CARD 2131.284 – INVASION

From Albireo Bowl, Cygnus

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

In the middle of the ring stands Eydilon and Oracle.

EYDILON:  Finally, my true form is revealed and the galaxy can see how powerful I am.  You will all soon be bowing to me.  Sur, Bex and Ghena had the right idea, but poor execution.  I, however, have no such problems.  I will, bit by bit take over the—

Suddenly, the Aethran War Anthem begins playing and The Leveler appears followed by Aethran Overmaster!  We haven’t seen him since he lost the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP to Shayne and then the rematch the night later.  He storms to ringside and climbs through the ropes and gets face to face with Eydilon.  He’s got a lot to prove and it looks like he wants to prove it now!

Eydilon d. Aethran Overmaster via DQ when Leveler interferes in the match – *1/2 – Eydilon dominates Overmaster to the point where Leveler storms the ring and starts beating on Eydilon!  Overmaster recovers and joins in the beating!  By the time officials are able to clear the ring, Eydilon appears to be injured.  Oracle, in his zombie-like trance, helps take Eydilon from ringside.

She Devil is out next as in her opponent Scorn.

She Devil d. Scorn via pinfall with FALLEN DEVIL – SQUASH – Scorn looked a little off her game here, losing to She Devil in just a few moves.  Scorn looks discouraged, She Devil helps her up and the two wave to the crowd.  Suddenly, Nova runs towards the ring.  Scorn and She Devil look at her in confusion as she climbs into the ring and grabs a mic.

NOVA:  Ladies, I think it’s safe to say that the three of us are friends.  We do face off from time to time, but it’s all in the spirit of competition.

Both She Devil and Scorn nod their agreement.

NOVA:  But all three of us also know that when it comes to the men of the GWF, we really just don’t matter.  We are eye candy to be flaunted and stand where we’re told.  There’s no regard for us at all.

She Devil and Scorn look confused.  Nova holds up a hand.

NOVA:  Let me show you what I mean…

The HoloVision screens light up and we see video of the recent Turnbuckle Shock match on CARD 2131.282 between Star Slayer and Minister of War.  We see Minister of War slamming not only Star Slayer, but Nova into the Turnbuckle.

NOVA:  You see that?  I was not part of that match, yet, Minister of War, sadistically thew me into the corner anyway.  He used me as a pawn.  He used me to try and add insult to injury to Star Slayer!  She Devil, Scorn I want you to think.  Think about it and be truthful, how many times have the men in the GWF used you as a pawn.  Used you as nothing more than an end to a means.

Scorn and She Devil are thinking and they seem to agree.

NOVA:  Well, I say no more!  I say it’s time we stand up for ourselves and it time we have someone looking out for us!  And ladies, I’ve found just the person.

Nova points to the entrance and out walks…Wiggy!  The place goes berserk!  The über popular Wiggy comes out with a big smile on her face.  She heads to the ring and takes the mic from Nova.

WIGGY:  Scorn.  She Devil.  I am a woman.  I love women.  I stand up for women.  I want to have your backs.  I want you to join me and Nova.  Join us in standing up and saying enough is enough.  Join a new supergroup that will take women in the GWF to a whole new level.  What do you say?

Scorn and She Devil conversese with each other and then look over at Nova and Wiggy.  There’s tension in the air and suddenly, the both agree!

WIGGY:  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…WIGGY’S WOMEN!

Holy cow!  For the first time in any wrestling fed anywhere in the galaxy, we bear witness to the formation of an all female stable!  The crowd is on their feet!  Wiggy is beaming.

WIGGY:  Oh, I forgot to mention, there’s one more member of the group…

Everyone looks towards the entrance and out walks…Taichi with the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP!

Only one word can sum this up…LEGENDARY.  You can search the galaxy far and wide but you’ll never find the amount of innovation as you do right hrere in the GALAXY’S FINEST!

Taichi climbs into the ring and the four women, Taichi, Nova, Scorn and She Devil, join Wiggy in a powerful pose in the center of the ring.

WIGGY:  Gentlemen of the GWF, you’ve just been put on notice!

The crowd is so loud, they down out anything else Wiggy says.

Fans….this was amazing.

The five women leave the ring, together and all in attendance know they’ve just been witness to history.

The crowd is finally able to calm down when out comes Dark Menace to a chorus of boos.  He makes his way to ringside with BACK IN BLACK.

NITRO:  Dark Menace, your team BACK IN BLACK will face ULTIMATE FIGHTERS tonight, do you think they will win?

DARK MENACE:  Listen you annoying little gnat!  I don’t THINK they will win, I know they will win.  Why?  Because of philosophy!  A wise man once said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”  Sit back, peabrain, you are about to see some results!

BACK IN BLACK d. ULTIMATE FIGHTERS via pinfall when UltraMantis Black hits Clinch with the Inverted Special – *1/2 – Shoot dominated Coven Black who was finally able to tag out and UltraMantis took charge of the pace of the match, finally able to defeat Clinch and get the win.  During the match, Dark Menace was ejected for annoying the ref with his constant shouting.

Lord Nexus heads to ringside next with TITAN SAMURAI for their battle against Magnus the Magnanimous’ DESERTERS.

DESERTERS d. TITAN SAMURAI via DQ when Kenji smashes Tharkas with Magnus’ briefcase – *3/4 – TITAN SAMURAI use quick tags to completely wear down DESERTERS but when Magnus the Magnanimous jumped on the apron to break up a pin count, Kenji grabbed the briefcase and in a the heat of the moment, clobbered Kenji with it.  The ref saw it and called for the bell.

Plethador is out next with ANIMEN REVENGE.  There’s a spring in all three men’s step now that Monolith has joined the cause of freeing Wolf.  ANIMEN REVENGE look to climb the tag team ranks a bit with a match tonight against, their rivals OUTCASTS.

ANIMEN REVENGE d. OUTCASTS via DQ when Magnus smashes Panther Warrior with his briefcase – *** – The briefcase comes into play again!  This time Magnus gets caught smashing Panther Warrior with it.

Star Warrior (II) stumbles ringside.  He looks far from sober which is a shame because his opponent lumbers ringside and it’s Chaos Supreme!

Chaos Supreme d. Star Warrior (II) via submission with BOW OF DEFEAT – **1/2 – Star Warrior (II) gets in some impressive offense, but Chaos Supreme turns the tide and dominates to get the win.  Star Warrior (II) appears to be circling the drain as of late.

Next up, the Main Event!  Thantos (II) issued a challenge to Bext to see who the better wrestler is and Bex accepted!  That match is next!

Bex d. Thantos (II) via pinfall after a perfect cross body block – ***** – Bex gets the win.  It should be noted that Bex got the win shortly after ramming Thantos (II) into the ring steps, behind the ref’s back.  However, Thantos (II) used all manner of underhanded tactics during the match, so the fans didn’t really care.  After the bell, Bex got the biggest cheer of his career.  Magnus and Thantos (II) were not happy.  This feud could have legs yet.

Bex high five fans as he left the ring and it’s this we see as we…


Once again, according to Nitro’s sources, it was confirmed that Bex donated his winnings to the Black Death Foundation.