From Viruta Assembly Hall, Virtellia

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The show opens with Plethador in the ring.  He has a mic and the galaxy eagerly awaits what he has to say.

PLETHADOR:  I like to have fun.  I like to joke around.  Everybody knows that, it’s not a secret.  I come out here and dance and  and, win or lose, but mostly lose, I do it for you.  But I can also be serious and I’d like to be serious for a moment.  I want to talk to Monolith.  Big guy, when we came out and, well, ensured your GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP shot, we were serious.  We need your help.  We need to get Wolf back.  And to, once again, prove exactly how serious we are, I’ve issued an open door challenge for tonight and I’m going to win.  That’s right, you heard me, I am going to win.  And I’m dedicating that win to you Monolith, just to show you how serious we are about getting your help to get Wolf free.  I know you’re here tonight, I’m just hoping you’re watching.  So whoever it is that accepted my challenge, get out here so you can lose!

The crowd loves ever second and begin chanting Plethador’s name.  Suddenly, the chanting stops when the lights go out and a single glowing orb begins making its way to the ring.  The lights come on and Oracle stands there with Plethador’s opponent…PSI!  Plethador looks a little nervous, but he’s fired up and ready to go!

Plethador d. PSI via pinfall after a rollover double kick – ** – The place goes bananas!  Plethador calls his shot and, for once, it happens!  PSI is beside himself (Oracle just stands there like a zombie)!  Plethador is running around the ring, arms raised in victory!  Suddenly he stops and looks back towards the entrance and there stands Monolith!  The whole crowd falls silent as Plethador, and everyone in attendance, wait for some sort of word from Monolith.  After a few seconds that feel like hours, a small smile appears on Monolith’s face and he nods affirmative.  The arena goes bezerk!  Plethador drops to his knees, tears in his eyes!  Monolith will fight for Wolf!  Plethador exits, high fiving people all the way out.

Out next is Dark Menace, to almost the exact opposite reaction of Plethador!  He leads Bishop Hell (II) to the ring.  Nitro catches Dark Menace in the aisle.

NITRO:  So your man, Bishop Hell (II) here lost to Bex at STORMFRONT, what’s next for the him?

DARK MENACE:  Do you know anything about philosophy?

NITRO:  No, I can’t say—

DARK MENACE:  Of course you don’t, moron!  Because you are a tech obsessed peabrain.  A wise man one said, “Permanence, Perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.”  If you want Perseverance, persistence and, most importantly Permanence, you need not look further than Dark Menace Forces!  And that is a quote you can count on!

Dark Menace lets out a loud laugh and continues to the ring.  Out next is Overtime with Lord Nexus.  Nitro stops the legend as well.

NITRO: Any thoughts on Dark Menace’s quote?

LORD NEXUS:  Yeah.  Bishop Hell (II) is about to get a foot up his ass.  And you can quote me on that!

The crowd loves it and Overtime climbs into the ring for our next match.

Bishop Hell (II) d. Overtime via pinfall after a tombstone piledriver – ***** – Heck of a match.  Bishop Hell (II) dominated but he just couldn’t put Overtime down!  He tried many underhanded tactics, a few of which brought Lord Nexus into play, but in the end, Bishop Hell (II) wore the Titan down and got the win.

After the match, Dark Menace taunted Lord Nexus who was helping his man out of the ring.

DARK MENACE:  Try reading a book occasionally, peabrain!

The crowd booed Bishop Hell (II) and Dark Menace all the way to the back.

The lights in the arena went out again and the presence of a glowing blue orb alerted everyone that Oracle was leading someone to the ring.  When the lights went on, THE TWO were standing in the middle of the ring.  Their opponents, DEMON HUNTERS were out second and Crossfire will start with Ghena.

THE TWO d. DEMON HUNTERS via DQ when Crossfire shot an arrow into Ghena’s dead arm outside the ring – DUD – This one was a shocker!  Crossfire and Ghena traded blows in the ring and it quickly spilled to the outside!  Ghana advanced on Crossfire, sining his dead arm like a club and Crossfire grabbed his bow and let loose an arrow into the arm!  The whole arena froze!  Being as the arm was dead, Ghena didn’t seem to mind and only glanced down at it and then began swinging it again, but the ref called the match.

After the bell it looked like HelSin was having a frank discussion with Crossfire.  Presumably telling him that his actions were not those of a member of the FDF.  Medics attempted to tend to Ghena, but the creature merely pulled the arrow out and left ringside.  Meanwhile, Sur was calling for the immediate suspension of Crossfire for his actions!

Once things settled down at ringside, they ramped right back up again when Monolith appeared!  The crowd cheered loudly as he stepped into the spotlight and then louder when Plethador joined him.  The two Ani-Men headed to the ring with the total crowd support.  They climbed up into the ring and stood there, soaking in the adulation.  Plethador grabbed a mic.

PLETHADOR:  Prime Colonizer, I know you’re here and you know why we are here, so get out here!

The crowd cheered loudly!  There was a few moments when nothing happened.  Then Prime Colonizer appeared with Magnus the Magnanimous and Lope.  The three men headed to the ring.  Prime Colonizer said nothing, but it was clear he wanted no part of getting in the ring with Monolith.  He whispered to Magnus and then Lope and then, nodding, Lope rushed the ring and the ref called for the bell!

Monolith d. Lope via submission with I BREAK YOU – ***** – Lope had some early offense but then, suddenly, it seemed as if Monolith was impervious to damage!  No matter what Lope tried, Monolith would swat him like a fly!  Prime Colonizer got involved and the ref kicked him from ringside.  Then Monolith locked in I BREAK YOU and put Lope away!  It would seem no that Monolith and Prime Colonizer are on a collision course.  However, will this distract Monolith from his upcoming title shot on Card 2131.285?  Time will tell!

In a huge surprise return, Catfight headed towards the ring with Darkest Justice.  She stood in the ring and screamed for Fhanna and soon her calls were answered.  Catfight stood in the ring with the woman who injured her and called for the bell!

Catfight d. Fhanna via pinfall with FELINE FURY – ***1/2 – This match was all Catfight!  She tore into Fhanna leaving a bloody mess in the middle of the ring.  It will be impressive to see her in regular action now that she’s back.  She celebrated with Darkest Justice while Magnus the Magnanimous helped Fhanna out!

After the match, Catfight remained at ringside and Darkest Justice got ready for the main event.  His opponent, Perfect Specimen, headed to the ring with Lord Nexus and we were all set for the final match of the night!

Perfect Specimen d. Darkest Justice via disqualification when Darkest Justice smashed Perfect Specimen with his own trophy – * – This one was a bit of a letdown, ending in DQ just as it was getting good.  The crowd let Darkest Justice have it, but he ignored them and left ringside.  Perfect Specimen came to and demanded a rematch, which the fans heartily agreed with, but it was not to happen tonight!  Perfect Specimen and Lord Nexus thanked the crowd for coming as we…