CARD 2131.279 – INVASION

From Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos

Commentary: Trent Lawless
Backstage/Ringside: Nitro

The arena is packed and the fans are wild!  Part of the reason is they know that after tonight, the GWF heads off on it’s yearly tour of the galaxy and won’t be back on Deimos until December with BIG BANG!  There is a huge evening of action led up, including the two semi-final matches in the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP tournament!  But the evening starts with Plethador!  He comes out to a huge ovation.  His song, THE ONES IN THE WATER blares and everyone’s on their feet!

PLETHADOR:  First of all, I would like to thank the many, many fans throughout the galaxy that wrote me cards and letters to Plethador, The Andromedan Amphibian over the holidays.  Secondly, I would like to thank the Galaxian Wrestling Federation for always givin’ me the time to come out here and talk to the fine folks, the fans.  But I want to talk here tonight about the state of the Ani-Men team.  The tam that doesn’t know if it’s coming or going.  It seems like there’s two different teams, the Superior Ani-Men as Prime Colonizer calls it and the plain old Ani-Men that has me, Wolf, Monolith, Panther Warrior and his ANIMEN REVENGE partner on it.  Each team is vying to be THE Ani-Man team!  Everybody’s claiming their the leader!  Then you have Balaal, who’s on neither team, saying HE’S the leader.  I don’t have a whole lot more to say about the way I feel about Balaal; no respect, no honor.  There is no honor amongst thieves in the first place.

The crowd is behind Plethador 100%

PLETHADOR:  Me and the rest of the Ani-Men have fallen on hard times.  You don’t know what hard times are daddy.  Hard times are when the uranium mine workers around this country are out of work, they got 4 or 5 tadpoles and can’t pay their wages, can’t buy their food.  Hard times is when the light speed cruiser workers are out of work and they tell ‘em o go home.  And hard times are when an amphibian, has worked a job for thirty years, thirty years and they give him a watch, kick him in the butt and say, “hey, and Android took your place daddy”, that’s hard times!  That’s hard times!

The crowd is going nuts!

PLETHADOR:  Balaal, you putting hard times on the Ani-Men by not embracing your true lineage.  That’s hard times.  And now well all had hard times together, and I admit, I don’t look like the athlete of the day supposed to look.  My belly’s just a lil’ big, my tail stump’s a lil’ big, but brother, I am bad.  And the galaxy knows I’m bad!

Crowd cheers loudly.

PLETHADOR:  There were two bad Ani-Men…one was Incredible Badger and he’s retired brother, and the other’s right here!  Balaal, the Ani-Men belong to the people of Andromeda and these people here.

Crowd is standing, fever pitch!

PLETHADOR:  I’mma reach out right now, I want you at home on Andromeda to know my flipper is touching your flipper or paw for the gathering of the biggest body of Andromedans on the planet, in this galaxy, all over the universe now, reaching out because the love that was, given me and this time I will repay you now.  Because I will be the one who brings the Ani-Men back together on this hard time blues, Plethador tour ’31!

The crowd is insane!  They want Plethador tour ’31 t-shirts!

PLETHADOR:  Let me leave you with this, one way get the Ani-Men unify again is to show them what they cherish more than anything else in the world.  Strength.  I’m gonna show that to them strength.  Unity!  And when I do, I’m gon’ do it for you!  Let’s gather for it.  Don’t let me down know, ‘cause I’m here for you, for that amphibian upstairs!  I’m proud of all of you, thank god I have you and I love you.  I love you!

The crowd is apoplectic at this point.  The cheers are so loud that no one can hear anything in the building for a good ten minutes!  Finally a chant of “COMMON AMPHIBIAN, COMMAN AMPHIBIAN!” could be heard!  This continued for another 10 minutes until it was broken by the sight of Balaal and Dark Menace making their way to ringside!  We have our first match!

Plethador d. Balaal via DQ when Balaal tosses Plethador into the steps at ringside – * – After the bell, Balaal continues to attack Plethador!  The ref continues to call for the bell and suddenly Panther Warrior races from the back to make the save.  Together, Plethador and Panther Warrior begin pummeling Balaal!  Panther Warrior hits him with SPEED OF THE PANTHER and Plethador follows up with the POWERHOUSE SUCTION CLAW!  The crowd is loving it!  Finally, officials are able to get him to stop sucking, but the damage is done.  Dark Menace has officials help him carry Balaal away from ringside, obviously injured (4 cards).  Panther Warrior grabs the mic.

PANTHER WARRIOR:  Plethador, you have my claws!  Let’s regroup the Ani-Men!  

The fans are hoarse from cheering and it’s only the first match of the show!

Dark Menace returns to the ring.  Nitro asks him for a comment on the way to the ring.

DARK MENACE:  Get out of my way, you dolt!

Bishop Hell (II) follows Dark Menace to ringside.  His opponent, Bex!  Bex receives a decent ovation from the crowd.

Bex d. Bishop Hell (II) via DQ when the ref sees Bishop Hell (II) blast Bex with Hellfire outside the ring – DUD – A good back and forth battle, but it didn’t go anywhere before the DQ.  Bex is upset to get that type of victory but he reminds Nitro as he leaves ringside…

BEX:  As I said, I will be donating all my winnings to the Black Death Foundation.  No matter how small they are.

This gets a nice reaction from the crowd.

The DESERTERS make their way ringside with Magnus the Magnanimous in tow.  The whole way to the ring, Magnus is in Adam Traitor and Tharkas’ ears, telling them how important this match is!  Their opponents are out next, the undefeated new GLADIATOR team of Probation and Fist!  They make their way to the ring with The Leveler leading the way.

GLADIATORS d. DESERTERS via pinfall after Probation hits Adam Traitor with NO SURRENDER – ** – After some initial offense by Tharkas and Adam Traitor, the GLADIATORS took over and dominated to the end.  After the bell, Magnus was livid and Tharkas began berating Adam Traitor!  Magnus calmed them down, but the big story here is the GLADIATORS move on to STORMFRONT and will wrestler for the vacant GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!  We will find out who they will be facing later tonight.

Minister of War d. Star Warrior (II) via DQ when Star Warrior (II) choked Minister of War with some party beads outside the ring – * – Even in his, apparently inebriated state, Star Warrior (II) had control most of the match until the end, so it’s a bit of a mystery as to why he would resort to attempting illegal tactics.  After the bell, Wiggy came out to try and get Star Warrior (II) to the back.  He pushed her away and hopped the rail, grabbing a fans beer as he left ringside.

Out next to huge cheers was Panther Warrior and his partner!  They were followed by their opponents BACK IN BLACK being led to ringside by Dark Menace who Nitro stopped en route.

DARK MENACE:  I want you to watch this.  I want you to watch as the greatest tag team manager of all time leads BACK IN BLACK to victory here and then on to STORMFRONT!

BACK IN BLACK d. ANIMEN REVENGE via DQ when Plethador interferes on behalf of Panther Warrior’s partner to break up a pin count after a double team – ** – Huge disappointment here.  Plethador saw Coven Black and UltraMantis Black double teaming Panther Warrior’s partner and he ran to make the save.  The ref caught him and called for the bell.  Plethador’s heart is in the right place but his actions cost ANIMEN REVENGE the match and the advancement to the GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP match at STORMFRONT!

Panther Warrior’s partner is livid with Plethador and lunges towards him but as he does, Panther Warrior snaps a finger and his partner freezes in his tracks.  Panther Warrior whispers to him and his partner extends a hand toward Plethador who shakes it.  Plethador feels awful crummy about costing them the match but can be overheard saying…

PLETHADOR:  …important thing to worry about right now is reuniting the Ani-Men.

Panther Warrior and his partner both nod in agreement and the three Ani-Men leave without a word.  Meanwhile, Dark Menace is smiling big with his team BACK IN BLACK going on to face the GLADIATORS at STORMFRONT.

As BACK IN BLACK clear the ring, suddenly a spotlight shines down on Sur who has Ghena standing right behind him.

SUR:  I should be GALAXIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPION right now, not any of these low rent teams you’ve seen tonight.  But this is not my fault, the blame for this rests solely on the shoulders of Bex.  I am not, however, one to bemoan the way of the world.  I take action.  So, tonight you will see the continued dominance of myself and Ghena.  The Two.

THE TWO make their way to the ring with Oracle who mindlessly joins them.  Then out to a huge cheer, come DEMON HUNTERS, who desperately need a win if their team is going to find any traction.  This should be a good match.

DEMON HUNTERS d. THE TWO via DQ when Ghena puts HelSin on the announce table and starts repeatedly clubbing his head with his dead arm – **1/2 – Not the victory DEMON HUNTERS wanted but the got it none the less.  Ghena seems to be wilder this year after taking last year off.  Even Sur looked a little frightened.  Can he control the beast?

The ringside area is cleared because it is MAIN EVENT time!  The crowd is on their feet when Star Slayer heads towards the ring with Nova.

Star Slayer d. Chaos Supreme via pinfall with THE APOCALYPSE (no gun) – ***** – What a match!  At the final bell, not a person in the crowd was in their seat!  Magnus the Magnanimous tried some underhanded tactics during the match, but Star Slayer fought him off.  After the bell, Magnus scrambled to help Chaos Supreme and Nova climbed into the ring and handed Star Slayer a knife!

The crowd was worried about what might happen, but Star Slayer unsheathed the knife and the camera zoomed in as he put a notch on the stock of the rife.  The camera pulled back and Star Slayer looked into it…

STAR SLAYER:  That’s one member of Future Shock down!  Be warned, I’m coming for the rest of ya!

The crowd cheers the victor loudly as we…


NOTE:  According to Nitro’s investigations after the event, Bex did, indeed, donate his winnings to the Black Death Foundation.