Dateline: Neptune

Nitro here!  This morning, Commissioner Euritar shocked reporters by calling an unplanned press conference before the Galaxy’s Finest Road Crew heads to the next venue.  He began with a statement.

EURITAR:  Last night, during INFERNO, fans saw the savage attack of Plethador by Prime Colonizer, Lope and Balaal.  This vicious attack resulted in injury to Plethador that doctors predict will last around three cards.  While it is true that an AniMan attack, led by Plethador resulted in the injuries Balaal, I feel that the reprisal attack was unwarranted, therefore I suspended Prime Colonizer, Lope and Balaal for 5 cards, effectively taking them out of the upcoming RECKONING Ranking Gauntlet events.  I stand by those suspensions and feel they were warranted and just.

The gathered press was not shocked by anything so far.  We knew all this, there was no need to call a press conference.  But we quickly found out when he dropped a huge bombshell.

EURITAR: Effective immediately, those suspensions are lifted.

A huge gasp went through the crowd of assembled reporters.  They all began shouting questions at Euritar who held up his hands to quiet them down.

EURITAR:  I don’t like to reverse course because I believe that, as I said before, the suspensions were warranted and just.  But an offer crossed my desk this morning that was too good to pass up.  An offer brought to me by the new GALAXIAN CHAMPION, Monolith on behalf of the AniMen.

I shouted loudly, asking what the offer entailed.

EURITAR:  In exchange for immediately lifting the suspensions of Prime Colonizer, Lope and Balaal, Prime Colonizer has released Wolf from captivity.

More gasps as this information sinks in.

EURITAR:  We have confirmed Wolf’s release and he is, at this moment, with his fellow AniMen on Andromeda.  We hear that, he is in fine shape, but that’s all we know.  We hope to learn more at our next regular event, CARD 2131.291 – SUPERNOVA when we will open the show with a statement from Wolf.  Please understand this is all I know of the situation as it stands and I hope to learn more, with all of you at CARD 286!

Euritar left the podium and the reporters were left to begin reporting this huge news.