Trent Lawless checks in with some of the latest updates from around the GWF Scene.

– Wolf has yet to reappear after his loss to Prime Colonizer.  When asked for a comment, Prime Colonizer says nothing of his whereabouts.  With the recent abduction of a high profile GWF star, people are on edge and are desperate to see Wolf again.

– HoloPhone video has surfaced showing Wiggy seen buying Star Warrior (II) a drink in a bar on Eridanus.  Could it be that Wiggy is courting the superstar for her stable?  Time will tell.

– The next round of matches in the tournament to fill the vacant GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP have been released.  On CARD 2131.279, fans will see GLADIATORS vs. DESERTERS and BACK IN BLACK vs. ANIMEN REVENGE in the semi-final round.  One of these teams will be crowned championship at STORMFRONT.  Euritar has sent word to all four teams, reminding them that the matches will be contested under regular match rules, so DQs and COUNTOUTS will be in effect.

– No number one contender for Aethran Overmaster’s GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP has been named yet.  The frontrunner would appear to be Shayne who never received his rematch after losing the belt to the champion Overmaster defeated, but other possibilities could include Monolith, Eydilon and Chaos Supreme.  Some are saying that Havoc, who recently lost his INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP may be in line for a shot as well.  Some outsiders are clamoring for Wolf to get a shot!  It will be interesting to see who Euritar’s office will choose to face the Overmaster at STORMFRONT.

– Plethador has issued a challenge to Balaal to face him on the next card!  Could it be with all the upheaval in the Ani-Men camp, Plethador is finally stepping up and taking charge?  We shall see on CARD 2131.279.

– Another person issuing an open challenge is Star SLayer who has dared Chaos Supreme to stepping the ring with him, siting ‘unfinished business from 2109’ as the reason.  No word from the FUTURE SHOCK camp yet if Chaos Supreme will accept the challenge.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for more GWF action!