!  The only hold outs are Fhanna and Catfight who seem too embroiled in a feud of their own to notice.  The four that have joined Wiggy’s group: She Devil, Taichi, Scorn and Nova are powerful enough as it is, but the fans are curious as to what would happen if Fhanna and Catfight were to join the group.  Talk about a revolution for Women’s wrestling in the GWF!  Fans cannot wait!

Overmaster vs. Eydilon
Two huge competitors going toe to toe in a no disqualification, no contour match!  You’d have to think that the winner of this match will get a crack at the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.  Overmaster is the recent former champ who seems to have missed a step since losing the belt.  Eydilon has held the title twice before, under the name Harbinger, but you know he’s gunning to capture the gold under his ‘true name.’  Make no mistake however, in this match, neither of these men are thinking about the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP.  Their sole goal here is to destroy each other.  This one will shake the ground!

This feud is still far from over.  Panther Warrior feels, in no uncertain terms, that he hasn’t had ample opportunity to exact revenge on Tricks.  The Survival Rules match was pushed for by Panther Warrior with the hopes of getting Tricks away from Mayhem Unleashed who, Panther Warrior says, is protecting the clown.  Panther Warrior’s partner is gunning for Mayhem Unleashed after what occurred during their last encounter.  Plethador will, no doubt, be at ringside for the match.  They are still on their crusade to free Wolf and, to that end, Panther Warrior’s partner has begun to wear a T-Shirt that says #AniMenLivesMatter.  He’s hoping that the trend will catch on and it’ll pressure Prime Colonizer into releasing Wolf.  So far Prime Colonizer hasn’t even hinted at giving in. The big question mark out there, of course, is Monolith.  Could he possibly join the Ani-Men at ringside?  Fans are eager to find out.

Dark Justice vs. Perfect Specimen
In their own universe, this is a big rivalry.  Fans in this universe, have a readymade feud all set to go!  We’ve known Perfect Specimen for over a year and he’s become a fan favorite.  Dark Justice is more unknown, and apparently ready to bend the rules at any moment, so he will not have as much of the fan support in this one.  No ring will hold this feud so it’s FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE!  If you have tickets to the arena, make sure to be ready to move out of the way!  The action might just spill out of the ring and into your lap!

The lovable, and fan favorite, ULTIMATE FIGHTERS may have scored their biggest victory yet!  They’ve lured DESERTERS into a match of their own design, the deadly, ULTIMATE FIGHT MATCH.  Adam Traitor doesn’t seem worried, “We’ve beaten these idiots time and time again.  When Tharkas and I are done, we’ll grate their faces through the cage walls and be done with them for good.”

Balaal vs. Plethador
Balaal is back from injury and he is HISSED OFF at all the AniMen, but Plethador in particular!  It was in a match with Plethador that Balaal was injured and now he wants his revenge!  He has challenged everyone’s favorite amphibian to a CASTOR CHAIM MATCH, “Ssssssso he won’t try to ssssssquirm away!”  Plethador is fired up, “You saw how I defeated PSI, one on on, in the center of the ring.  Balaal will be the next victim in THE STREAK!”

INFERNO’s undercard is just as stacked!  Three huge matches!

Catfight vs. Scorn
Could this be a recruitment match for WIGGY’S WOMEN?  Would the new supergroup even want the newcomer on their team?  She hasn’t set the GWF on fire since her arrival.  With her close relationship with Dark Justice, would she even want to join up?  Fans, we’ll find out in mere days!

Star Warrior (II) vs. PSI
Oh how the mighty have fallen!  Star Warrior (II)’s star has been on a downhill slide since the beginning of the year.  Nova has left him and it seems the alcohol (and who knows what else) is slowly replacing training.  PSI started the year with a new attitude and a new supergroup, but DOOM has yet to be anywhere near as impressive as they claim to be and a clean, pinfall loss against Plethador didn’t put PSI in a good light.  Both men in this match need a win and need it bad.  This match will be a litmus test for them both.

Sur has promised to lead him and Ghena to tag team gold.  After a brief feud with DEMON HUNTERS, which they won handily, TITAN SAMURAI are their next rung in the ladder.  Ghana in the ring against Giant Azuma is a spectacle in any venue!  THE TWO are looking for a win!  And how are the TITANS handling the defection of Taichi?  Will this make them more scattered or more focused.  It’ll be interesting to see.

From top to bottom, this is an amazing card!  Action like nowhere else in the galaxy (or even other parallel universes).  Ain’t no quick results here, just full, in your face action.  The kind of action your wife likes, so bring her down to the arena for INFERNO!  The Galaxy’s Finest…there’s nothing else like it.