CARD 2131.282 – INVASION

From Ameb Arcade, Lepus

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

It’s time for another edition of the flagship wrestling show in the entire galaxy, INVASION!  The shockwaves are still being felt from the last card where Aethran Overmaster fell to Shayne in only four moves!  Word is that the Aethran Overmaster has recalled the rest of the GLADIATORS to Aethra, there is no word on when they will be returning.  Presumably, Turmoil and Probation and Fist will show up at INFERNO to defend their titles but who knows?  Anything can happen!

We’ve got a great evening of action planned for tonight with a MAIN EVENT that is straight out of STORMFRONT!  Star Slayer, enraged by his loss to Minister of War has challenged the Aethran to a TURNBUCKLE SHOCK MATCH!  Magnus, speaking for his charge said, “Minister of War has beaten Star Slayer once, he’ll looks forward to doing it again and this time, putting Star Slayer out of wrestling for good!”  That match happens tonight!

And speaking of Star Slayer, he’s headed to the ring with Nova for our opening match.  Nova’s opponent, Scorn is out next.  We are told that this is a match with ranking implications for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP.

Scorn d. Nova via pinfall with BURNING SCORN – *1/2 – As the ref was making the final count, it looked like Star Slayer was about to try and interfere on behalf of Nova.  Scorn caught this movement out of the corner of her eye and Star Slayer knows she did.  After the match, the two teammates, Nova and Scorn, shook hands, but Scorn was giving a weary eye to Star Slayer as all three FDF members left ringside.

Overtime is out next with Lord Nexus.  The youngster gets a huge cheer from the crowd who has really taken to him since he stopped being a smart-ass know it all who wouldn’t shut up about the Nippon style of wrestling from Titan.  Experts, however, are saying that we’ve pretty much seen Overtime at his peak and there won’t be any further improvement.  Time will tell.

Overtime’s opponent is out next, Thantos (II) along with Magnus the Magnanimous.  Thantos (II) seeming lost in the shuffle within the ranks of FUTURE SHOCK, looking for a win here to point him in the direction of title contention.

Thantos (II) d. Overtime via pinfall after the Gamemaster DDT – *** – Completely one sided match, Thantos (II) trounced Overtime.  After the match, Magnus handed Thantos (II) a mic.

THANTOS (II):  There’s a guy who’s been going around that people say is the best technical wrestler in the GWF today, and that guy is Bex.  Well Bex, I would like to publicly dispute those claims, right here and right now.  I believe I can out-wrestle you.  In fact, I know I can out wrestle you.  So on CARD 284, what’s say you and me find out just who the better wrestler is?

The fans, while not fans of Thantos (II), love this idea and look forward to a possible encounter between Bex and Thantos (II).  After the challenge, Thantos (II) and Magnus leave ringside.

Chaos Supreme heads to the ring next with Magnus the Magnanimous.  We haven’t seen Chaos Supreme since he was defeated by Star Slayer.  He will be looking to take revenge on this galaxy’s Star Warrior, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, in the form of Star Warrior (II).

Star Warrior (II) heads to the ring.  He looks sober this time around, but he has a bit of the look of someone who was out a little too late the night before.

Chaos Supreme d. Star Warrior (II) via DQ when Star Warrior (II) clobbers Chaos Supreme with a chair while outside the ring – *1/2 – Really weird match here.  Star Warrior (II) actually had control for the majority of the match and was keeping Chaos Supreme off balance.  Chaos Supreme kept rolling out of the ring to avoid the onslaught and that’s when Star Warrior (II) smacked him with the chair.  Chaos Supreme gets the win but Star Warrior (II) gets the moral victory for keeping the big man running.

ANIMEN REVENGE are out to a huge cheer.  Plethador heads to the ring with them, as this one is going to be another grudge rematch.  Their opponents tonight are the OUTCASTS and Panther Warrior still feels he’s not exacted enough revenge against Tricks for injuring him.  Tricks and Mayhem Unleashed head to the ring and Tricks has brought along his panther doll with a broken leg to taunt Panther Warrior.  Mayhem Unleashed will start with Panther Warrior’s partner and the bell rings.

OUTCASTS d. ANIMEN REVENGE via DQ when Panther Warrior’s partner beats Mayhem Unleashed out of the ring and into the crowd, ignoring the referee’s warnings – DUD – This one didn’t even get going.  At the opening bell, Mayhem Unleashed leaned in close to Panther Warrior’s partner, whispered something, licked him in the face and then punched him.  The combination of whatever he whispered and the lick enraged Panther Warrior’s Partner to the point where he lost control and got himself disqualified.

Up next, a match from the alternate universe, as Darkest Justice makes his way to the ring with Dark Menace to face Perfect Specimen who’s accompanied by Lord Nexus.  Perfect Specimen is certainly the fan favorite here.

Perfect Specimen d. Darkest Justice via DQ when Darkest Justice smashes Perfect Specimen with his rod outside the ring – **1/2 – This one was wild and after the bell, the two men had to be separated.  This one is far from over.

DEMON HUNTERS make their way ringside for our next match.  Their opponents, THE CLOAK, are out next with Magnus the magnanimous who says…

MAGNUS:  Crossfire, the results of your experiment are in.  You left Future Shock, your joined the FDF and you formed a tag team with HelSin.  A tag team that currently has a 1-3 record (and that 1 is a DQ win).  So I’m giving you this chance now, come back to Future Shock, you’ll compete in singles action, and you will succeed.  Stay with the FDF and you will fail.  And THE CLOAK will punish you.

Crossfire quickly shoots an arrow that sticks directly into the microphone Magnus is holding, cutting it out.  Magnus turns to THE CLOAK and yells at them to kill him!  The bell rings!

DEMON HUNTERS d. THE CLOAK when Crossfire hits Code Destroyer with BOW AND ARROW – *1/2 – Magnus’ words fired Crossfire up and he just laid into Code Destroyer and didn’t let up.  HelSin sat back and watched his partner singlehandedly tear Code Destroyer apart!  Bother Spaltter (II) and Magnus tried to get involved and both got fists to the jaws for their trouble.  DEMON HUNTERS, thanks to Crossfire, get their first pinfall victory of the year.  The crowd loves it!

Preparations begin for the MAIN EVENT.  The crew is out converting the regular ring to the six sided ring and the special shock apparatus are placed on each turnbuckle pad.  The fans are excited for this one.  Minister of War comes to the ring with Magnus, he looks cocky and confident as ever.  Star Slayer charges the ring with Nova following behind, he slides under the ropes and the bell rings!

Minister of War d. Star Slayer via pinfall after slamming both Star Slayer and Nova into one of the turnbuckles – ****1/2 – After the match, Minister of War called out Havoc and the two double teamed Star Slayer, repeatedly throwing him into the turnbuckle shock pads over and over.  Security and officials were able to get them out of the ring, but Star Slayer lie a crumpled heap upon the mat.  Medics attended to him but he was hurt bad.  Minister of War and Havoc smiling wickedly is what we see as we…


After the event, Nitro caught up to Panther Warrior’s and asked him when Mayhem Unleashed had said to his partner that had enraged him so much.  Panther Warrior said, “Right before he licked him Mayhem Unleashed said, ‘Here’s a little message from Payback.’”  It certainly all makes sense now.

Euritar has announced that, for their actions, Minister of War and Havoc are both suspended for three cards.